University of Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place for all different types of students to come together and learn, while celebrating the culture of the Gator Nation.


The University of Florida is a dream come true for me, and can be a wonderful school for any student willing to learn.


The school is very big; don't plan on having very small classes or one-on-one time with your professors during fall or spring semesters.


My school is very conducive to learning because its large size aids in the amount and quality of resources available to students.


The University of Florida is an art studio; it provides you with all of the supplies that you would need to create a masterpiece and it waits, hoping that you will create something worthwhile to grace its walls and attract a large audience.


UF is the penultimate public university because it offers a great education while providing a multitude of fun activites for students.


larger than life; it has its own police department; bigger than the gainesville area. beautiful Campus but very cold in the way you are treated by faculty and staff. highly efficient; things get done most of the time; but not always.


The University of Florida is an amazing school that has everything someone could ask for in a university, great academics, great sports and a great experience.


My school is very diverse in the best ways, with many different ideas, different opportunities and a keen attention to the individual.


The University of Florida is an outstanding university that offers many different majors, networking connections, career opportunities, and divesity. The campus is excellent, and you can feel the vibe that everyone is here to learn more about their field of education. My experience at the University of Florida has been great so far because I have met many new people and made new connections for myself in the future. Overall the University of Florida offers something for everyone.


The University of Florida hasa very arrogant attitude and does not seem to care very much about its students.


University of Florida is agreat school for all professions; for me specifically, the interior design program is awesome, personal, and challenging.


A prestigious campus with historical signifcance, warm weather and a scenic appeareance


We are the gator nation.


The University of Florida has a sense of pride when walking on it's campus, it is a great environement to learn and to grow as an individual.


A large, diverse university loaded with intelligent, fun-loving, and motivated students.


The University of Florida, home of the fighting gators, an educational experience second to none.


The University of Florida is a top-ranking school for a reason, with many excellent professors as well as an overwhelming number of opprotunities outside the classroom.


The Univeristy of Florida is a strong, well known and respected school.


I have the best 4 years of my life, filled with growth, excitement, responsibility, and the most amazing friends I could ever ask for , and it all happen here at the University of Florida.


University of Florida is absolutely the best university in the whole world because of everything it offers- a superb education, over 800 student organizations, national championship winning sports programs, a beautiful campus, helpful staff, and an overall amazing college experience.


Everyone always says college is where you have the time of your life, and personally getting into the University of Florida has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me, it is a school where I can make my dreams come true and become the person I have always wanted to be.


The University of Florida is home to the hardest working, most ambitious, most athletic, most creative, most honest, most fun students, alumni and teachers in the USA.


UF is a very large school but once you become involved it becomes a very comfortable place to study.


Jock, artist, shy, outgoing, huge dreams or small town desires in lieu, the colors Orange and Blue are just right for you!


For me and others, UF is the culmination of academic integrity, spontaneous outbursts of fun, and a building place of comraderie that will be remembered for the rest of my life.




There is an abundance of resources available to students at UF if they are willing to be extremely persistent; though most advisors are at best frustrating and at worst useless, you will find that the upperclassmen and professors are generally willing to assist you if you are motivated enough.


The University of Florida is a giant melting pot community made up of bright individuals that have the potential to influence our future.


University of Florida is extremely competitive and hard to seek individual help, however the orange and blue colors show brightly and there is much pride in it.


A typical college experience with administrative bugs and a pervasive unfocused atmosphere.


The University of Florida is a diverse, energetic, progressive, and interesting, but also demanding community , in which almost anyone's goals and specialties can be explored and achieved.


A great large-size public reasearch institution. A lot of big undergraduate classes, but also a wide variety of subjects to study. Its a good place to get a well rounded edcuation, since there are opportunities to sample a lot of diferent subject areas that are not available at smaller schools. Also a fantastic atmosphere of school spirit, and a big sports culture. Many clubs and organizations to get involved with - there is a place for everybody to find their niche.


Very academic and sports oriented with a variety of characters from students to professors.


UF is full of smart, fun, diverse, and talented people.


Best football in the country!


The University of Florida is the best school in America.


The University of Florida will provide all students with the resources necessary to achieve any academic, personal, and spiritual goal that one may pursue.


The Unveristy of Florida is an excellent education institute of higher education offering a well rounded education of mind, body and spirit that can provide an excellent jumping off point for a fabulous future.


University Of Florida is the best learning institution every.


A self-proclaimed slogan of the gator nation is everywhere is perfect for the University of Florida, students are very proud to attend and be a part of the gator community... both the academic and social aspects involved.


My school is very academically and career focused while still being very school spirited towards athletics and the arts.


The University of Florida is an energetic, athletic community where students are encouraged to think for themselves.


Great students, great teachers, great spirit, great sports, great times


Uf is a friendly campus with friendly professors and a small feel, but also has a very large selection of majors, classes, and extracurriculars.


My school excels in academic excelence and will prepare you for after graduation when you move into the real world.




The University of Florida, which is located on a beautiful campus in the quaint city of Gainesville, offers many different majors and carreer oportunities, and is filled with wonderful people - both staff and students, who are eager to help new students succeed.




The University of Florida gives you the opportunity to share and explore diversity across education, socialization, community service, among other activities that will shape you into a well-rounded individual ready to take on the professional world once you graduate.