University of Florida Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the University of Florida is its lack of out-of-state students. Although UF is very diverse, almost every student I have met attended a Florida school. This made it difficult to make new friends when first arriving at the University of Florida. Many students, including myself, continued to hang out with friends from high school. I believe that if I had attended an out-of-state or private school, I would have been exposed to a greater variety of students and more likely to break out of my shell.


I think the worst thing about my school is that it's located in such a desolate area of Florida. The geography is definitely a huge factor when it comes to UF being a party school.


The worst thing about my school is the size of the student body, only in the sense that registering for classes and buying books last minute. This is just inconvenience, and if the incoming student is proactive, they will not face any problems. College is about accepting responsibility and time management. The University of Florida is too big to worry about each student unless they ask for help.


the constant partying as opposed to a focus on the education


The meal plans, they do not offer a lot of variety and the food can be tasteless. Some people would say the class sizes, but I enjoy large classes. The campus is also large, but that is ok because it feels good to walk. UF is also very rigorious academic wise, so it can be very overwhelming and difficult.


The worst thing about my school is the distance it is from where I live. I am from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and it is a long drive to Gainesville about a 5 hour car ride.


The one thing that I considered bad about my school is the fact that on exam weeks theres not one fast food place that is open on campus between the hours of 8pm and 3am. Theres students who are always hungry in between those times that when they take a break from studying its hard to fiugre out. The eone place that is actually opened is a long walk from where we are, and most students just don't want to eat subway every time.


Fraternity boys and sorority girls and binge drinking at tailgating functions, too much school sprit about football


The worst thing about my school is the fact that they want to bump up the tution and make it a private school. I also feel that since the school is so big, sometimes it's hard to receive the help you need.


The classes and course load are difficult. But while they are hard they are teaching properly.


I think the worst thing about my school is that it is taken over by the greek life. Seems that everyone is a part of that and if you choose not to be a part of that you feel like the minority group.


The University of Florida has outstanding academics, but the social aspect is lacking. The small town of Gainesville may pose as a disadvantage to attending UF. There are the standard restaurants and movie theaters just a few minutes off campus. However, there are not too many places to go on a Friday night that can appeal to everybody. Sometimes it is better to take the drive home, if it is somewhat close.


The worst thing about UF is the sense of being lost that almost every freshman gets. UF is a large school, and it is inevitable. But, the University works hard to provide many opportunities for you to get to know other students (clubs, dorm events), and everyone is very nice. The classes are also very difficult here, especially the basic classes like Calc 1 and Chem 1. They are trying to get you to fail and "weed" you out of the class. Just hang in there and make one day a week that you will put away distractions and study.


The only bad thing about UF is the pressure to do well. The classes are extremely difficult and competitive, and the professors give no mercy.


I consider the way everyone handles sports to be the worst thing about the school. When we excel, other schools find it difficult to deal with as fans. When we do not excel, we are extremely hard on our teams and individuals on those teams. I believe the mark of a true fan is being able to take the good with the bad. It is not inherently a bad thing. I suppose it just showcases the amount of passion Gator fans hold for sports. But, in my opinion, that is the worst thing about the school.


the distance between some classes, the majority are close together but some can be up to 2 miles away due to lake alice in the center of campus


Entering as a freshmen can be frightening and overwhelming in a school with such an expansive student population. Depending on the major you choose, the classes you are placed may consist of hundreds of students and your professor does not know anyone but the teaching assistant by name. Its intimidating to not know a single person in your classes and to be forced to make friends in a new and unfamiliar territory.


Being focused on both school and athletics at the same time. That is why I am no longer participating in sports.. I would like to finish school well. But now it is impossible to pay for school.


The worst thing is also one of the greatest things, the number of students. Becasue their are so many students all organizations are highly competitive. Yet also having so many students is amazing because every day I meet new people and the competitive nature of the school encourges me to perform at my very best.


The worst thing I can think of about The University of Florida would be the amount of people unwilling to get seriously involved. There are so many different organizations at my school from Intramural sports and Charitties to Quidditch tournaments that our school hosts. People can get involved in anything they desire, yet so many people don't. In a big university like UF if you don't put yourself out there to get involved you will become nothing more than a number and the school will swallow you whole. Get involved and enjoy the rewards!


Because of budget cuts, the courses that some students need to take to graduate are only offered once a year, but it conflicts with other classes needed to be taken. Also, a lot of emphasis is on football. I think education should always be the most important aspect of a university.


The most difficult aspect of the University of Florida is its size. While its size provides students with opportunities they might not otherwise have, it makes it difficult for students to discern their fields of interest and to limit distractions. Furthermore, with increased size comes increased cost, making it important for students to be fiscally concerned during their years at the University of Florida.


There are a LOT of people, so it makes it difficult to be noticed.


