University of Florida Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing at UF is the overall lack of diversity. When people mention diversity at UF they often mean exchange students from other countries. The sad truth is that overall the school lacks diversity amongst students as well as faculty. It is a predominantly white Institution and its noticeable once you step foot on campus. Another thing is that UF prioritizes their athletes much more than they do regular students, its pretty sad.


The number of students at this school is insanely large (50,000 in total) which makes for crowded areas during lunch time and in between classes


The number of students at this school is insanely large (50,000 in total) which makes for crowded areas during lunch time and in between classes


The worst thing about the University of Florida is how often tutoring companies promote their business outside of classrooms and offer great help for classes yet they only give mediocre review lessons to the average student while promising them a major improvement when really they set the student up for a B at best on most exams.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be its lack of helpful academic advising.


I don't have much knowledge outside my major, but I hate the organization of my major. The teachers tend to be wishy-washy about accepting jobs to the point where our school schedules aren't decided often until the morning we start our classes. I've also seen a couple of teachers that are completely uninterested in their classes work, which is frustrating.


So far, I do not have many complaints about UF. It gets hot, but that's just Florida in general. It can get crowded, but it's a big school and that is one of the reasons it is so amazing. However, I do wish they would inform students more about the scholarships they have and how to apply for them.


Sometimes being at a school so large, finding help in classes can be a bit overwhelming. With so much to offer, getting overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the school is overwhelming.


I tend to not look at the worst in things, so frankly I possess a lack of information to answer this question.


The University of Florida's reputation is very strong within the state of Florida. However, its academic reputation outside of the state seems to fall well below its rankings. For example, the Materials Engineering program is a top 10 program according to US News, but it seems more frequently undervalued by out of state employers than its peer programs. UF could do well to market itself better outside of the state.


The only aspect I'm able to consider as the worst thing about the University of Florida is moving in/moving out of the dorm halls. You only get one trip on the elevators, if your dorm hall even has an elevator, and it may be difficult to fit your belongings through th loading dock doors to get inside. Usually the double doors have one side locked. But this only happens twice a year so it's bearable.


Ability for students to time manage. Social life, professional life, exercise, all interefere with students academia on day 1.




The worst thing about the school would be the dorms. The on-campus housing is outdated and in very bad shape, while the rest of the university is maintained really nicely. Improving the dorms would allow students to have better living conditions as well as keep them living on campus longer, rather than having them move out after their freshman year.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the lack of mix between gender. There appears to be more woman than men, all over campus.


The other classes that are going on around us don't ever seem too respectful of neighboring classes, so we often hear what's going on in their classes, and our own. It can be a real problem during exams.


Too centered around football


The large student population because it makes it more difficult to meet new people.


Financial aid office. They are extremely unhelpful/seem like they hate their jobs and the building design is poor, so you can end up waiting in a long line for a service that wasn't the one you were looking for.


The worst thing about UF is also it's best thing: football season. During football season, on any Saturday that there is a home game any activity that involves moving a car is nearly impossible. all the Alums come in to Gainesville to see their beloved Gators wipe the floor with whichever team we're playing. All students must move their cars in order to accomodate the Alumni's tents, SUV, coolers, and TVs. So, the worst part of UF is really just occassional inconvenience.


The worst thing about my school is probably the large class size for beginning courses. I was enrolled in a calculus one course with over 500 students enrolled. The University of Florida does try and combat this by having break out sessions with roughly 20 students once a week with a hired graduate student to answer questions and go over what was talked about in class that week.


Perhaps the worst part of my school was the academic advising team for my major. Since Biology/Chemistry is such a popular major, the academic advising in this department is responsible for a large array of students, which seemed to have caused them to be a bit more indifferent than I would've liked. The inability to accurately advise me on my academic situation, and the deliverance of incorrect information, caused me a lot of undue stress and headache when trying to complete the requirements for my major.


