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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular organizations tend to be athletes (Student Athlete Advisory Committee), greek life, and clubs within your major. I am personally involved with women's soccer and the Student Athlete Adivsory Committee (SAAC), Students of AMF, Physical Therapy Club, Exercise and Sport Science Club, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the National Society of Leadership and Success. In the dorm life, students have the option of leaving their door open. A lot of students do leave them open unless they are studying. Athletic events for men's athletics are VERY popular. Since we do not have a football team, our men's basketball team is the most popular sport and the most fun to attend. Fraternities/Sororities make up 30% of the population so they are a big impact on the university. It's a great way to get involved and meet new people. There are tons of things to do on the weekend besides drinking. There are usually theatre events going on, game nights, athletic events, or group gatherings that do not involve drinking (especially since we are a dry campus). You can always find something to do and have fun with!