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Do you feel like you changed a lot?

I've defintiely changed during my time in college. There is a very small chance that you are going to stop growing up during your time away. And the challenges that schoolwork and living on your own will bring your are definitely like the pressure needed to turn coal into a sparkling diamond. You are bound to learn more about yourself and what makes you different from others. From elementary to high school, we all generally take similar tracks and courses, with some differences based on the programs that your school offers. But college is the time that everyone chooses their own course, picks their own track, decides what of over 900 organizations is going to be their perfect fit. It's the time to discover who you really are, and at UF it's definitely an optimal time to develop your leadership skills. So you may think that you're a follower but you might actually turn out to be the next great thinker or leader of our time; all you need is a bit of opportunity.

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I do feel like I have changed. I feel more mature and responsible. I have learned how to write a resume, cover letter, and other things for applying to jobs. I feel like I can fit in more within a professional environment. I've become more independent and continue to try and become more independent each day.

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