University of Florida Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is lots of cultural diversity here on campus! I can't think of a single group of people who would not be able to connect with individuals of similar values, beliefs or lifestyle. There are many clubs and organizations that were created just to connect people of different cultures, religious beliefs, and international groups. Students do interact with one another, whether through class or study groups and many to socialize outside of the academic setting. A large majority of the students here are from the state of Florida, but I have a few friends who come from out of state or from other countries. I don't feel like their college experiences have been diminished in any way because of where they came from though! Many students here are financially aware of their circumstances now and their financial goals for the future. Many students are becoming doctors, lawyers and dentists for the sole purpose of making a good living. Many also aren't.


The students at UF are so diverse. They range from all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, social backgrounds, etc. It is awesome to get to interact with such a wide variety of people. There are clubs and organizations for every type of student, including student government, La Casita, the Institute of Black Culture, Campus Crusade for Christ, Hillel, Chabbad, swimming, diving, cheerleading, rugby, Gators going Green you name it, we have it.


There is honestly room for everyone at this school. Sometimes I look around and just think to myself, "It truly takes all kinds of people...". Between classes it can feel more like a crowded marketplace than a university. Busy people running everywhere, trying to shove ads/flyers into your hands, or supporting some agenda. Student attire varies vastly across the fold. Some dress moderately, others dress extremely. Some wear lots of clothes, some wear pants I wouldn't even classify as proper shorts. Lots of people with piercings in all sorts of strange places, but also lots going for a very clean cut look. As far as campus groups go, I honestly don't interact with them that much. There are African American Greek Houses that advertise out on Turlington Plaza. They can be really rude and annoying sometimes. They'll blast obnoxious music loudly, or do these silly routines that block up half the plaza when students are trying to get places. There's also the LGBT group(s). They are very energetic and upbeat, but often I feel they're a little too over the top. Anyways, that's what makes the University what it is! Everyone is entitled to be different, and most people really are. In my experience, there is great financial polarity. Most people are either really well off, or barely getting by. You can tell by the people who are hard at work in the Hub, skipping lunch while the people who are just there on daddy's money drink $10 Starbucks lattes. I think that is a pretty common trend everywhere though? My roommate and I talk about potential earnings from time to time. We look up median salaries and typical starting rates. We talk about who we'd want to work for, and why we'd go there.


Very diverse student body. Everyday I meet someone from a different background.


I think that the student body is pretty diverse.


The student body at UF is diverse, representing many cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, religions... However, the larger percentage of students are white, upper-middle class. That being said, any student should feel welcomed at this school and should be able to find a niche.


Students at UF are very tolerant toward each other. Everyone I've met is different in their own regard, and I feel that people respect each other for it. I see different kinds of people hang out together. That's because the school is just so big and it's really a melting pot of different cultures. It doesn't feel like a small town in North Central Florida! I have friends from all over the state, as well as the world. I have friends from China, India, Europe, South America...I have friends from Massachusetts, friends from California, Hawaii, Michigan, and yes, Florida too. I love it! The school's atmosphere is very relaxing to me. Everyone wears jeans and flip flops. Sometimes you see people go to class in their pajamas, but it's not that least I've not seen it that often. Not only is there a really big mix of students as far as culture, but there's also a big mix with regard to socio-economic statuses amongst students. I'm not well off at all. But I do have friends who are. I think everyone just tends to get along, regardless of how much money you have (or don't have). Everyone's just cool like that. Not to say you won't encounter jerks, because you will, they exist everywhere. But most people I'd say are really chill and are very friendly and positive. I think the school has a good strong political activity. Some students just get fired up. Others don't mind having a clean discussion regarding current events. I'd say there's a good mix between the right and left at the school, but in comparison to where I come from, I think the school is a bit more conservative politically-speaking. Students definitely talk about they expect to make. It is business school! The school has an excellent career center, and they have career fairs and activities all the time on campus. They bring in many prestigious companies to come and interview our students pretty frequently, and that's why I think people talk about future potential salaries so much.


I have a variety of friends. I am very involved with my sorority, which puts me into contact with 200 people I may have never had the opportunity to know. I am also LGBT, which is very big on UF's campus. Almost every week, there is a different LGBT-related event going on. As a Jew, the Hillel and Chabad are very good places to become acquainted with as well. I don't think too many students would feel out of place here. I believe there is a niche for everyone. The school is very multicultural and ethnically diverse. Most students wear casual wear to class or workout clothes, nothing fancy. Different types of students interact, but I would say that Greeks tend to stick to themselves and not branch out. Most students are from Florida, if you are an out-of-state student it is best to try and meet people through living in dorms or joining clubs of your interest. Financial backgrounds vary. I wouldn't say students are extremely poor, but more middle class. Some students are politically aware, some are not at all. Being that it is a big school, there are a variet of political identities, but students tend to me more left than right. Students strive and don't really talk about earning the big bucks, but rather, loving what they do in the future.


All of my classmates are very ambitious and they want to do their best in everything they do and worry that they might fail in realizing their life's dreams.


My classmates are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.


My classmates are all ambitious students that are eager to learn and do something great in their life.


