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The University of Florida has an outstanding assortment of professors that sets it apart from other universities along with the helpfu programs offered to gurantee each student not only passes their classes, but passes with complete understanding of the material.


The most unique thing about the University of Florida is every student is inspired about what they want to do in their major and life. Every student is passionate about doing whatever it takes to not only be a successful college student but also a successful adult in their careers and everyday life.


The University of Florida is unique due to its history of excellence in sports, namely football. It was truly unique to witness the successes of a championship football team throughout my time in college and to celebrate these successes as a school united.


It offers a wide variety of opportunities while in school and after graduation. There are always a lot of activities going on, and someone is always on campus. Help is always available at any time.


University of Florida has a lot of school spirit. The students go to sporting events and express their hearts out whether we win or lose. The students cry when we hurt and cheer when we succeed. Florida gators rule!


More major offerings, great location in north central part of the state.


The University of Florida is one of the oldest and most historic universities in Florida. It is a center of activity and learning for thousands upon thousands of students. Countless individuals make the University their home and forge memories that will last the remainder of their lives. It is at UF that people will meet friends they will know for the majority of their lives, where they cry for the lost football game and laugh at the Gator Growl Homecoming Rally. It is a home, a meeting plae, a vacation, a new experience, and a center for learning.


My school has a quality physics program with many research opportunities and many who attend can take advantage of these. The other schools I considered were not as distinguished as my school in the areas of my interest or in many other areas. The University of Florida has a very diverse student body with many leadership opportunities in a wide selection of activities and organizations. It stands out as one of the top academic schools in the state and very high ranking in the country.


The school spirit emanates from UF in a way that I have not encountered at any other university; though it's a sort of hobby to complain about the lack of extra-campus activities, there is enough night life and social groups in and around the campus to keep you busy indefinitely.


The school is among the best in the state of Florida. The University has so many facilities and oportunities. The Faculty is awsome and they are very helpfull. This University is top notch.


What makes my school unique compared to other schools is our dedication to school work first and leisure later. My school is known for tough courses and accepting students that graduate at the top of their class and it is true. In every student here we have the mind to work hard to earn our degrees and have fun at the same time. In other words we dont just work all the time. Here at my school we also get involved and help each other in a way that makes the school homely. Other schools don't have this balance.


Perhaps the most unique part about my school is the strength of the curriculm. From day one you start focusing are what you are here to do. One project builds on another which then eases you into the big picture. Its not all about lecturing its about experimenting with the small things so you make your own experience.


UF is unique because we actively accept diversity and promote diversity within the Gator Nation. This whole campus community is centered around success and leadership, and I feel that we stand out as a university because of the strength in school spirit, and the promotion behind the "orange and blue". There are countless oppurtunities for diversity within organizations and the university constantly promotes the idea of branching out and experiencing as well as accepting diversity. It allows students to step out of their comfort zone in a positive way.


The best thing about attending the University of Florida is the experience of being a Florida Gator. Whether it's studying among the brightest of students and faculty, or relaxing between finals, UF is the place to be. No matter where I go on campus, everybody feels like family to me. On game days, I am filled with pride and joy as the Gator Nation is alive and kicking. Old timers, little kids, and of course my fellow peers make up the best atmosphere college has to offer.


This school especially in the last couple of years has attained excellency academically and in other extracurricular activities.


There is nothing like game day and being in the Swamp on a saturday. Hundreds of thousands of people converge on Gainsville to party all day and night while over 93,000 people pack into the Swamp to make for one of the loudest and most exciting stadiums in the nation.


School spirit is very important to UF, there isn't a day that you won't see someone in orange and blue. Gators are always in the national spotlight, and our academic programs are some of the best in the nation. Also, personally, this school was the only one in Florida to offer a nuclear engineering program, and research related programs in this college.


One thing that makes the University of Florida unique compared to other schools I considered is that it is the number one school for undergraduate research oppurtunities. It is also rated one of the top universities in the nation. It also has a great location which keeps it warm in the fall yet cool in the spring, the weather is never a problem. The University of Florida also boasts a great set of sports programs. Although the University of Florida is known mostly for its success with its football team, there are also several other teams, including womens' teams.


The Gator Nation and school spirit permeates the campus. Everyone-students, faculty, and community alike have pride in the university. We have Tim Tebow and an un defeated season!


I feel my school has a unique and great sense of unity and pride unlike any school I've seem. It's remarkable how everyone sticks together, especially during game days. I've withness grown men literally full of tears after football games we have lost. Also, whenever I wer my Gator wear outside of Gainesville I'm always stopped by alumni and current students who are proud Gators to ask general questions pertaining by involvement at UF.


