University of Florida Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Floridians.all. not true. half are from out of state or international.


The classic stereotypes about UF relate to it being a party school. People may not be sure of the mascot, colors, location, etc. but they always know that UF was ranked at somepoint by someone as a big party school. UF students tend to have the reputation in other parts of the state of being stuck up


all frat people are drunkies, all sorority chicks are whores, krishna people are weird or their food is bad.


smarter than others and gators everywhere


that we are ruled by the greek life


I believe that people of the same ethnicity group together and cause others to associate certain stereotypes (usually negative) with these groups. I feel that UF is so diverse but there are all these little groups that comprise the student body that create both negative and positive stereotypes.


UF students are smart, and they party a lot.


Some stereotypes are that we are a big party school and I find that it is very true, but there are many that can party and still get there schoolwork done. They prove that work and play can be combined. I, for one, cannot do both and must separate my time at school as just work, and my time in the summer as mostly play.


Gators drink and party wayyyyy too much


Greeks, rich kids, international, nerds


Greeks, rich kids, nerds


People at Uf are snobby.


A lot of people think UF students wear jean shorts. We are alsotypically cast as heavy drinkers.


UFL is said to be a "party school". UFL students are huge sports fans. The greek system at UFL runs SG.


Stereotypes about UF students is that we only care about sports. Also, students at other schools think we are stuck up. Another stereotype is that we party all the time and never do work.


Big partiers Obsessed with football Sports over academics


I've heard UF is a party school, alot of drinking going on and all.


I've heard that some people say UF students are hicks. Another sterotype I've heard is that UF student are rich or that they drink ALOT.


We're all the rich snobs of florida. All we can do is play football and basketball.


UF is a smart/party school. The kids know how to have fun in style


Many stereotypes stem from inaccurate knowledge about students who attend this university. I've heard people criticize other individuals for not being on the same level academically as they are. This university takes students from many differing backgrounds who have many different goals. Accusing someone of not being as smart as you because they are specializing in a different field is absurd. Another stereotype is that everyone completed the same high school classes prior to entering this university. Many individuals did not complete IB or AP classes, and holding that against them is wrong. Finally, assuming that everyone in college is in the same age group is false. Like I said before there are many different backgrounds to the individuals who attend UF. The age range is anywhere from the teens to the early thirties or older. When you get into graduate school, there are individuals who have already entered the work force once and have come back for a different field. They might have an established family or have come from a community college.


That it's a party school, and the students are there just to drink and watch football.


The students at UFl think they are smarter than students at other schools, that UFL is better than all other state schools, students are generally stuck up, we party too much, we smoke a lot of weed, UFL nurtures intellectualism and diversity, graduates have promising futures, the greek system runs the school and the most elite honor societies...


That we are a party school.


A lot of people think everyone at the University is Greek. This is totally not true! There is definitely a visible Greek population but if you don't want to be Greek you can join the vast majority of students at UF and find an organization or way to get involved that's more your style. Another stereotype is that we all love to party and do it 24-7. I will admit that Gainesville is a college party town. you can probably find a party any night of the week and you'll probably be invited to at least a few every weekend, but not everyone is into partying. We are concerned with our academics as well! Another stereotype is that UF is all about the sports. Um, this is true.


Very prestigeous school that is very hard to get into. The students are thought to be intelligent but cocky. Some see them as stuck up.


Party school, cares more about research than students


A lot of people think that UF students are all sorority or fraternity students. I think a lot of people also think Florida students may act a little 'entitled'. Everyone at UF drinks and is obsessed with sports, or so everyone thinks.


Uf students are very smart and that they party alot. Uf is also thought to be this great school and the school cares about students.


That UFL is just a party school and that the students are also very party oriented.


One stereotype at UF is that we have inflated heads from winning three national championship titles in a row.


UF is the best university in the state of Florida


Smart, big partiers, big greek scene. Another stereotype is of Gainesville-residents to be hippies.


A lot of people seem to think we are a huge party school and very arrogant being that we won so many championships recently.


I transferred to UFL from UCF. It seemed to me that many UFL were arrogant because of two national titles.


that they are all smart; they are all athletic


Some common stereotypes include that we are all big party animals. Greek life is seen as a large part of UF and most people will assume that you're in a fraternity or sorority if you go to UF


I don't know that many UF-specific stereotypes; it's mostly the same ones that you would encounter on any campus. Sorority girls are stereotyped as extremely obnoxious, dumb, not very good-looking, and fake. Frat boys are party-animals, STD-infested, slackers whose parents are going to hook them up with a job after college anyway.


The first stereotype that comes to mind is that we are an institution in the state of Florida that has competitive acceptance rates. We also have an amazing sports program (GO GATORS!). The song "We are The Boys" says it all: "where the girls are the fairest, the boys are the squarest of any ole state down our way".


That it is a party school and that all the students do is party. Oh and that all we care about is Football. On the other hand we are also the hardest public school to get into in Florida so we are all thought of as being really smart. Because of this people think that we are stuck up.


Many people think that UF students are all stuck up, rich sorority girls or frat boys. They also think everyone is a super genius, too busy studying to have fun.


We're all cocky and mean. All we do is study no one has any fun.


We are all beach bums and blonde




Some may say UFL students are party students, but contrary to popular belief, most of us actually do study and work hard on our education.


That we are all obesessed with sports and that we think that we are better than everyone else, especially when it comes to sports.


Some of the stereotypes are that we are obnoxious, think that we are better than others, and that we like to party.


Some of the more elite colleges stereotype UF as a stupid state school with students only concerned about parties and football.


That we're all about our sports teams and are a big party school.


Big drinkers, party school.