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Describe the students at your school.


Most students wear pretty normal clothes to class, usually just jeans and some sort of shrit. A lot of UF students are from Florida, especially Orlando. I think that you can find somewhere on campus to belong and fit in, not matter who you are; it is just a matter of finding where exactly that is.


There are many different types of people on campus. We ar every diverse.


I don't think anyone would feel that out of place here, since there are just so many people. It is hard NOT to find somewhere to fit in I think. Most students wear flip-flops and just whatever to class. Different types of students interact, certainly. Most students here are from Florida, but the financial backgrounds vary. Students are somewhat politically's hard for me to answer this since, as a political science major, a lot of the people I know and see regularly are not, politically, your average student. There are an awful lot of libertarians here (unfortunately...I'm just not a fan).


I find that the black students really segregate themselves from everyone else. In Turlington they're always tabling and handing out fliers just to black students. The Religious students--not the preachers--tend to keep to themselves and promote silently, which is great for anyone who doesn't want a religion forced on them. My biggest beef is during elections, especially this year. I hate how the Gator Party has a monopoly on everyone else, and how the Greek system tries to control everyone. That's not right being as there are many students who aren't Greek. They also become so annoying in that final week because they want to convince everyone to vote for them. I can't stand them!


There is every kind of person at UF. One thing UF is not lacking is diversity.


I haven't encountered any negative experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, etc. etc. groups on campus. No student would ever feel out of place at UF as there is something here for absolutely everyone. Students were various things to class... from pajamas, to jeans, to shorts, to skirts, to whatever they feel like wearing that day. Yes, every "type" of student interacts. Most UF students are from Florida, and a lot seem to be from South Florida (although that could just be because that's where I'm from so I know a lot of people from down there). Any financial background can come here pretty much because every student has an equal shot at the 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or even 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Bright Futures Scholarship. Yes most students are VERY politically aware and active it seems. There are always students in Turlington or Plaza of the Americas with signs and agendas for some political or religious campaign. I think they are mainly left, but there seems to be a pretty good equilibrium.


We have the largest variety of students that I have ever encountereed at any school. All of the groups hold big events where everyone is welcome. I think the groups are supportive of eachother despite being different. Most UF students are from Florida, but there are a few students from elsewhere. The students come from a wide variety of races, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses.


No student would feel out of place at UF. There is such a large number of students here that everyone has a chance to fit in. These groups such as racial, religious, LGBTQ, socio-economic, etc. all have large followings. Everyone wears different things to class. Some people just go in what they woke up and rolled into, sweats and a t-shirt. Others, however, go all out in their jeans, nice tops and pearls. There is definitely an interaction in groups of students. It's always interesting to see people of different backgrounds, social groups or even class years interacting. It definitely helps eliminate many stereotypes after leaving high school. There are a variety of people with different financial backgrounds present here. Because of the great scholarship opportunities available, many people are able to go here without feeling the financial burden.


The diversity at UF is incredible. Anyone should be able to feel at home here. There are Christian groups from the conservative to liberal spectrum, Islam on Campus is very active, and the Jewish community is alive too. This is great for folks like me who come from a very culturally sheltered area, as you can go to events like the Ramadan Fast-a-Thon to raise money for hunger relief and learn more about Islam. You just have to start looking around to find what you agree with and what you support.


most florida students are from florida and many are middle and upper class. there is class system on campus and it can be mostly seen through frats and sorority's


Even though I cannot compare to another student body on another college campus, I have found in my time here that our campus is incredibly diverse and open. There are student groups for almost every racial minority and religious group you can imagine, and over 700 groups in all. I feel like there is a place for everyone to feel comfortable with the number of students who live and study here. The campus, overall, is very friendly. There is a fair level of interaction between students daily, and none of my encounters with other students have been particularly negative. There are certainly diverse ethnic and financial backgrounds represented here, but I feel that most people handle there differences appropriately.


The student population here is so large that everyone has an avenue for expression and feeling welcome within a group of their own. I don't think that many students would feel out of place here. There is a Black Student Union, as well as an organization only for Lebanese students. Religious organizations cover everything from Baptist Collegiate Ministries to Pagan Student Union. There are organizations for every political cause, academic track, minority group, hobby, or remote interest available. Most UF students are involved in at least one organization. Most UF students are from Florida, although we boast a decent-sized International population. Many financial backgrounds feel welcome because there are so many scholarships here, as well as the work study program.


Most students are from Florida but Florida as a state is extremely diverse.


Most of the people I meet are democrats, which is annoying when I am a republican. Most are only democrats because they hate Bush. But Clinton was 10 times worse than Bush. Just because there was no war during his time does not mean he was a good president. I wish that we had some conservative speakers. Kevorkian and Bill Nye came, both liberals.


It seems that there are many different races and religions at UF. MOst students are from jacksonville and miami.


