University of Evansville Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not motivated to learn and succeed. University of Evansville provides challening programs for every major and minor. Professors push students to their full potential, and you must be motivated as a student to always strive for your best. Every student here has a desire to learn a lot and work hard, while still being involved in campus activities, like sports, clubs, and organizations. Students here are very involved and enjoy staying busy.


A person that should not attend the University of Evansville would be one that does not want a personal experience. Someone wishing to be invisible to professors, and not be known by name should not attend UE. Also, major football fans may not wish to attend the university, since we do not have a football team.


I would have to say that the only reason for a person to not attend University of Evansville is if they are just not adequately ready for a challenge. University of Evansville is a College that will stretch your capabilities. So, I would say that a student that is not willing to give time and dedication to their education should not attend this school. And as far as the enviroment around the school, it is made up of mostly city; therefore, a student must be prepared for the city life also.


Someone who should not go to this school is someone who wants to have large classes and blend in. You get a lot on individual attention here.


This school is located in a mid-size city in southern Indiana. Anyone looking for a very hip. trendy, urban city will be unhappy here. It can also be a difficult transition for someone coming from a culturally/ethnically diverse area, but it isn't impossible.


Students who are not serious about receiving an education and who are not willing to work for their grades should not attend this school. Also, it is not a place for someone who wants to attend a big school where they are just a number and can get away with skipping classes. Someone who is not serious about his or her future should not attend this school.


A person that is only in school to go to parties and not study much should definietly not go to UE. Also, a student who does not want to be the center of attention in classes should not go here since the average class size it 17. A student who needs a lot of activities going on at once or needs lots of things to do in the city around the college is also not recommended.


A person who is not willing to study or put effort towards furthering their future should not attend the University of Evansville.


Someone who does not like to work hard and is not interested in a challenge. This school pushes students in ways that I did not think were possible, and it can be very difficult at times. So if you are not up for it, you should consider attending a different school.


If anyone is unsuitable for Evansville, its people who dislike a small campus size and a small surrounding town. Granted to some it might be large, but Evansville has a population of 330,000 people and the University has less than 3,000 students.


The University of Evansville is perfect for goal-oriented, hardworking young adults who what to go places in the world. That said, people who go through life by "just slidding by" or those who procrastinate will not likely be successful at UE. Average is not good enough, and one must be willing to go above and beyond what is asked of him or her. If a student doesn't mind being considered "another number" at larger universities, or is used to being taught by Professor's assistants, than he or she should not attend the University of Evansville.


A person who does not want to work hard and take their classes seriously.


Students that should not attend this school are students who do not want to be acadmically challenged because it is a very challenging school.


someone who is not interested in learning, who'd rather party all the time than try to succeed at life


One that is no serious about their academia, or one who is looking for a widely diverse campus.


Someone not interested in learning and interested in an easy A.