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The university of florida offers a myriad of involvent opportunities for students. The students who participate in these positions will help inform and convince others to get involved. Also, the professors are incredible and there is a positive yet competitive spirit on campus so students strive to do their best.


Unique only to "the swamp" is the close-knit community that is; the students, the school, and the surrounding town. I have taken many campus tours, but only UF had the real college-town feel. Beautiful brick buildings and large trees decorate the campus where students take classes, study, go to sporting events and occasionally party. Sporting events are a time of brotherhood, where sitting next to someone makes them your best friend. And the town follows suit. Everything "bleeds orange and blue" and everyone feels proud to be the home of The Florida Gators.


I truly love the town of Gainesville. It is a wonderful town to spend your college years in, as the entire community is literally centered around the University. There is always something going on for college students, and plenty of networking opportunities for the social students. In addition, the University itself is beautiful. Once the construction of the Colonnade, located next to the Reitz Union, is completed in 2015, the campus will have a very nice blend of modern and historic architecture. Walking to class never gets old, with great scenery, and an overall flat campus with minimal uphill trekking.


Of all the colleges I considered, UF is nationally ranked as one of the best public research universities. Being a research university, all professors are required to actively be participating in research that corresponds with their respective fields. Therefore, as I get more in depth with my major and begin to have the qualifications needed, there will be many opportunitites for me to be active in research that will give me hands on experience in my future field.


The University of Florida is unique since it differs from the surrounding community. There is a large international population here that is focused and driven. You can get lost in your own world while being in a very small country town.


What is unique about UF compared to other schools, at least for me, is that most of my family went to school here and graduated. I was born and raised a Gator. I wanted to go to UF since I was a little kid. I wanted to go where my family went. I wanted to experience why UF was so great. The other colleges I applied with didn't have that unique quality that I value very much.


UF is a very large campus, and it is in a city that is completely devoted to college life and education. The university if also very diverse in terms of the ethnicities of the students and faculty. It also has hundreds of honor societies and clubs, and various sports teams. There are also many research opportunities for undergraduates and graduates to pursue, as the countless colleges and departments have numerous research projects established or starting.


We bleed orange and blue. While of course, I am not speaking literally, I am referring to the school spirit that encompassing our campus on a daily basis. Many college students support their universities, but I have never seen a campus so incredibly united by the essence of UF. We are unique because we abide by academic excellence as well as the memories that we make here in Gainesville. Just by looking inside the Swamp on a Game Day Saturday, you can tell that no other college has got what we have here at the University of Florida.


I chose the University of Florida because of the massive amount of pride in our athletics the students and alumni have. The "Gator Nation" is massive and I have never experienced anything like game weekends here in Gainesville. It really brings the school together as one cohesive body of students rooting for our team and showing massive amounts of school spirit.


A great deal of school spirit, with an atmosphere based strictly on academics, research, and future careers. Go Gators!


The one thing that is unique about my school then other schools is the diversity that our school has for all of their students. The University OF Florida makes sure there is an organzation people can go to that fits thier culture and personallity. Every year they have a huge event called Soul Fest where all the orgazations of different cultures come and sure everyone their talent. Its a good way to see how much diversity we have. This efent is usually packed with people an is always alot of fun.


There are great connections with alumni and teaching is great.


The University of Florida is unique because of its diversity.


My school is very diverse and very accepting of different cultures and religions. I also love the variety of extra-curricular organizations offered here. There are several clubs from sky diving Gators, to Gator Salsa and even a UF quidditch team.


This school has a great engineering program. There are plenty of clubs to join and lots of school spirit.


The University of Florida is a very diverse university, and not only tolerates the dirrences everyone has, but accepts them. UF is a great school to learn about diversity, uniqueness, and accepting everyone's own beliefs.


The University of Florida is Unique because it is a large public university that also ranks among the best universities nationally. Since the school is so large if a student were to decide that they no longer want to major in their specified field they can switch to a field that they are more interested in. This holds true for all large public universities ;however, UF is different because it is so highly ranked , this means that all of their programs are among the best in the nation.


It has such a large cummunity and offers so many events and clubs for a large variety of interests.


The University of Florida is unique among all other universities in the state of Florida, and most universities in the country, in that it has a veterinary school, and one of the best in the country at that. The UF College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the best in the United States and I am proud to be a part of it.


The University of Florida seems to be a great school academically. I've had almost nothing but positive experiences academically. The University also seems to excel in sports. We had a poor year for football, but our basketball team is pretty good! Then there's our women's gymnastics team and our women's volleyball team, who repeatedly dominate the Southeastern Conference. The only gripe I've had with UF is the dating scene. Maybe I'm old fashioned, and maybe it is my age. The problem I have a lot is that the majority of the charming, attractive, and/or smart girls do not want a relationship. If they do, they almost always go after the people who treat them the worst. If they don't, it is because they just want to appease their physicality (and no real relationship). Plenty of girls (and I'd imagine guys) just want to party and have sex. Since I do not want those things, my prospects in a school of over 50,000 people seem small.


University of Florida have a lot to offer for the new prospective undergraduate students. UF have over 800 organizations or clubs that students can join to broaden their view and stimulate their interests. UF is also one of the largest research facility in the nation, so there are a lot of opportunities for students. UF have an amazing sport facility for prospective athletes and an amazing football team. UF have


What to me is unique from the University of Florida is the student environment in the city. This is not common in many other colleges. Gainesville is a city built upon the University of Florida, made for students and without it the city will not be what it is. The location of the University of Florida is perfect, in addition to its reputation and popularity.


