University of Evansville Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It's warmer there. The people are friendly. Campus is beautiful all year round. Most of the classes are fun. There's usually something going on every week.


I take pride in the fact that I attend a liberal arts school. The University of Evansville sets high academic standards, and I am proud to say I work hard to meet their high expectations. I also like going to a smaller school and knowing that I am not just a number to the professors. The student to professor ratio is great, and because of that, I am able to receive a great academic experience.


In my dorm hall, the bathrooms have three walls, a door, and a curtain! It seems silly to brag about something so trivial, but I love the shower privacy. I also brag about the friendliness of the campus; Everyone is so kind and nice, from the faculty to the students. I've never felt so welcome in a strange, new place.


I tell my friends that the classes are so small and learning-centered that professors know when you're absent (your grade is even affected). Professors are easy to contact, whether in their offices or via e-mail. Our faculty genuinely cares about its students and wants us to succeed. They seem always willing to write recommendation letters, give advice, or just chat. I even dogsit for one of my professors.


I really enjoy the professors. They are always very willing to help with anything that I need.




It's a really small school, lots of organizations to join or go to their events. Also a lot of really great undergraduate programs to get into, as well as graduate programs. All these programs provide hands on training, and a good relationship with teachers that allows casual question asking. These opportunities also open up jobs for the future, as well as people to recommend you and build up your resumé.


The one thing I brag about most when telling my friends about my school is the great education I am getting. All of the programs give their students the best knowledge and curriculum. Also, I brag about how small the school is because it has helped my transition to college life a lot easier. The school feels like a small community.


I most brag about how caring the professors are at the University of Evansville. They are very knowledgable in their specific areas of expertise and are capable of explaining concepts to students in a way that makes them excited about class. The professors also take the time to get to know about your interests outside of academics and about your goals for the future.


I brag about the quality of education recieved here. Although my classes are very difficult and challenging, I know they are making my stronger and more intelligent.


When talking to my friends, I brag most about the accredited athletic training education program I am in. It is one of the best in the state, and only 12 students are selected each year to participate. Our original class consisted of 12 students, and I am currently 1 or 9 left in the class of 2012.


I tell them that it has a great atmosphere and the people are amazing, faculty and students.


Just the same old same old. I tell all my friends how much I love my classes - some of them - and how cool the professors are. I also talk about how pretty the campus is and the people here.


how nice the people are and how well laid out the campus is as well as which subject each building mainly houses


It is a small school but it is Division 1 and the small environment gives UE a great community feeling. The largest class/lecture I have been in was about 60 students. I love being able to walk around campus and recognize most of the students.


That I had a lot of really amazing life changing experiences that I never would have had had I gone to my state school.


When I tell others about the University of Evansville, I tell them how personal and friendly the professors and staff are. I have enjoyed getting to know Physical Plant workers and housekeepers during my time here in addition to the professors and administration. It is also incredibly easy to get involved at this school, and when you do, you have so many amazing opportunities to meet people and to make contacts that will benefit you later in life.


The great opportunities offered through the school for study abroad and internships. Also the helpfulness of the professors and the overall friendliness of the student population.


One of the best qualities of the University of Evansville is the faculty. My teachers have taught me so much, and not just about academics but about life also. Most of my teachers put in a lot of effort to relate to the students and show us that they are always there for us when we need them. They are very approachable and I feel like they genuinely care about my education. Because all my friends and family live in Texas, I brag to them how much I feel at home and comfortable here because of the friendly faculty.


How sccussufl the theatre department is.


I have a bunch of awesome friends! People come here from many different backgrounds, states, and countries. 10% of the school's students are international students. One of my roommates is from Alaska. I might be rooming with a girl from Israel next year. It's cool to be able to get so many different points of view. And the study abroad program is pretty awesome, too. Some of my best friends at school this year I met last year at UE's sister campus in England last semester.


Smart individuals go here who strive to succeed and do well in life.


I have met the friends I want to have for the rest of my life. The social life is never dull, as we have over 150 clubs in which to join.