My classmates at the University of Florida are an extremely diverse bunch of students, all striving to make dreams come true and change the world through the use of academia and relational networking.


My classmates are as diverse as the colors and textures of paint in a home improvement store. My classmates are from all over the world and have seen more cultures and lifestyles than I ever knew existed. My classmates are always ready to have a good time, though, and do not forget that the college years are supposed to be the best years of your life. My classmates are superior students, athletes, and innovators. My classmates are always prepared to lend a hand or share a laugh. My classmates are Florida Gators.


My classmates are down-to-earth, friendly, yet competitive, and encouraging.


At UF, classes are normally very large but classmates are usually friendly and helpful.


My classmates are friendly and helpful.


Classmates at the University of Florida are for the most part a diverse group of liberal individuals , very academically and career-oriented.


Classmates at UF are engaged in classroom discussions and help one another to understand the material as well as being there for students when they are forced to miss a class due to situations outside of their control.


My classmates are unique, passionate, Gator-crazed citizens of the world, all of whom wish to change the world in great and unimaginable ways, whether it be through charities like Children Beyond Our Borders or Habitat for Humanity, or through their majors, such as a classmate I have that seeks to study spirituality's effects on health through her major in Neurotheology; they are the most outstanding, inspiring people in my life.


My classmates are all individuals who strive to excel in every way possible in class. They demonstrate superior behavior toward their studies and are all helpful to anyone who may not grasp the concept right away. Their attitude expresses a yearning for learning as they have great focus on their respective studies. Outside of the classroom they are still representing the true Gator spirit, one which is characterized by being well motivated not only in class, but demonstrating a great character in itself as being a good person overall is what being part of the Gator Nation is all about.


Competitive, vary diverse, engaging


Friendly, as long as you vow to help each other out.


My classmates are the future of America, eager to learn and succeed, and it is inspiring to know I am learning alongside the brightest young adults in the southeastern United States.


Liberal naive unprepared for the real world


Students that value balancing education, socializing, diversity, and work within their lives.


My classmates are very school spirited and very proud to be apart of the Gator Nation.


My classmates range in arrogance, friendliness and maturity.


The essence of my classmates cannot be adequately captured in a simple, singular sentence, for they are holistically defined by an overreaching diversity that transcends simplicity; they are individually unique and wholly complex.


My classmates are extremely fun to be around, but also know how to focus and study hard, creating an atmospere that is great for learning and helping each other succeed to the best of our abilities.


Students in the health college are extremely driven and motivated; however, I can't say its the same for other departments.


My fellow peers at the University of Florida are highly intellectual, motivated, studious, and all-around stand-up people that influence me to work harder and better my education.


My classmates don't all have the same dreams in life, but we share the same goals and overcome some of the same obstacles.


People here are eager to learn and share their knowledge with others. I never fail to see people express their individuality, either through their outward appearance or through what they have to say to others. Because of this, I am always meeting people who want to get to know me because we have similarities and differences to share. Overall, they have an appreciation for life and an understanding that the knowledge we acquire is something people share as a whole.


The majority of students are helful and kind.


The student population at UF is very diverse ethnically and socially, but they have one thing in common in that they all are intellectually competitive and open to learning new things.


The word “competition” is an understatement for vultures that make a ring around their prey to the violence of Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 in G minor; thus commencing in a hasty beat without warning illustrating hearts pounding, excitement brought upon by new food that provides an opportunity to boost self-esteem through success; yet later coming to a slower tempo, such which allows all to descend gracefully, providing an chance to observe and measure one another’s strengths and weaknesses to see who can feed off the most by using witty tactics to either manipulate or scare off others.


Students at UF are friendly and sociable, as well as dedicated to their studies/careers; but most of all, they are all united by the proud school spirit that makes them all Florida Gators!


There is a wide variety of peers at the University of Florida.; some are like me, studious and ready to learn more, while others attend college for the party experience.


My classsmates are intelligent, ambitious, fun young people that are ultimately the future.


My classmates are no different in my school than any other school; some are nice, some are rude, some are dark skinned, some are light skinned, some are smarter than others, some are partiers, some are nerds.


My classmates are very easy to be around and reliable when it comes to studying and being involved in and out of classroom activities.


Everyone worked together for the most part, and all were friendly.


Due to class sizes there isn't much classmate interaction. Therefore the best way to describe classmates would be focused in their own task.


Dedicated, Energetic, and very much so spirited and proud to be Florida Gators.Chomp it.


All of my classmates are nice, caring, and eager to learn.


My classmates are all wonderfully intellegent individuals who come from an array of backgrounds; but, despite our differences that make us unique, we are all united in our pursuit for greater knowledge.


My classmates, knowing the common bond with each other by being a Gator, are diverse but drawn to learn about and understand each other in order to sieze the opportunity presented by being in such close contact with such an eclectic group of people.


My classmates are so different from one another.


Students with good intentions to have great carreers and lives, but lots more to learn and mature before they can succeed.


My peers within my college are all very friendly - we work together on a regular one-on-one basis and we all seem to have similar interests and values in education.