University of Evansville Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is that it requires all freshmen to take a writing class their first semester known as First Year Seminar. I understand that this is necessary for those who did not do much writing back in high school. However, there are many of us who took college-level composition classes for dual credit (which costs money). Because we are still required to take First Year Seminar, the class and the money do not count toward anything.


There is much emphasis placed on the athletics programs. I mean, college sports are great, but when participants are given better housing or more money just because of their place on a sports team, it gets very annoying. Especially when there are others who work just as hard at doing other things, like managing student-run campus organisations.


As much as I love my school, the hardest part of being a student is actually staying here; as a private institute, it is a financial hardship to attend this university.


Despite having many appealing aspects, one feature of my school that stands out as unfavorable, is the price.


I consider the food program the worst thing about my university. I say this because my fellow students and I pay a hefty amount to attend this college and they have one of the lowest standing food services in the country. I feel that if we are putting all this money to our school they should rethink the food service and hire a different company that offers healthier choices.


I've only just arrived! I've been on campus for just a few weeks, and it's hard to think of the worst thing. Maybe it's too soon in our budding educational relationship to define faults. I'm maddly in love with the University of Evansville right now.


If you don't go out to the frat parties, you won't make as many friends.


The facilities of the school are somewhat outdated. Most of the dorms have been remolded, however, the most affordable have not been remolded. And therefore if you are looking to save money you must settle for poorer conditions such as no air conditioner, older furniture, etc. The school itself is also expensive. Although the education is wonderful, the facilities are not worth the money. They are definitely in need of improvement.




I am so content at my school. The expectations are of high standard at the University of Evansville, so students are required to stay concentrated and dedicated to their homework and studying. As a major in psychology with a destination in counseling, I would benefit more from my school if more counseling specific classes we available. However, I have no doubt that UE will sufficiently prepare me for a master's degree in psychology and counseling.


The food and how midwestern it is.


The worst thing about UE is the price. It's a private school, so it gets expensive, but they give out good scholarship money, and outside scholarships can help too!


I'd have to say the worst part about the school is the lack of things to do that are within walking distance. Walking to the mall is at least 40 minutes of the day, and the nearest Target/Walmart is an hour away. However, there are plenty of ways to keep occupied if you know the right people.


limited food options. Variety is the spice of life and life isn't very spicy here.


The worst thing about the school that I attend is how much it cost. It is very expensive to go to school here and my scholarship only covers about 1/4 of the total cost of tuition. Therefore it has been extremely hard for me to prvoide the fincances needed to go to this school.


I love the size of my school, in the sense that my classes are small enough to allow students to receive individual attention. Specifically, I love the theatre program, and I am so lucky to be a part of it. I am learning so much already!


The faculty seemed to want the students to succeed so badly that many of them would often go out of their way to help lazy students get good grades. This practice encourages grade inflation and makes the coursework less competitive.


location and limited outlets


The social scence lacks extensively. If it weren't for Greek Life, there would be no social scene on our campus.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. Over the past few years, our tuition has increased more than other schools. Fortunately, our administration has finally committed to keeping costs at a level increase that is almost half the increase of previous years.


How isolated it is from downtown and does not have could public transportation.


The worst thing about attending UE is the amount of money it cost to go here. I love the education that I get and I feel like I can't get this type of experience anywhere else. But sometimes I feel discouraged to stay here because of the cost and debt that I have and will continue to incur over the years. My family is not in the position to help me out at all, due to the fact that my single mother is disabled with MS. Also, my father is disabled and has not been apart of my life.


The worst thing about UE is that some of the students are from small towns, and not open to new experiences.


Not enough things around it to do in free time


Cost and spending, because the administration tends to have superfluous spending which, in turn, raises the tuition.


Most of the social life revolves around the greek system and that all the guys are ugly or gay.


I do not like how small it is. When someone did something that weekend everyone knows about it. I really do not like how much it cost to go to my school. I am going to be broke by the time I get out.


Living in tiny rooms with a person you don't know and forced to be their friend.