University of Florida Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for being the best university in Florida. The professors care how their students do and are very passionate about their jobs. The value for the education is also the best in Florida, and one of the best in the ation.


My favorite campus tradition would be when we sing "We Are the Boys from Ol' Florida" after the third quarter of every home game, and tailgating through the city.


My all time favorite is singing the alma mater after the 3rd quarter of a football game. You put your arm around complete strangers (sometimes) and it doesn't feel strange at all! I love being apart of something so huge, and being the sentimental person I am, I almost always tear up.


Our school used to be widely known for our football program back in the "Tebow days" but that era has since passed. Now I would say that we are known for our rigorous academics. Many refer to us as the best school in Florida and we have great medical and engineering programs.


My school is probably best known for its football team, the Florida Gators, and for the production of Gatorade. We are also academically known to have a very good school for medicine and a law school. And, of course, our Greek scene is pretty large and well-known. Most of the extra-curricular activities at the University of Florida have to do with sororities and fraternities.

Christianne Lei

My school is best known for football and the prestige of the campus. Football is a huge deal on and off campus around the area, and I really felt that when I first set foot at "The Swamp." I felt the energy and the unity that the fans felt as they cheered together. We're also famous for the incredible programs provided at UF. There isn't one person that hasn't found their muse on campus, we are a very tight knit and studious community.


Research and and athletics, along with being one of the best public schools in the country.


They are known for their football team


The University of Florida is the Gator Nation. I was attracted to the University was the spirit on campus and you can always see someone sporting the blue and orange.


My school is best known for its athletics.


My school is best known for it's education and sports.


Football! That one's a no brainer here. There are so many fun traditions that go along with Gator Football. But basically the whole school is built on amazing traditions. There are so many!


Florida Gators


UF is best known for excellence in everything from academics to sports to alumni support.


It's 9am on a Saturday morning during Fall Semester and no matter where you are you can distinctly hear the Florida Gator theme song blaring from the loud speakers of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Game days at UF might as well be considered a religious holiday because it is so important, so festive, and SO MUCH FUN. Imagine every single piece of grass with a car parked, a tent up, and the some hot dogs on the grill. Every single place you look you see orange and blue and someone gator chomping. The roar of the crowd in the stadium is so loud that even if you couldn't win the football lottery and get a ticket to go to the game you still feel like you're there. Students, Grad Students, Alumni, and Fans countdown for the first game day of every season and cry like babies on the last home game of the season. There is nothing better than Gator Football in the Swamp!!


UF is best known for two things. One, Gator football. Two, Shands. There is a lot of pride among students, faculty, and staff because we are all Gators and are a part of a University that is highly associated with one of the biggest hospitals.


My school is best known for its resesarch as well as for school spirit and athletics.


Alumni, academics, and sports.


UF is best known for the Gators football team (once headed by Tim Tebow).


My school is best known for its strenous programs, challegeing courses, intelligent professors, Tim Tebow, football team, and its partnership with Shands Hospital.


Great education


It is best known for its football team, the Gators, of course.



UF is best known for our elite athletic program. The Gator sports teams are consistently elite in every sport. Academically, UF has one of the top journalism schools in the nation, as well as a powerhouse engineering program. We have also garnered a bit of a reputation as a party school. Thats only true if that is something that one is looking for.


If there's one thing that is a quintessential part of UF it is the home football games in Fall. Our school pride and love for football is easily the best known thing about UF. Anyone driving through Gainesville during this time will witness a moving sea of orange and blue . People walk thirty minutes just to get to the stadium since parking is nonexistent anywhere on campus. People's differences no longer matter because we support our fellow Gators and the feeling of being a part of the Gator Nation is what UF is known for.


The University of Florida is best known for its academic prestige in the state of Florida and for its excellence in athletics.


University of Florida is known for our school spirit. Once you become a gator, you are a gator for life. The loyalty and the passion at this school is like no other. Gator Nation is more than a saying, it is an actual meaning of family in Gainesville. Even after graduation, you are still part of the university. The experience you get from the first football game describes why the University of Florida is more than a school, it is a family.


