University of Evansville Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Trying to get places off-campus if you don't have a vehicle is frustrating. There is a public bus that runs by the school once each hour and it stops working after a certain time. Many of the students are very nice and will be willing to take you places if you need it, but if you do not have a vehicle, you have no freedom to do as you wish.


The most frustrating thing is that you have to drive away from campus or hire a taxi or ride a bus to go anywhere! There are virtually no places ofvreal interest that are within walkable distance from the campus. The summers can be extremely and unbearbly hot and humid to those who are not accustomed to such weather patters. Sometimes the small size of the school limits activity which most students expect to be part of their college experience. There are very few opportunities of biological research and student jobs are hard to get apart from work-study jobs.


The most frustrating thing about my college is that there isn't enough time in the day to do everything. I definitely made the right choice of colleges for me but sometimes I struggle to keep up with clubs, activities, greek life, difficult homework, and a social life. There can sometimes be too many distractions in college but it will be worth it in the end.


There are a lot of General Education courses that you have to take your first year. However, most schools are like that as well, so it's not too terriblly bad. If you spend your first year getting the General Education courses out of the way then the rest of the time should be more major focused.


The food is very repetitve. I wish there were more options to chose from. They have a lot of different things every now and then, but the rest of the time it is the same thing.


The only true frustration I find myself facing is the distance I am away from home. I love this school and the people that go here. The environment is very friendly and I have no complaints.


The most frustrating thing I have experienced here is trying to explain to people, whether it is professors, students, dorm mates, or office personnel, that I am here purely because of scholarships; if I had to pay myself I could not attend. Some here just do not get that I cannot spend two hundred dollars on a book that was marked “optional” or pay five thousand dollars in a matter of a few months for a summer class necessary for my major. However, there are many students here with the same frustrations, so I am not completely alone.


I am eight hours away from my parennts, younger brother, family, high school friends, and boyfriend.


There are an enormous amount of great things that happen and will happen at my college, but the one thing that frustrates me to no end is the debt that I know I will be in after four years. So, in other words, the cost is the most frustrating thing.


Some students where completely insencitive of the needs of other students living in the same dorm. They play loud music after 12 a.m., drink alcohol and vomit in the restrooms, and yell down the hallways during final exams.


The most frustrating about attending the University of Evansville is being a minority. I went to a high school with mostly African American students, and this univserity has the exact opposite. Being the only African American student in most of my classes forces me to be the voice for my race as a whole. It is hard because I cant classify the people if my race all in one group, which is difficult for others to understand.


I love my school. I haven't found anything that frustrates me thus far.


The most frustrating thing is when one profressor won't email back. My dorm doesn't have AC so it gets hot . The classes are very challenging.


It was very espensive


The most frustrating thing about my school is the gym equipment. A great deal of the student body is health conscience and with a gym not very accommadating to a large amount of people it can be frustrating when an individual is intending on using free weights or cardiac machines.


We have a brand new building for meal services, but the actual is not the best tasting.


The most frustrating thing about UE is probably the fact that it's very, very hard to make friends unless you have a pre-established clique. Everyone is so busy and focused on their future careers and keeping their grades up, people tend to make friends just with people in their own specialty.


The lack of care that my academic advisor has shown me.


The most frustrating thing at this school is that some of the professors are here for studies and experiments rather than to make sure students are learning. They only teach their class in one way and that is it. Some of their office hours are pretty limited also.