University of Florida Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


When I step off campus I see the college town of Gainesville. This comes with numerous restaurants and shopping centers. There are also various clubs just off campus if one is looking to go out one night. There are a lot of people in Gainesville, but I think it only adds to the culture surrounding the university.


So so so much traffic and hustle and bustle! Lots of trees, too (or maybe I'm just picturing where I live off-campus on that one).


It depends where you really. I guess a lot of cities have the same problems. There are parts of town that are clearly "college town", and parts that are clearly not. South of the downtown area after dark, for example, is a very sketchy place. On the other hand, midtown is booming. I've never been one for clubs, but there are several very popular clubs there; as well as several really fantastic restaurants (like Tijuana Flats). If you go to a lot of the restaurants and/or retail chains you tend to see lots of college aged people. Sometimes back home there was just older people running things, and so everything just happened a bit slower. Here though, everything is pretty quick. You'll notice things like the Chik-Fil-A is lightning fast.


Depends which way you go! Either you hit all the bars and good restaurants or east university ave, or you see some sketchiness near the checkers on west university ave before you get to downtown.

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