University of Florida Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Overall I love this school. While there are things that can be improved there are many more wonderful things the school has to offer. The free services (such as the infirmary, gym, counseling, job training etc) on campus are a blessing for any student. The town also has many places to eat on and off campus, many of which are vegetarian/vegan friendly. The school spirit can be spotted at any sports game or school event. The night life can be a lot of fun if you are at the right place with the right people. The teachers are helpful if you go to them for help. I personally believe that the education is worth ever penny.


I just enrolled in the summer session here at the University of Florida. The campus is beautiful, and on top of that I have met really awesome teachers and students. It's a great feeling to know that I am getting a great education with people who also strive for the same goals!


Attending the University of Florida is an opportunity of a lifetime. The Gator Nation has so many opportunities for advancement that can tailor to each individual person. Through programs offered at the University of Florida, students gain a unique and amazing experience that will shape them into the person they want to become. The campus is beautiful and makes you want to be outside all the time. The culture at UF is diverse and exciting because every student is proud to be a Gator. Although the classes can be very challenging, they test a students limits and are rewarding upon completion. The only complaint I have ever heard from students is that parking at UF for classes is not good. However, the bus system is amazing and buses pass by each stop every ten minutes which lessens the parking issue. The University of Florida may be a large school, but there are so many ways to make it feel small. It's easy to find a place where you belong because there are clubs for virtually any interest. The environment on campus is warm and inviting, and not just because of the weather. The faculty and students at UF are friendly and always wiling to help. I have had an amazing experience at UF and gained relationships that will continue after school once my time at college is over. When I tell people I go to the University of Florida, I say it with a smile because I know they are impressed and because I am proud to be a Florida Gator.


Good Scholl


This is the perfect place for college students. There are always various events going on every week and the coursework is rigorous. The university is quite diverse and will give you a better feel for people that come from different backgrounds and cultures. Classes are large, but there are plenty of resources available to help you succeed. It is an honor to say that you are part of the Gator Nation.


The University of Florida is an excellent school. I have had the best four years here and am starting graduate school here in the fall. I would recommend it to anyone.


University of Florida is a great school. It is affordable and has a high reputation. Is fighting to be in the top ten Public Universities in the United States (it is right now at 14). UF has opened my eyes and showed me that there are a lot of opportunities in this school, whether it is for research, internships, clubs, organizations, scholarships, combined programs, study abroad, etc. I am really happy that I decided to come to UF.


University of Florida is an amazing school that opens up so many opportunities for students, both academically and socially. Academically, you will be challenged and pushed to be the very best version of yourself. I have already learned so much in my two short years here thanks to the amazing professors, wide variety of majors and classes, and tutoring supplements available to every student. Not only are we a top 15 ranked public university, but we also offer a wide variety of on and off campus organizations and events for students to get involved in. As cheesy as it sounds, there actually is something for everyone here at UF.


University of Florida is an aazing school full of oppurtunities. This school really gets you prepared for the real world and gives you the tools you need to successful. If i could go back and pick a different school, I would not.


It's great to be a Florida Gator. There is no better feeling than waking up on a Saturday morning during Fall Semester and hearing the band and a roar from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium no matter where you are on campus. There is nothing prettier than the site of Orange and Blue wherever you go, whether it be just walking around campus or even at one of the many Publix Grocery stores in Gainesville. It's not just a University, it's a way of life for me. Being a Gator was something I chose but the effect this school has had on me in the very short two years I've been here as been something I could never describe. It really is something you have to experience yourself. From my very first tour as a Junior in high school when I first stepped inside that Stadium and laid eyes on the beautiful bricks that make up the buildings, I knew the Swamp was where I wanted to call the four years of my college experience "Home."