My school is best known for its tremendous school pride, high academic standing, and strong sense of community. The University of Florida attracts students from around the world because of the campus community's acceptance of different cultures and the exceptional college programs offered there. I have yet to meet anyone who is unhappy attending the University of Florida, nor have I met any mean or rude students on campus. Everybody knows about Gator Pride. Go Gators!


The University of Florida is known for its outstanding academics in the medical field.


The University of Florida is known for its high level of education, student involvement, and diversity in majors, minors and degrees offered. Also, for the ongoing research studies being done by students to help our nation and improve the quality of life.


University of Florida is known for various things, such as their high quality education, research opportunities, sports, and many other areas in which the University offers to their students.


UF is best known for its school spirit and acedmeic excellence!


A great college experience, renowned resources, diverse culture, great sports tradition, it's rich history, and competitive environment to increase your level of knowledge


Sports and athletic facilities and Tim Tebow.


The University of Florida is known for having some of the most talented atheltes come to one of the best atheltics programs in the SEC. The Gators are always looking to fight for that win harder than anyone else and do it both on the field and off the field. They're academics program is highly recognized in certain colleges across the nation and makes a perfect complement for a complete athlete who would not only leave with a great collegaite experience that has been supported with Gator pride, but also with a recognized degree from the University of Florida.


The University of Florida recieves high marks in the state of Florida as measured by national and international rankings and is the one of the largest universities in Florida by student population. The university is also well known for its championship winning football team, the Florida Gators.


Our school spirit, academics and diversity.


University of Florida is known for many things. On a national level, it is perhaps best associated with its athletic program, particularly football. Game days in the Swamp are infamous and there is nothing remotely comparable. Accompanying great and exciting game days is UF’s accelerating status in the academic world. It is now not only the best public university in the state, but is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities and is also becoming recognized as a leading research institute. These things provide students not only with an awesome, fun environment, but also with endless academic opportunities.


The University of Florida is best known for its high competitive academics, football, and partying. We are the home of the Florida Gators and our campus and student life really goes out to balance our education with a social life. All work and no play can become very stressful, but at UF we value our books and fun as well!


The University of Florida is best known for it's outstanding football team, however, academically the school is very good as well.


The University of Florida is know for being one of the top public schools in the nation, and usually ranks as one of the top one hundred schools in the nation among both public and private universities. UF is known for its math, science, engineering, and medical programs.


My school is best known for research, which is a catch-22 because the extreme emphasis on scientific research comes at the expense of teaching and teacher-student involvement. Many professors are pressured to conduct research and publish their findings in order to secure tenure, but this hinders their ability/ restricts their time for effective teaching.


Football, athletics, strong academics, research, small town atmosphere


UF is known for the florida Gators and Shands Medical Center. We have a very strong athetic program that has won many national titles. Shands Medical Center is one of the top research hospitals in the world. Doctors and patients come from all of the world to do research and recieve ground breaking treatment.


UF is best known for our football team and "friendly" students. Even though our team has not been doing so well this year (2010), the fans are still rooting our Gators and are just as loyal as always. As for our reputation as a party school, if depends on who you are. If you are not the type of person to go out and get drunk every weekend, there are so many people like you and very many options, such as Gator Nights. But, if you are a partier, I promise there are a lot of places to go!


My school is best known for the "Don't tase me Bro" incident. In addition, we're known for the mascot 'Gators' and the National Championship victory in 2006.


My school is best know for its football team (The Gators) and being a top academic and party school. It is known for being rigorous and for its students' getting rowdy.


The University of Florida is best known for its academics and of course its athletics because we dominate in class, as well as on the field. The list of majors we have to pick from encompasses anything anyone could want to major in. We have majors such as Packaging Science, Classics, and Pharmacy, which is my major. Not every university offers such a diverse list of majors, but the University of Florida makes sure every student has a chance to succeed in whatever field they are interested in.


It is best known for its graduates. Once you receive that University of Florida diploma you automatically have an edge in a very competitive work force. Being a Florida Gator makes you a leader in whatever you endeavor for the rest of your life. Many students that have attended University of Florida go on to do incredible things for society.


UF is known as one of the best public colleges in America. Requires cheap tuition while offering top-notch education. Produces outstanding graduate students.