I feel no students are out of place there is so much oppurtunity on the campus and so much diversity i feel no one should feel out of place, students are from everywhere, but i feel alot are from out of state and south florida; i feel that more people are wealthy, but that could be just the greek life;


Turlington could sum this whole thing up for you. I don't feel like any type of person would feel out of place here because there are so many different types of people. I feel like most people just wear comfortable clothes to class, t-shirts and shorts or pants with a little differentiation. In a broader sense, it probably looks like each group basically sticks to themselves but I know personally I have met and interacted with many different types of people. Most UF students are from Florida, specifically Tampa and South Florida from my experiences. There are a lot of students who are politically active, and I would say everyone is really across the board with their stance. I feel like most people are Conservative or Liberal though, I have not met very many Moderates. I have never heard a student talk about how much they'll earn in one day.


1. None 2. No one would feel out of place here. 3. Jeans with tees. 4. Yes. 5. Skip 6. Students mostly from Florida, but lots of other places too. 7. Various financial backgrounds. 8. Students are very actie and aware in politics. 9. If left means liberal, they're left. 10. No.


There are religious radicals that travel throughout the southeast, and they make their appearances at UF as well. Just ignore them. This campus is very diverse. I have seen people of many different cultures, from Orthodox Jews to Muslim women who observe hijab. There is a positive effect from all this, as students from all different cultures interact and work to reduce boundaries. I am friends with people that I couldn't have imagined meeting a year ago. Socio-economic status doesn't matter much here, because if you got accepted then you deserve to be here. The student body here is politicized, but not overtly so. There are always the standouts, those who volunteer and are really into it, but for the most part students keep their views to themselves. Be prepared to have a long discussion if you ask someone, though, and don't be surprised at how literate we are on the issues that concern our country. There is a fairly even distribution of political views, and usually people can have polite discussions about their views without resorting to spewing rhetoric. I have yet to meet one student that is here studying for the money. Students here are here to get an education, which will lead to a career. Money isn't the largest motivating factor here, this isn't a trade school.


Sometimes I feel like some of the racial groups are racist themselves. They are constantly commenting on the difference between their race and other races, which is only inhibiting any forward motion towards a more accepting community. I haven't had an encounter with any other groups that I've had a negative feeling towards. I definitely think different types of students interact because of how involved most UF students seems to be. Most UF students are from Florida, but I wouldn't say any specific part. I don't know if there is one financial background that is most prevalent. I think students try to be politically aware and active, but I wouldn't say that there is a huge effort being made. I don't have discussions with other students about politics so I wouldn't know. Yes, students talk about how much they hope to earn and how much they expect to earn.


No one would feel out of place, there's so many people, anyone can find friends.


Students are so diverse here that you cannot pinpoint one type of student and what they wear to class. Yes, I interact with people that are so different from myself. Most UFL students are from Florida. The campus as a whole is not politically aware/active.


As with any college campus, especially in the south, there is noticeably a difference between people in the greek community and non greek students. It doesn't make anything awkward, but it is just a noticeable difference.


There are all types! No student would feel out of place. Students normally wear shorts and a shirt. Yes all different types interact. I don't eat at the dining hall. Students are mostly from florida. Probably middle class. Students are VERY politically aware/active! I don't know which way they are predominantly. Yes.


Extremely diverse


You can get involved in basically anything! There are step teams, any religious groups, and etc. No one will feel out of place. People wear anything from sweats and t-shirts to class to cute tanks and possibly heels if youre daring. Students always interact..I've never been exposed to so many different groups! I feel like most students are politically right, but maybe that is just because that is who I hang out with. We are definitely politically active and be sure to get out as many votes as possible for various things such as Student Government and the upcoming 2008 elections.


racial, religious groups on campus are looked down upon because they preach very one-sided arguments and never willing to look at the other turn of the coin. a very close-minded student would feel out of place at uf - the campus is very liberal. most students wear jeans and a t-shirt to class. very informal. different types of students interact on occasion. most uf students are from florida. middle class backgrounds are most prevalent. most students are politically aware, but not many are active. most are center, but leaning towards the left. students do not talk about how much they will earn one day.


All very awesome I wish they had more participation, none there is someone else here with your same interests, depends I always dress for success, yes, greek;jocks;girls;boys;, south florida, upper middle class, yes, center, yes


I am not a member of any such groups on campus, though I have seen them speaking in Turlington Plaza during the school day. I don't think any student would feel out of place at UF. With so many students, there really is a place for everyone. Students wear a variety of things to class: some people get dressed up while others wear T-shirts and jeans. The weather is also a factor. Different types of students interact through the different groups they are members of. The dining hall is really a mix of people. I think that people mostly sit with friends, but there is no specific rhyme or reason to it. All financial backgrounds are represented. Some students come from money, and others are here on scholarships. Students come from a variety of political backrgounds but are very active no matter which way they stand.