My school has a great Journalism college, and since my ambition is to be a Health Writer, I knew that I would get the most out of my learning experience at the University of Florida. I also wanted to attend a college that offered a Combined Degree in Journalism and Health Promotions, and the University of Florida offered this option.


there is alot of school spirit and people generally help each other out. Our school has a very small hometown feel and the architecture is beautiful and generally has alot of history in it. It's a traditonal school with liberal ideas.




I only considered UF. I wanted to be a Gator.


The size and wealth, the University of Florida boasts an unbelievable number of free athletic as well as academic programs on campus. Not only do they have access to the newest technology and facilities, the school is also able to pass along its wealth to its students through a multitude of programs and aid packages for those in dire financial need.


The most unique characteristic about University of Florida that I have to say is the school spirit. Despite the large population and the diverse backgrounds of students, football unites us altogether. Every night before the game, our campus would be packed with travel trailers from UF alumni and alumna. They drive hours and hours from other states just to watch the game. Why? Because we are proud to be a Florida Gator. One for all and all for one. We will always bleed orange and blue.


The University of Florida not only offers a wide variety of classes but also encompasses a wide variety of students and faculty. I learned so much in my 3 years there and loved the campus and surrounding city! Plus, it's part of the GATOR NATION!


School spirit!


It's a well respected research institution with alumni that care and are still invovled in the welfare of the school. Due to the large network of almuni, and the willingness of companies to hire a UF alumni, job hunting is made easier.


The spirit of the school and the strength of the alumni program


We have such strong sports programs that our students and faculty love this school. Everyone is proud to be a Gator and we believe in ourselves.


What makes the University of Florida unique is the great environment both on and off campus. Gainesville is the definition of a college town. Off campus Gainesville's has the perfect blend of small town atmosphere and big city entertainment. On campus, the University of Florida's historic campus radiates a feeling of tradtion. This inspiring feeling of tradition pushes each student to achieve his or her fullest potential while becoming the newest member of the Gator Nation.


Something that is very unique about my school is that the Alumni are very much involved in the students internships as well as the events that are sponsored by the Alumni association such as comedian shows, music entertainment, pep rallies and much more important, the FOOTBALL GAMES!!!


there is a huge sense of school pride and the value is great


I think it has a charm to it because it has such a long history and a very strong alumni base. Many alumni come back and love this school dearly. Once a Florida Gator, always a Florida Gator.


I just liked it more.


Our sports are the top in the nation - with multiple football championships and a basketball championship. This drives the school spirit and really makes students feel like they belong in the Gator Nation. Because of the pride students and alumni have, the alumni connection is the strongest out of all the schools I saw. I believe this will help me secure a job after graduation. Finally, UF is VERY career focused. Our Career Resource Center is now the top in the nation and the whole school environment is geared toward beginning careers right after students leave school.


the large classes


The population and greek life


It has a big school spirit and the professors are really good. Even thought the school has a lot to do with research it is a great studying enviornment.


It's large size, intense school spirit and the ability to find any type of group that you want to hang out with socially. Being so large, one can find any group of friends or any group activity to participate in


My school has alot of school spirit. Everyone who goes here is proud to go here and will always be proud that they went here. Even those who graduated as much as fifty years ago still come back for games that are held on campus and other events. There are many professors here who are well known for their work as this school is a research school which allows students to learn of new developments in different fields as they are happening.


I'm the third child in my family to attemd college so I have been to several university campuses before. So I know that my school, the University of Florida, has a unique type of school spirit. I don't know what it is about the University of Florida, but even the less spirited person in the world evolves into this person that is clothed in orange and blue (or school colors) and attends sports games when they are not even a sporst fan. My school's school spirt is one of its characteristics that is distinguished from other universitites.


The University of Florida has the most competitive atmosphere in the Southeast in academics and sports.


The University of Florida is one of the most prestigious schools in florida. A great deal of my colleagues graduated in the top 5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of their class.


This school is extremely research based. For the most part students are pretty focused on their educations and happy within their fields of study. The school spirit here is great. It would help to add that we have one two football SEC championships and two basketball championships during my time here. The school seems to be very diverse, however the classroom diversity is off balance to me as far as race goes. My school is in Florida, where I was born and most of the schools I applied to were away from home.


Better academics and athletics.


The academics is exceptional and the people are amazing.


It has a very general feel.. It is very good at a lot of things. There is history here, as well as new innovative minds. The school spirit and pride is unbelievable.


The environment that you find at the University of Florida is very calm and laid back. Even though the students here work had they play even harder and know how to create a no stress environment. It is a great place to learn and experience individuality. The students and staff are very nice and enthusiastic about the school. When people say there is no better thing than being a gator they are just stating a fact. Go Gator!