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For me, personally, the school is a very good fit. It is possible to not know everyone personally, and be able to stay somewhat distant, but it's also easy to get extremely involved and get to know everyone, if that is what you want. There isn't a ton for college students to do in the city of Evansville, but the university does its best to provide activities and opportunities, academically and socially. The Greek system also has a lot of activities and really contributes to school pride. Overall, it is a good school, if a little expensive, that will work hard to make everyone feel welcomed.


I absolutely love the University of Evansville. I am originally from Arizona so the university is my second home and I love it. Evansville is quite smaller than the city that I am from but that is fine with me because the university offers several events throughout the year such as laser tag, ice skating, and a new movie every Thursday night on campus. The University of Evansville is small but that is why I chose to attend. I wanted to actually know my professors and to feel like I was accepted as a real person not some number that is spending a lot of money. When I tell people that I attend the University of Evansville the reaction I get most of the time is, "What? Where is that?" but I then tell them that we are the school that had the plane crash in the 70's that killed all of the basketball players. At that point most people understand the pride I have for my school. I personally spend most of my time split between my room, the library, and class. I like to study in a lot of different areas and the University of Evansville gives me the choice to choose where I would like to study. The school's administration is very nice when you are a prospective student they know your name and where you are from but once you attend UE they forget your name unless you do something terribly wrong or extremely good. Which I can understand since they spend most of their time meeting prospective students. The one experience that I will always remember is during my freshman year my university invited a hypnotist to perform for the freshman. He was so good, I will never forget what some people did and how deep they got into the hypnotism. Overall, I definitely love the University of Evansville because it is my second home and I will never forget my experiences here.


The best thing about UE for me personally (being an athlete) is our athletic facilities. Our soccer program has THE BEST grass field in the MVC conference. One thing I would change is making the school have a "college town" feeling. We are kind of secluded from the rest of the community because of how small our campus is and our specific location. Since we are a dry campus, we don't have any bars within 5 miles of the campus, but we also don't have a lot of resturants within walking distance. Nothing is too far away (just a 10-15 minute drive down the Lloyd) but it would be nice to have things in a more convenient spot. UE is perfect for the student who wants to roll out of bed 5-10 minutes before class and still be on time. We are only a block and a half in radius (when you add the athletic facilities) so it only takes 5-10 minutes to walk the entire length of the campus. I feel we have one of the best administrations. Since we are a small campus, the student-staff relationship is amazing and actually gives a "family-like" feeling. You can always talk to the professors and they are always interested in your life (along with how you do in the classroom).