University of Florida Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were diverse, energetic, inquisitive, fun-loving, spirited, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and strong-willed.


My classmates are very competitive and hard-working students which can cause school to be very stressful and overwhelming at times because you think everyone is always performing better than you academically.


Easygoing, intelligent, diverse, and fun to hang out with outside of class.


People looking to achieve important goals in life.


All religions are present . respect This too is respected and ROTC is seen as a kind of religion.RESPECT is the key. ROTC as well is big with students going into the military AFTER college


Most of my classmates are un focused and uninformed. The ones who do try hard completely absorb themselves in work and the ones who slack never get anything done. There are not many people who can find a comfortable balance.




The student body is diverse relative to many other student bodies but it is still very white and very upper middle class (median family income is 100-105,000 annually). There are a lot of options for those coming from different minority groups. UF has clubs/student unions for all major minority groups and interest organizations for any random group that could exist. There is a slight element of segregation at UF that is very visible if you walk through certain parts of campus. That being said, within classes that segregation greatly diminishes and students interact well with one another in classes (across social lines as well as racial/ethnic lines).


my experiences with other groups have been good, though sometimes i feel alienated by some. i see a lot of chinese a lot...


you see every race, gender, everything at UF especially in turlington. wear comfortable clothes and flip flops. UF students are from a little bit of everywhere, tons from miami area.


THe student body is one of my favorite part of gainesville. i feel like everyone can find anyone like them.


We are diverse and a lot of stereotypes exist. I don't feel out of place at UF because there is a "group" for everyone but it is harder to make alot of good quality friends because there are so many of us and it is hard to keep in touch with people you meet.


The preachers on campus bother me. I am Christian, and I take my religion very seriously, but I do not believe in forcing it upon other people. I don't think the preachers should be allowed to be on campus. They are offensive, and I don't think it's right.


I don't believe that anyone could feel out of place here there is so much diversity, racially, sexually, religiously, etc. that anyone can find their own niche where they can fit in. It would be almost impossible not to. Most students wear gym clothes or other worse for the wear clothing because most students here don't really care too much about appearances. Of course there are certain factions of the student body that do care, such as those who are part of a sorority or fraternity on campus. But most don't care about what they look like when they are going to class or studying. The financial background that I see is most prevalent would have to range from working class to middle to upper middle class.


Uf's student body is very diverse. Thier is an outlet for everyone and anyone to feel like they are part of some group. No student would feel out of place. Some people dress nice to classes but mostly its either shorts tshirt and sandals or pjamas. Uf students are from all over the USA.


I have had many experiences with different racial and ethnic backgrounds. No students should or would feel out of place. There are many different social and club aspects of all different backgrounds so everyone can find their own niche. Most financial backgrounds are upper class and above average. Most students are aware, some are active, and UFL is very liberal.


From teaching First Year Florida, I have had interactions with all types of students and students of different races and backgrounds. All students pretty much interact. Most UF students are from South Florida. Most financial backgrounds are above average to wealthy. Most students are liberal.


UF could really use a boost in the diversity department, but I guess it is trying. I'm amazed at how many students are taken care of financially by their parents--serisouly who drives a beamer in college?


The student body at UF is vast and diverse, both in terms of racial and economic backgrounds. Almost anyone can fit in at UF, as just about every different type of person is accepted at UF. Although many people here hold there opinions very closely, there are others who speak them quite freely, so UF is a great place for someone with an open mind.


Although UFL is filled predominatly with caucasion students from middle to upper class back grounds, there is alot of diversity too. I've met people from many different racial backgrounds and religious ones too. In Highschool there was only one jewish person in a student body of over 4000 students and now, half the people I know at UFL are jewish. I don't think any kind student would feel left out here since the student body is so diverse. With over 700 clubs and organizations there has to be atleast one place where every student will fit in. Most UFL students are from somewhere in Florida but there are out of state and out of country UFL students too. Students are politically aware and you can see alot of campaigning going on on campus during election time. Based on campaigning I'd say that the majority of students are either on the left or center, but there could be alot of people on the right, but they just don't campaign.


There is many diverse groups on campus. All diverse groups are accepting and are respectful of others oppinions. The groups interact in multicultural fairs as well as events such as dance offs and philanthrophies. Most students dress casually to class. Jeans and t-shirts and flip-flops are a staple. Also, orange and blue clothing is always a great thing to wear around the UF campus and to class. We have a lot of school spirit.


UF's student body is diverse. You'll find people of pretty much all dispositions, beliefs, races, and so on. Again though, the experience you have is almost solely based on who you choose to spend time with.


it's pretty diverse here. alot more than at my high school.


uf is pretty diverse. it's really difficult to sterotype them other than the "college student sterotype". there seems to be quite a bit of interaction between different types of students. seems to be alot of rich kids though. alot of students are pretty politically aware. it seems like a lot of students are left in their political views but i don't know if they actually act on them.


