University of Florida Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the University of Florida is the enormous classes they offer. Once I had a Theater Appreciation class with 650 students, and we were required to attend. Trying to keep 650 students quiet in one big hall and focused is practially impossible. Not to mention trying to talk to your professor is extremely difficult. Yes, they have office hours, but they want you to go to their teaching assistants first (who are merely in graduate school).


I feel as thou the worst thing about my college is the fact that it is in a small town. There is little choices on what can explored in Gainesville outside of university affiliated builings. I feel the locations of many other universities are more historical and provide a more unique experience.




The city. While Gainesville is a greaty city for the University of Florida, there is not really much else in the city besides the University (and things geared towards students of the University)


It is extremly difficult to contact various offices and employees within the university. Finding the correct people answer and help solve your problems can be a multi-day, multi-step fiasco.


Very large general elective courses. One-on-one time with professors is difficult.


The only thing that I consider worst about my school is that there are hardly any events or activities for the minority races such as the African Americans, Mexican Americans, and other Hispanic ethnic groups besides what you find in a sorority or a fraternity.


I didn't exactly enjoy my stay at the dorms freshman year because of the overall hygiene and noise. This is something to be expeted on campus but I'm more of a quiet clean person so it was very frustrating to try and adapt to this lifestyle. I now live in an off-campus apartment where I have more privacy and less noise.


Horrible Academic advisors and so large that it's easy to get lost and lose yourself.


the dorms are so run down


It's so big that sometimes it's difficult to make it to some classes on time.


The budget cuts that the acedemics have to take because of the state's economic state. It's sad to see professors lose their jobs and graduate programs being cut because the course of study isn't as popular as majors such as Business or Engineering. Also, with UF's atheletic program doing so well and making so much money, it makes it even harder to watch faculty lose their jobs.


The worst thing about the University of Florida is by far the budget cuts. Not only are many colleges within the university suffering, but the students are getting hit even harder. Unfortunately due to the state of the economy budget cuts are virtually inevitable.


I consider the worst thing about the University of Florida to be its large size. Although this allows for more opportunities such as a wide varity of clubs, activities, and career possibilities, the size is sometimes overwhelming. It is difficult to get involved in classes where you are one of 500 students in an enormous lecture hall. It is also more difficult to find close friends because of the large student population.


the availability of classes


The worst thing about my school is all the partying that takes away from your education. You need to balance your work and fun well if not you will end up failing.


I consider the financial aid help to be the worst thing at this school.




The worst thing about my school is thr blatant favoritism that goes on. The same people get cast for everything. Sure, they're hard workers, but there are other hard workers that are completely overlooked.


THe worst thing about UF is the large class sizes and the strong emphasis professors place on research over teaching.


I honestly cant think of a worst thing about my school, I love it.


Nothing. It is the best place I could have chosen to be.


Too big of classroom lectures


The dining halls they could use some variety


The only problem I have ever had with my school are a couple of the incompetent teachers, but that's not a complete reflection upon the school as a whole. It's just a few bad apples in the bunch and usually it's not the school's fault.


Sometimes its too big to get involved in a lot of things or to be noticed. Lots of competition.


The town, there is not much else to do in Gainesville, FL. Not much culture outside of the university.


The science and math courses seem to be weed-out classes. You have to work extremely hard for them and yet they will still always seem rather unfair.


financial aid


The worst thing about my school is probably that it's not a top-tier private institution. We dont have the networking connections or the prestige in the name "University of Florida" that the Ivy Leagues and other top private schools have. Additionally, we have major funding issues. As state funding gets cut, so does research and classes. I'm being forced to give up a double major, because much of the coursework has been cut. Without the available classes, I am not able to study the major I wanted.


Misallocation of resoures. UF is now the only major research institute in the world that lacks a Philosophy graduate department. This is an embarrassment and absolutely unnecessary given the tremendous amount of money allocated for clubs, sports, and especially, guest speakers.


Its an older town, so everything (houses, classroom buildings, dorms, etc) aren't really modern. It isn't a problem in the classroom but living in an older place kind of sucks.


Parking on campus really stinks, and students' spaces are disappearing all the time.


Not a lot of advising available for pre-medical students


Distance between classes


You aren't held by the hand by any means like you might be at smaller schools. You need to be on top of your schoolwork and schedule, because no one is going to check up on you. If you need tutoring, you need to go out and find someone to help you, and don't expect to have complete access to your professors.


lots of students


The worst thing, in my opinion, is how some professors are so involved in their research, that time for students has been brought to a minimum. Also, football is too much of an obsession for some students at this school, and this I say only for those who consider their academics as their ultimate priority. Some people take their reactions to certain sporting events to an extreme.


The university is so large it is easy to lose focus and feel lost. you have to make yourself known, force people like teachers and other students to know that you are present and interested. If you want to be connected you need to work at it. Otherwise, it is easy to just float along and do what you want with no one the wiser.


The meal plan is horredous and does not offer a strong variety. The food is extremely unhealthy and they make it all too easy to gain the Freshman 15.


The campus community is so large that it can sometimes feel alienating, as if you are a faceless entity among crowds of students and faculty and staff who dont' care about you or your concerns.


classes are huge and the majority of people arent very interesting. A lot of people come here due to scholarships and the people are usually kids that dont know what they want to do with there lives or who they are but there parents make enough money so college sounds like the right idea


Some people may find the University to be too large and overwhelming. If students are used to being babied by teachers they will probably feel forgotten or overlooked.


I would say that the worst thing about my school is how spread out the campus is. It can be inconvenient to have a class on one side of the campus and have only 15 minutes between classes to run across to the other side of campus.


It seems that there is over croweding of the classrooms. They sometimes have us take classes in another department that are similar so we can stay on track. If the course you need is filled you can sometimes wait a year before you can take it next.


Parking cars.


Funding is being cut which is resulting in lower quality classes...


Sometimes people that work in administration for the school aren't the most helpful.


The University of Florida is currently dealing with some financial issues. This has a lot to do with the states Bright Futures program which funds a significant percentage of students? educations. While this is an amazing program, which I myself am a beneficiary of, it has for a long time caused the state to block attempts to raise tuition levels. In effect this has put a major strain on the school which some programs, particularly those where professors are not in part funded by research grants, are starting show through cutting of classes and faculty.