The lack of attention and help given to students academically. Everything revolved around football and the players on the team. This includes "special privileges".


The worst thing about my school, is that sometimes students will be admitted and completely disregard their schoolwork. It's quite annoying when there are many others willing to work for those spots that did not get in. Of course this is true of any school, but it seems to be more prevalent at a top "party school."


I havent figured out the worst thing, but so far its been the lines at events like Gator Nights, becasue there are so many people.


The worst thing about the University of Florida's campus is the amazing size. Although the size is very necessary to incorporate all the various study opportunities, getting from class to class can sometimes prove to be the most difficult task.


I believe the worst thing about our school is the housing situation. Many of the dorms are very old, and some even lack air conditioning. Also, off campus housing is very expensive, too. This is often a financial burden for many college students.


The unwelcome feeling I felt being a hispanic in a primarily white upperclass campus. They always commented on my "accent." This made me very self-conscience and made me wary of other students.


The worst thing about this school would have to be the lack of parking spaces for guests. This school has an amazing academia, facilities, and opportunities. The only thing they're seriously lacking is parking for both students and guests.


What I consider the worst thing about my school to be its curriculum. I strongly believe that every course in UF is extremely difficult. First, you have to pick the major of your desire but then you also have to take courses on the side that are required to graduate. You would think that the additional courses would be easier because it isn't part of your major but the classes are just as hard. An additional physical science requirement is just hard or even harder than classes in my major. It makes it that much more stressful to graduate.


The worst thing about my school is the very large class sizes.


I attended the University of Florida as a mid-20 something, single parent student ... instructors took the time to understand my situation and while they did not treat me differently than other students they did independently offer a united sounding board that allowed me to complete my degree with greater comprehension and less stress then expected - I had no "worst thing" about my experience at Florida.


There really isn't a "worst" thing about the UNiversity of Florida. Although, I wish there were more parking places on campus.


I feel that at times my school may seem too big. It can feel a little overwhelming at times. I believe this is probably the biggest downside to the school. However, I believe that a student can do their best to make the campus smaller to them by participating in clubs and volunteering. There are many beneficial pros to negate this one glaring con. All the pros are the reason that I really don't mind the size of my school.


University of Florida is very large which often leads to majors becoming very secluded. I know that if I hadn't had an interest in expanding my knowledge of languages and theater, I would not have taken any non-science credits as I had already completed most of my "General Education" credits while still in High School. I would be happier if there were a way to make the art majors more integrated with the science majors.


The worst thing about the University of Florida is that if you live off- campus, many often feel detached. I'm one of these individuals, and since I've moved off- campus, it's hard to keep up with campus life.


The worst thing is navigating the bureaucracy if you have a problem, epecially reguarding schedule changes because you need to communicate between many departments even for menial tasks.


The worst part about my school is having to leave after you graduate!


The worst thing about my school is the amount of people. While at times I truly love the amounts of people and the bustling environment of a large university at times I would like to have a more specialized schools at times.


The amount of control the greek system has on student government.


The great number of students can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it. In various situations, the vast majority of students can be the worst thing about the school. Waiting in line for free Beat shirts, finding at least one good apple left in the dining hall by the time you get there, and trying to find a spot to sit in the libraries or in the student union can be the most difficult things on earth.


The University of Florida is a large public school that maintains faithful fans throughout the nation. On the outside, the school spirit is strong with a football team that's stronger, however attending the school has quit a different perspective. Due to the large student body population, students feel like a number in a 300+ class. In fact, my sociology class doesn't require a name but rather we are assigned 3 digit pin number provokes the feelings of being "just a number" as literally. The facilities are very old, and parking is non-existant.


The worst thing about my school is the strong emphasis placed on fraternities and sororities by the students. A good majority of the people I have encountered are involved in the Greek communities on campus, and many of them tend to only hang out with other members of their fraternity or sorority.


Too much empahasis on greek life


I'd say the worst thing is the almost juvenille sense of school spirit. Granted, University of Florida does have a bit to be proud of, but sometimes the wide spread blind adoration just makes me feel like I'm back in high school. This sort of thing might not bother most, but for those of us who don't really care about football, it gets obnoxious.


I do not really have many negative comments about my school, as my experiences thus far have been very positive. However, if I were to really search for one thing that could be seen as a difficult part of the school to adjust to, it would be the large number of students and faculty that sometimes can prevent a more personal interaction. There are over 50,000 students involved in some part of the university, either as undergraduate, graduate, professional or research students.


parking is hard to find, very busy campus


The worst thing about my school would have to be the pricing of classes. Classes are expensive and they are difficult to pay.


The size. It is easy to get lost in such a large school. It is important for students to get to know faculty and staff and seek out opportunities to get involved.