Most of UFL's student body is from florida. However, I am not. I come from New York, and I am proud of that. However, I love being apart of gator nation! Florida is very diverse. I have friends from different backgrounds and cultures, and I love it!


I would say that the integration of groups is pretty well blended. There should be more diversity, and kids should feel free to share their backgrounds. One major complaint are the preachers in Turlington. There are a blend of religions at this school, and those rude people are shouting at kids that they're going to hell for this and that. It is extremely inappropriate and disrespectful. Most kids wear school colors to class. Some wear the clothing that everyone in their group wears. Most kids are either from Miami or Orlando. Rarely do I ever run into someone who's from NW Florida, too. Most kids are middle/upper class. Almost everyone is aware of political events/positions. The school in general is liberal. I don't hear kids talking about their potential incomes that much. They usually talk about how much they like a particular field.


UF has a nice mix of every race, religion and sexual preference. I feel that all of these students are well accepted by others and have found their niche in Gainesville. There are specific clubs that certain groups frequent, including gay clubs and the indie nights hosted by other venues. Everyone eventually finds their place in a group of friends and those people can differ significantly.


I can't imagine a student feeling out of place at UF. I think every racial, SES, political, religious, and ethnic minority is decently represented. The Greek system is pretty active, but there are plenty who aren't in a frat or sorority. It seems like the biggest geographic region that sends students to UF is Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Coral Springs. But since those areas are pretty diverse, too-- lots of Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Jews, yes, but also lots of non-Hispanic immigrants, too, and a surprising contingent of rednecks. (I blame Redwood). Compared to other schools I've been to (Small liberal arts in the Deep South), UF has more cross-clique interaction, more diversity, and the students are less materialistic. Political viewpoints well-represented, but generally pretty liberal.


the great thing about UF is that its pretty culturally diverse (even if the rest of gainesville and alachua county isnt) and i think most people would feel comfortable here. academic prowess and SAT scores seem to be more stratifying factors that skin color. the student body is so large that anyone could find a niche here. being the flagship university of the state means that we get a lot of money and i think a lot of students may benefit from that though scholarships and stuff. going to school in florida is so cheap so even if you come from a poorer background, you can probably afford live in gainesville. living costs in gainesville are less than many other locations in florida and that also adds to the affordability of attending UF. the activist student population seems pretty, well, active. there is always a petition or protest especially behing the reitz.


I fell that LGBTQ issues are not covered as carefully as they should be. Instead, LGBTQ affairs are more of a pandering toward students who associate themselves with such an identity. Student interaction is a bit clique-y, but the student government, in trying to get votes for the ruling party has catered and pandered to the needs of different societies and cultural groups without ever truly empowering the non-white greek male (look at Student body presidents; it's always a black male and/ or female as VP or treasurer, rather than as president).


UFL is a very diverse community and no student would feel out of place on campus. People wear all different things to class but mostly casual outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt. Most students at UF are middle to upper class and most are originally from Florida.


there are tons of different groups on campus for all types of students preferances and i personaly have not seen any student get put down for their beliefs or ways of life. campus is very open and some students come in pjs or in jeans and t-shirts.


There is such a diverse student body here. There are countless ways for UF students to get involved with their race, religion, culture, and interests. The non-social fraternities and sororities definitely help with that. There are also a ton of clubs (averaging I believe around 700 a semester). Even if you aren't religious, we have a lot of free speech here. Preachers frequent the campus and discuss religion in open and heated ways. The Hare Krishna's have lunch on campus for students who are interested. UF is an open place that has all kinds here - it's hard to be alone here in my opinion. UF students are from all over. I hear most everyone being from Florida with a few out of state students. The state has pretty good representation from all of the major areas. There is a good mix of ethnicities, religions, and cultures here. I feel like I have been exposed to a good group of people here. There are your stereotypical kids here - the nerds, the preps, the air heads, the jocks. But then there are a ton of people who break the stereotype. There is a lot of student interaction here. If you are at a sporting event, you don't care who is next to you - odds are you won't ever see them again - but in the moment, everyone is a friend. There are definitely times when the whole campus comes together and I think that for the 50,000 of us here, that's a great thing. There are a lot of students here on scholarship for need and for merit. There are all ends of the spectrum here - kids who are taking out personal loans and kids driving Daddy's Mustang. I think that is typical of anywhere on campus. There are a lot of first generation college students, it seems. Perhaps those are just the people in my major, I don't know. Overall, the blend of students here is pretty interesting. For politics, I would say most students are more liberal than anything. There are a ton of religious and convserative groups though. I think it depends on your major and your extra curriculars. There is truly something for everyone here with it comes to politics. There is always literature and there are definitely people out there to get you informed. In election years, it is a big deal. For Gainesville, a place mostly populated with students, there is also a large push to get us involved in local politics since it is "our city" too.