Something unique about the University of Florida is their academic achievement. This University has an outstanding faculty that I believe it is not found in many other schools. Many professors at this school have achieved a lot of research and discoveries that makes studying here all the more unique and interesting.


My school is unique in the fact that it's often considered one of the most prestigous schools in the state, as well as recognized with honor and respect nationally. The Gator Nation is one of the biggest collection of fans in the country, and I wanted to be part of that pride.


University of Florida is so amazing when representing school pride. Every part of the university is represented in the student body whether it would be medical research, sports, new inventions, or ethnic uniqueness. The entire university supports each other and even though its an enormous college, it feels like a big family because everyone is eager to help each other if needed.


The University of Florida is the best public school academically in the state of Florida and it has the best psychology program in the state of Florida.


The University of Florida is just that, THE University of Florida; it is like attending an Ivy League School that just happens to excel in sports and extracurriculars as well.


I love the sense of community we have as a University. I think that's what truly sets us apart. Entering into such a big school last year was super intimidating, but knowing and having so many other people experiencing the same sensations as I was really made the difference. Everyone at Florida is a Gator, and we all care about each other. I can smile to a complete stranger when I'm there and they will smile right back because of that strong community. It's the best!


School spirit at UF goes far beyond that of any other school I have ever seen.


It was the only public school I considered and therefore it was the cheapest to attend of any school I considered.


Uf is more of a known party school, and has a very large focus on sports especially football.


It's the best and oldest school in the state of Florida. It has a good academic reputation.


close to home good campus good environment


Uf is a very highly regarded school I feel very luck to have been accepted there. I feel it offers the level of quality I am looking for that UNF did not offer.


The school spirit and the way that people are accepted. You feel a sense of belonging. Students are willing to work, and are concerned about their education. The most unique thing would be that we are the Gator Nation and Gator pride runs through our veins!


Its foundation. The city of Gainesville is very college-oriented. It pays special attention to the needs of the university and considers its students in every decision. As a result the city offers a bus service, which is free for students, that integrates various parts of the university and popular off-campus residences. Other support methods come from various opportunities for employment and internships and fertile ground for seedling business to emerge and then flourish such as Grooveshark and Fracture. The possibilities for students at UF are nearly endless and it owes a great deal of thanks to its home.


As previously stated, being part of the Gator Nation leads to great success. University of Florida has surpassed many other universities in guiding students to the right careers and other important life decisions. The moment a freshman enters UF they are given numerous opportunities to succeed in a myriad of ways. Even more, the moment they leave to pursue other academic endeavors they understand that UF has taught them all they need to further progress in life's challenges. UF's main intent is to illuminate the potential in all its students, making them unique above all others.


The city is al about the University.


The one thing I do like about my school is the fact that they give you alot of resources that can help you with any subject you are taking. The librarys are always open til 1:ooam in the morning or 3:00 in the morning on exam days. I really like it when the buses that is run by the city doesn't stop running till 3:00 in the morning, so that if we were taking an exam, or wanted to stay after school to study with a group of students.


big and opportunity for research-a lot of programs and the opportunity to study things that I would not have had the chance to study had I decided on a small liberal arts college...highly diverse in a sense with (80 percent white majority and 20 percent everything else).


There are more options of study and more opportunities to explore beyond the classroom than any other school in Florida. The professors are people who have serious experience in their field of study and everyone is very motivated and proud of their school.


UF has the top Health Science program in the nation. I am a health Science major so since UF is close to home and the number one school I figured it would be a good match for me. I also enjoy the athletic program here and the auto matic connection to the international "Gator Nation".


Although it is a big school, there is a real sense of community and comradery. Some of the other schools I looked at seemed more isolated than it is here. When coming to a school of this size, it is important to find something that makes it seem a little smaller. The amount of opportunities for involvement here is very impressive, and each of them work to make the campus a little more manageable for everyone who chooses the University of Florida. Go Gators!


The University of Florida has a growing population that leads to diversity in it's students which allows people such as myself gain an understanding of differing backgrounds. In addition, I take pride in UF's enthusiasm and support to our various sports teams. There is no other feeling like being in "The Swamp" during the football games of the football season. Last, but not least, while UF students excel academically, students can still take time to have fun and enjoy life. Here at UF, students gain the best of both worlds.


The Gator Nation, it is undescribable but you feel it when you are on campus, going to football games and when you graduate you know you are a member for life.


The University of Florida offers both an academically challenging currciulum, balanced with a healthy dose of extreme school spirit in the form of the Gator Nation. UF has been able to excel in academics while ensuring a cohesive and family-life environment outside of the classroom. The campus unites together on Saturdays during football season to cheer on the Gators in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. But, at the end of the day, Gators know that academics come first and crack the books right after. This balanced lifestyle gives students the best of both worlds.


UF is a great campus for natural education. There are conservation areas surrounding the campus and a large group of people that are into getting outdoors.


The University of Florida was close to my home town and it was convenient, not to mention, it felt safe for my parents to be able to reach out and touch me whenever they needed to. The school was unique for its accredidation as well as the quality of education of which it offered. Did I mention, it has one of the most beautiful campuses that one would ever want to visit. The University of Florida is well known for its medical and health, business and education professions. UF takes pride in providing the best educational experience for its students.


The University of Florida had everything I was looking for in a school. It is the only in-state school I considered attending.


I choose the University of Florida because it was rated one of the top public universities in the Country and the best school in Florida. I chose to remain in Florida because of the financial opportunities that were given to me. Bright Futures is a program offered to those who remain within the state of Florida. I had to jump on the opportunity because I really had no other option. My parents never put away a college fund and didn't think ahead for me. Without the aid I get from my college, I wouldn't even be in college.