University of Florida Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing out UF is our cockiness. We know that we're the best school in Florida (and have been rated one of the top public universities in the nation), and we don't let other schools forget it, especially when it comes to sports. After winning national championship after national championship, we've probably come off as rude to other schools across the country. We at the University of Florida have always striven for excellence in everything we've done, and therefore just assume that we're better than our neighboring schools, in both academics and sports.


The disconnect between some of the faculty and the students. I had some really great professors but others seemed like they couldn't be bothered (especially the liberal arts classes I took). Also, the larger classes are taught by teaching assistants which was terrible.


It's not very ethnically diverse. It's mainly Caucasian. Actually the worst thing is the financial aid. They don't offer it to middle class people. My parents and I do NOT have an easy time paying for my education.


-Summer weather


There are a LOT of people attending school here; if not careful, it's easy to get lost in the crowd.


The lack of financial aid for out of state students


Although this can also be one of the University's better qualities, the competitveness of the school makes it that much more difficult to enjoy what the University has to offer. Considering your possibilities slim, when continuing your education at the University of Florida is an outlook many students use to avoid the disappointment. The stress and pressure of constantly being at the top of your academic game can be frustrating to students who wish to pursue a career with competitive program training.


The presence and importance placed on Greek life.


As a freshman, I hate the large humanities classes. Sometimes the library is just too full so you have to go early and focus. There is just too much to do or too much to get involved in that you just don?t have the time, so sometimes you miss out. Honestly, this is nothing. UF is a great campus all together. No way to hate this place.


The intial "breaking in" point can be the worst part of the University of Florida. When first arriving, the large campus can be a bit daunting and if one does not attempt to engage in some of the social activities provided, it can be hard to adjust to the new college experience.