Most students are from Florida, it's kind of fun to find an out-of-stater. There are so many students here that you'll find everyone from Goths to sorority girls to nerds. Walking around campus is an interesting experience. I know probably 200 people here and only see maybe 2 or 3 people I know around campus. You'll be sure to find a group of people to fit in with.


Diverse groups - we have very vocal groups but it has never really gotten out of hand. We have heated debates about issues and many groups bring in controversial speakers. Dr. Kevorkian came and spoke during the fall semester which, as most know, is a huge moral and religious issue. Out of place - there is no major group on campus. We have the greeks, the med students, activists, the art kids, band, feminists, sidewalk preachers, EVERYTHING. Any person would fit in here. Wear to class - I've seen everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Pajamas, sundresses, sperrys and lacoste, one kid even showed up to my chem class wearing a full-blown storm trooper costume. You see a ton of gator shirts and jeans I would say is the basic attire. Be forwarned.. guys, do NOT be caught wearing jorts. Jean shorts have been burned during fraternity rush. Just don't do it. Where the students are from - the majority of the people are from south florida. There are plenty of other people too though. I'm from a tiny town with one stoplight.. and I know plenty of international students and from all over the country. Politically aware - Definetely. Almost everyone here has strong convictions on politics. Even our student government elections get heated with opposing parties mudslinging. The frats and sororitys here are almost forced to vote. They WILL bitch you if you don't. and they are just expected to vote for the "gator party". It's pretty much a dictatorship that no one but the greeks can get into.


UF is a very diverse campus. I don't think any student should feel out of place at UF because I think every group is pretty much represented. The financial backgrounds most prevalent are middle class and upper class. A lot of students are politically active, a lot sway either way-right or left.


UF is actually very diverse - Students wear all sorts of things from sports wear to sweats to jeans and shirts to just professional work clothes. I even see older adults on campus who are going back to school for their degree now. Many students come to UF on Bright Futures and are from Florida. Sometimes they even have prepaid so they are well off financially. I see politically, students are divided up evenly between conservative and liberal. And YES everyone is always talking about how much money they will make.


this campus is generally open to these groups - idk, one that doesnt get involved in anything - jeans and a shirt - yes - greeks, engineers, freshmen, and a group of anti-greeks


I don't think anyone would feel out of place at U.F. Many different types of students interact.


I don't think any student will feel out of place at UF unless they are socially awkward. The best thing is to not take students too seriously, alot of people are very very nice, and alot of people are very very sarcastic. Diffrent students definately do interact. Most students dress pretty casuallly to class. Sweatpants, jeans, t-shirts. Nothing too fancy. There is pleanty of places to go to dress up in the night time. There are alot of wealthy people that go to UF. Most of the student in the dining halls are freshmen or sophomores. Upperclassmen except athlets don't really eat in the dining halls because they don't live on campus. Studetns are very politically aware but don't really talk about it unless it's near election time.


One of the reasons i like Uf so much is the variety of people on campus. You can always find someone like you, or even just meet other types of people. I think. I honestly don't think anyone can feel left out here. There is SO much variety in what people wear, ive seen everything from pajamas to professional work outfits. Different types of students interact when they are in class or if they are in a certain organization, but i dont think they interact much outside of those two times. most students are from the greater miami area or orlando.


Students that feel out of place at UF are those that come in without many friends and that do not like the party scene. In my experiences, I have felt that it is very hard to meet people I would consider close friends because I don't enjoy going out and partying. In 50,000 people it is very hard to meet friends if you are not outgoing. Most students at UF are from Florida. The financial backgournd, atleast form my experiences, seems be most are from upper middle class, and what you would call somewhat spoiled. Students at UF seem to be predominantly left.


We have a diverse campus. There is a fairly large minority population at UF but the university is still predominantly white. And the kids that come from small towns around central and north Florida tend to be republicans, who like to go hunting and have big trucks. That's all cool but it's not my crowd. Most of my friends and I share similar backgrounds. However, that is not to say people are racist or discriminatory, most people are friendly no matter your race or religion. As far as political activism, its no Berkley but a lot of students are politically involved and you see a lot of interesting groups like Hare Krishna.


As i previously mentioned, UF's campus is extremely diverse. I've had the opportunity to interact with all kinds of people which is unique to UF. No student would feel out of place here, with 50,000 students your bound to find friends. Alot of students dressed comfortably for class- tshirts and workout shorts, or prissy sorority girls dress prim and proper. Four tables in dining hall- Greeks, Pre Meds, Liberal Arts Students, and the black fraternaites/spanish groupies. You can't really dictate where most students are from- i find that alot of students are from south florida or jacksonville. All kinds of financial backgrounds are seen, depending where you do. If you go greek- students tend to be of higher income, students who live oncampus other than freshman year tend to be of lower income. Politically speaking the campus is diverse, although I tend to see more liberal students and faculty. You hear more from democrat students and controversial topics than conservative.