University of Evansville Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who should attended this school is someone who is driven, focused, and willing to spend a little extra money in order to achieve the career of their dreams. They should also have a postive attitude, be hard working, and be willing to go with the flow or possible changes that can occur while achieving their academic dreams.


People who are very serious about receiving an education should attend this school. The classes are not easy. Also, it is a small, private school. Those who enjoy a small campus where professors know them by name should attend this school. It is a very supportive environment for those seeking an environment that provides a home away from home feeling. Altogether, it is a school for those who are very serious about their futures.


Cazenovia College is an expensive, private school, so the students that attend generally come from wealthy families. A person that loves snow should attend Cazenovia, and also someone whol enjoys and small, close-knit community. A person who does not rely on car transportation and is willing to walk to many of their destinations would enjoy Cazenovia, and also someone who does not like to party or go out on the weekends.


People who like a small college, getting to know their fellow classmates and professors, and being surrounded by the arts should consider UE! Class sizes are small, the campus is beautiful, there are many activites to be involved in, and the creative talent is high: UE has a great theater program as well as orchestra, band, and choirs.


Anyone who wants small classes in order to gain a personal and professional relationship with their professors and wants their professors to have a PhD and not just a masters degree should attend this university.


Someone that is carerr oriented and focused should attend this school. Also the person should love to learn and really want to be pushed to the top academically. Someone who is able to do most things on their own, but can handle a support group when the time is right.


someone who looks at academics rather than extras


Someone who wants a very small campus with small class sizes. Friendly campus; often find people studying outside or just enjoying the lawn areas.


Someone who is serious about their academic career, and enjoys being social.


I would recommend this school to someone who is looking for a small setting where the campus feels more like a community and not a large university. The teachers provide more one on one attention with the students and are easily available outside the classroom. Students seeking a liberal arts education and different outlooks on life and other cultures would enjoy UE. Someone who is more personal and does not mind a quite and small campus would fit well at UE.


Anyone, someone who wants to get a good education and have professors care about their performance.


Has future in mind, likes to party, willing to work hard, knows how to balance their life and schedule