University of Florida Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The amazing reputation of UF, the football team, the wide-variety of classes offered, and the oppurtunities for your future.


I brag about the variety and volume of involvements, the school really has almost anything you could want and you can really choose your level of involvement each semester to work best for you. I also brag about the weather and classy, smart, southern friends.




I brag to my friends that the University of Florida has more to offer students than any other school in the state of Florida. Also, I tell them that the atmosphere on campus is energy-driven and there's always something going on. There are plenty of organizations students can get involved in to meet others who have the same interests. Of course, I don't forget to remind them that one of the greatest college football players, Tim Tebow, was a Gator too.


I brag about the immense amount of opportunities we have at this university to do well, get involved, and succeed. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations to become members of, tutors for when you're struggling, and if you have questions about anything, there's a staff of over a thousand employees to go to.


UF has so many great opportunities available to students! All of the faculty here really try to do their best to help you. There is a million ways to get involved in more than just school work whether it is an internship, community service, a part time job, or extracurricular clubs. There's something for everyone at UF, and people here are more than happy to help you find what that is for you!


I usually brag about our football team or the fact that we are number 2 in the state of Florida.


The campus. It?s beautiful, filled with gorgeous giant oaks and replete with places to sit outside and enjoy the Florida weather while interacting with other students. It's an environment that breeds camaraderie and enriches one?s college experience.


Generally I try not to brag, I believe being humble is becoming a lost quality in today's society. However when I do make statements, I refer to the prestige, the fact that the community centers around the University, thus giving the entire town a ubiquitous ideal to stand behind. Gainesville is the heart of the Gator Nation, and we are exactly that: a Nation. For the rest of my life, anywhere in the world, if I see someone wearing orange and blue I will shout out a "Go Gators" and knowingly receive one back. That is my bragging right.


The University of Florida cares greatly for the students multiple needs: financial, academic, study areas, safety, activities, etc. As I reflect over that, I am very impressed because I did not realize that I took these things for granted nor did I need to ask for better quality in these areas.


The academic intergrity and the athletic teams.


School spirit, wide variety of student organizations, wide range of courses


The University of Florida is a great school athletically, but this is not what gets me bragging. UF is the best school academically in the state of Florida hands down. The school continually produces top notch employees in any and all fields. Many politicians in the Florida government are UF alumnis, and have said that being a Gator helped them learn almost everything they know about politics. The University of Florida is also in collaboration with Shands hospital, which fabricates some of the best doctors in America. This is what makes it great to be a Floida Gator


The football team.


The overall college environment. We are good at everything (academics, sports, diversity)!


The school spirit and academic competiviness.


Bein national champions


Well, the first thing I brag about is my university's National Championship football team (GO Gators), but the University of Florida is so much more than athletics. I could brag about being the number one school in the state of Florida, as well as one of the top universities in all of the South East. I could also brag about the beautiful campus and the small, but activity-filled town of Gainesville. All around, it is great to be a Florida Gator.


Honestly, I don't brag. I don't particularly like UF, and I don't mind telling people. I suppose, if I must comment on something good, the Gators are a good football team, though you'll find the city attributes them god-like status by shutting down every Saturday for the games like it's some sort of national holiday. Good luck parking on campus for anything students.


the clubbing and nightlife, it includes alot of drinking but people at uf are always very eger to enjoy the night with whoever is around


How awesome our football team is!


It is one of the best public universites in the US. We have an awesome football team. It's really hard to get in, but when you do you become part of this big Gator Nation forever.


The University of Florida's Football Team has won two National Championships in the past five years!


the football team, extracurricular activities


Gators are National Champions!


That I am a gator! Best school in Florida.


Our campus facilities and the champion sports teams.


Everything. The school is awesome.


Its renown, its focus on research and the propensity for businesses to come here to look for future employees.


Well we did get four national championships in football/basketball since I've been a freshman.


awesome academics and TITLETOWN, USA (powerful athletic program)




Our football team definitely and how fun it is to go to the games. We're an extremely school spirited university and football games bring us all together. I truly feel like I'm part of the Gator Nation when I'm at a football game cheering on our team with everyone else. You feel like you're part of something wonderful.


My football team is better than yours!


The parties. If you brag about academics, you generally sound pretentious. So why not just brag about the awesome kegger last week?


Football. We own everyone. We're the freakin' gators.




When I tell my friends about the University of Florida, I love bragging about the huge amount of school spirit that runs through the campus, students, faculty, and alumni alike.


The gators have won the national championship in football 2 years ago, and won the SEC as well this year. Also that its a top public university for the state of florida.


How selective the admissions board is. Sports Teams. People actually have a direction with their lives here.


How much I love everything about it: the cost, the atmosphere, the weather, the insane amount of school spirit, the sports, the overwhenlming amount of things to do, the academics, the size of the school (amount of students), the campus, and the freedom of the school (it does not force you to ever live on campus or buy a meal plan like some schools do). I have wanted to go here for a long time.


Our Football Team and Social Events


Gainesvile is a cool place with interesting people, decent balance between country and city




The academics at the University of Florida speaks for itself. I always brag about my professors and the different events and learning experiences U-F has to offer With top researchers and being innovators on many different things it makes me proud to know that I attend such a forward moving institution. I have to say however, thatI make sure to brag about our sports. I am a big Gator fan and whenever I can, I let everyone know it.


The football games


I brag most about how amazing our campus is. We have 3 or 4 starbucks, 4 libraries to study in, over 20 places to eat, 3 pools to swim in, a lake to water-ski on, a bus system to help us get around, and over 15 dorms to choose from.


The sports teams at the University of Florida . Our football teams and basketball teams are top-notch, and they are a national title contender almost every year. Every other varsity sport is a contender as well. It's a great part about being part of the UF community, and it's a great part of the school spirit.


Its so big, diverse, and there is so much to do.


I talk to friends about the beautiful campus, the classes where I actually learn something (unlike some of them who feel like class is a waste of time!), the football -go gators!, and the overall experience I have gotten from the University. Coming to UF has given me the most amazing friendships and memories.

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