The school is very accommodating and tolerant. Student government is more like a dictatorship in the greek system, but they have gotten good speakers like myth busters, Elton john and the blue man group to come through Accent to perform.


I've found that overall the UF student body is rather accepting of all races and genders. I haven't found/ heard of any problems thus far. We've has LGBT awareness day in which people can walk through a symbolic door in the most crowded area on campus and come out into society. However, most students at UF are white, so there isn't an overwhelming amount of diversity. As far as what students wear to class? Everything. You see everything from pjs, to jeans and a t-shirt to sundresses and suits. But there is one thing that's necessary, flip flops. Almost everyone wear's flip flops.


I feel that our campus is very diverse and there's room for everyone. I do not feel like people are left out or feel out of place on campus and everyone interacts with everyone else. Students are free to choose what they want to wear to class and most people just dress comfortably.


Gators are amazing and diverse. Most students are from affluent backgrounds and tend to not hold jobs. Often, those that do hold jobs do not do so to pay rent, but for extra weekend drinking money.


UF has a diverse student body. I've met many different types of people, but a few types are predominant. As a business student, I think that a lot of Greeks are in my classes. I don't enjoy that culture. I'm distraught that so many college kids are following the example of the fools on reality tv shows, who think their social and dating lives are of utmost importance, that it's crucial to have the cutest clothes and the latest handbags and talk in that ditsy, mind-numbing manner. On the other end of the spectrum are the hippies. I like hippies, they tend to think a little farther outside the box, which I think is really important. The other significant group of people I meet are Hispanics. There are SO many Cubans, and other Hispanic people at UF. Many of them I think are excellent students and well qualified, but some I think are lazy and not that intelligent. At my own high school, several unqualified Hispanic students were accepted to UF over other white, well qualified students. This makes me think that UF favors hispanics when admitting new students. I also went to Santa Fe CC for one semester. I made friends much easier there. Perhaps the people are less competitive, more laid back, or less busy and have more time to hang out. I'm not really sure.


Uf is predominantly an all white town. However, there is no prejudice or disrimination all races and ethnic groups get along just fine. Many people are republicans and come from rich backgrounds but again these details do not play a role in who they are as a person. There is no talk about money or family background, mainly everyone wants to have a good time and meet new people.


The student body is extremely diversified, despite the fact that I went to an white majority highschool, I found that many more types of people are here. One thing that many of the students have in common is related to what was previously mentioned in academics. Everyone is still motivated to do well and are fairly smart despite religious, racial, and socio-economic factors.


i dont have any experience with LGBT but i do have friends that are involved with it and i think thats good. I mean its somplace for them to fit in and meet others in "their community" as they like to say. people here are politicall aware for the most part and mostly either in the center or the left. and everyone talks about how much they will earn.


The students here are quite varied. There are all sorts of race and religions represented here. However, there seems to be a lot of divisions among those lines. For example, many of the Indian students socialize only with fellow Indian students, and call themselves "Brown Town". The divisions arent forced however, but by the students own choosing.


UF has a great diversity on campus, walking through the union or Turlington plaza, you'll see many racial, religious, and LGBT groups trying to get you to come out to their meetings or attend functions. I can't imagine any one feeling out of place in a campus so large and diverse, there is a group for everyone. Students wear jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops to class. The dining halls are all frequented by those with meal plans (mostly Freshmen). Most students here are from in state and attending UF on the Bright Futures scholarship. Politically, I would say that UF is a moderately liberal campus although I think that the groups that you see most of the time are only representing the extremities of either side.


The Student Body is really diverse. I don't see any student ever being felt uncomfortable or out of place here at UF. If you just walk through Turlington in the afternoons, you'll see many different groups tabling for their cause. It's an institution for people on all walks of life.


As an african american I sometimes feel out of place at a predominately white school, but never enough to make me feel uncomfortable.


Many students are from middle class homes throughout Florida. Occasionally you come across a Barbie with Daddy's money, but not too often. There is every type of religious group in campus, you name it, we've got not one but three. To class many wear typical t-shirts, Gators shirts, or things from the mall. There are a lot of people who dress sort of out there, but they all mix well with the rest of campus.


I think UF has a very open, aware and accepting campus. The administration as a whole welcomes and encourages diversity (in all of it forms) on our campus.


I always felt like there was a place for everyone to "fit in" on campus- there are hundreds of different groups to join that I never felt like I was really alone.


Most people are rich. I fall in the very very bottom of income levels here. People seem to dress however they want, regardless of what people will say. Which is awesome.


The student body is extremely diverse because the admissions office makes it a point to not accept thousands of the same carbon copy student. We all come from very different places physically and mentally, but what we share brings us together, being a part of the Gator Nation. Spirit for our school is definitely something that we all share.