The worst thing about the school is that students aren't given much personal attention which is very necessary for them to succeed. Students must take their own initiative in a crowd of thousands of students.


The thing that I consider the worst at the University of Florida is the segregation of campus activities among the different ethnic communities. This is so because communities such as the black community and white community do exist, and instead of coming as one to help build the university into a mcuh larger one, it causes conflicting issues with power and racism.


Maybe the worst thing for me was adjusting to assembly classes where there aren't thirty but about a hundred students taking the same class


The counselors and setting up advising appointments is always difficult.


I wish that it was a more of a 'walkable' city. I had a car for almost every semester, so it wasn't a problem to get anything, but one Summer I didn't have the car and it definetly was more of a hassle to get things like groceries.


It is very large, so sometimes it is difficult to receive tailored assistance from professors, advisors, etc.


The worst thing is probably the size of the university. At times, it is difficult to register for classes because all the spots fill up very quickly. Nevertheless, the university can be as big or as small as you want it to be.


The atmosphere is a little to 'partyish' and students who are weak in the area of study can easily find themselves on probation because they have gotten 'caught' up in the atmosphere of sorority/fraternity life.


The University of Florida is very crowded, having approximately 50,000 students. Sometimes it can get very overwhelming, especially when you just want some quite time to yourself.


Student Government elections can get pretty crazy on campus. There are always heated campaigns with insults being thrown by each party. They can get so intense that during one election there were cases of vandalism on some buildings advocating for one party or the other. My fraternity house puts up a banner to show our support for one a specific party and last year some people came by and ripped it down. It would be nice, considering we're college kids, to participate in a more mature election process instead of acting like kids.


The bus system can be a little intimidating to learn and the drivers are sometimes not the nicest people, but they get you where you need to go... eventually.


The worst thing about UF is the size of it. It is great that there's a lot of people but that's also it's greatest fault because, at first, it may seem hard to find a place to fit in and make lifelong friends.


The worst thing about my school is its location. This is a double sided coin. For me, it is a good five hour trip to get home, so it is rather for me. Also, though Gainesville is a beautiful place, once you leave the University, the surrounding area isn't quite so lovely. There have been many armed assaults, murders and other crimes in the surrounding area.


The worst thing about this school is that it is far away from my family.


I cannot think of anything that is that bad.


The on campus dorms are in a fairly bad condition.


It's difficult to get through adminsitration.


The worst thing about the University of Florida is the way the school runs it's system of getting information and access to speak to academic or financial advisors. Since there is an overly demanding student body, it takes time for them to see you and answer your questions.


There aren't enough academic advisors for the overwhelming number of students per major.


While my school is great, the worst thing about it would have to be it's size. There are over 50,000 students that attend the University of Florida. While this is great in that there are lots of people to interact with, it also makes it hard to stick out and get to know professors. It can also be a little overwhelming in the beginning, but after a while you get used to it.


Probably the worst thing about the University of Florida would be the class sizes. There are so many students in most classes that it is difficult to get individual attention from your professors.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the location. Even though they university itself is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone, the town itself is very small and there is not much to do. The classes at the university are really hard but that only prepares you for graduate school or whichever path you want to take after college.


The worst thing would have to be the parking. It is almost impossible to find spots on campus that aren't tow-away zones or parking decal slots. It is very frustrating.


Advisers are hard to get ahold of. They don't push further education like grad school. The focus is usually science-based majors. Certain colleges need more funding for the buildings.


Bus systems-They are overcrowded and make many students late for class (especially during the summer).


How much of jerks some of the guys can be.


The worst thing about my school is its size. It's great that many people attend the University of Florida, because the college can provide more programs/activities to meet the different needs of students. However, with the school being so large, the "connection factor" can get lost. For example, many classes are offered online instead of having students go to class and interact with the professor face-to-face. Or, if you call an office for help, you're directed to the website for more information or have to listen to a recording instead of actually talking to someone.


parking problems