UF...University of Florida...the Gators...well. Those are buzzwords in the state of Florida and University of Florida is very highly regarded. However, anywhere north of the Panhandle and you'll soon understand UF is Just Another Big State School. The reaction I get is favorable to neutral, even from those not in-state, however. The size of the school doesn't seem to get in the way of good social life for me, though. Only about 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of UF students are in Greek life (and that is counting multi-cultural Greek life) so 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students are unaffiliated, try as Greek life might to exert influence over most aspects of the overall student conscious. The key to being involved is to look for on-campus organizations advertising through Facebook or the Alligator, leisure courses at UF, and those things affiliated with respective on-campus organizations. An experience I will always remember is the Underwear Run my freshman year. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically a short run around the middle of campus in your underwear. If you're down for random, outrageous experiences then UF is definitely a good place for that. An advantage of such a large campus is the amount of people doing their own individual things. So, once you look up and around at flyers on campus, there is everything from talks on socialism to Underwear Runs being organized and held. Overall, UF will have given me the good, the bad, and the indifferent times of my life. It has at least allowed me an environment to explore many different possibilities and access to a variety of people without judgment.


I honestly can not name one "best" thing about this school. I truly love it here, and there are way too many positive attributes to this college. One thing I would change is the student government system. It is a bit corrupt. The school is just the right size, in my opinion! It is a larger school, but you see people you know everywhere. Also, you can always reach out and get to know your professors. When I tell people that I go to the University of Florida, they usually react positively (even if they are from a rival school) because it is well-known as one of the top public universities in the nation. Most of my time on campus is probably spent in Library West, the main library on campus and my favorite study spot. The college town is AMAZING! Gainesville is definitely run by the college. It's a small town with lots of people! They definitely cater to the students, with many clubs and bars, and restaurants and stores that are open MUCH later than usual. This is ideal for me (and any other college student) that ends up rushing around at the last minute! My opinion of the administration is pretty neutral. I have had good experiences and bad ones relating to medical withdrawals and the disability resource center. Other than that, I have not encountered the administration too much. The biggest recent controversy on campus is probably just the last student election. The Unite party (mostly Greek run) somehow always wins, despite being the minority and having corrupt ideas. They even do things like throw out stacks of he student-run newspaper to prevent students from reading anything negative about them (...but really, they didn't even recycle the papers!!!) A lot of students complain about the student government and elections when that time rolls around each year. This is probably the most frequent student complaint. There is SO much school pride on campus. Go Gators! The university has some unusual quirks about it, but I can't think of any off the top of my head at the moment. They are mainly urban legends about campus landmarks and such. The experiences I will always remember include my first Gator football game, and taking two specific classes. My first football game was just amazing. It blew me away with the amount of fans having so much fun together in the stadium (and I'm not even a big football fan!). Also, I will always remember my Educational Psychology class and my Comparative Psychology class. I took Educational Psychology my very first semester, and I had a moment where it just clicked that psychology was what I wanted to do. It prompted me to change my major! Comparative psychology was a similar situation, except it helped me realize the sub-field of psychology that I knew I wanted to work in. Also, both professors were amazing and friendly, and got to know me very well.


It is an awesome school , where u will gain a lot of knowledge .Most of the professot are willing to help you out in any problems u have . The football team is amazing and the game are very very eciting . The school is really big , beautifull and is a place where u can feel at home.


I love attending this school to be honest. I love the environment of the campus. I've met many students from different parts of the world and it's nice to meet people of another ethnicity or culture. It's great to be within a diverse community. The faculty has been great and I've learned a lot. I've had personal growth and learned how to view other perspectives and maybe even taking those into my own.


The University of Florida is an awesome institution. It is the flagship University in Florida and has earned that titled. From leading in sports and academics to research and community service UF has every indication of being a public ivy. Not to mention that our school pride is out the door! And don't let the numbers fool you. We might be one of the largest universities but that's just another way to say we have a lot of opportunities at your fingertips because with just the over 900 student organizations to begin with there's definitely room for every student to find their niche.


The University of Florida, home of the Gators, is the best school in Florida. This college town is filled with opportunities just for students. As the center of Gainesville, the campus has an old school feel with red brick building and Spanish moss hanging from the trees. While the amount of students is large, up to 50,000, the administration does its best to make sure everyone's needs are met with things like free counseling, the number one Career Resource Center in the nation, and free tutoring in many subjects. With recent cuts in our budget, a few programs are being downsized like our Computer Engineering Department. However, this school is still worth a look. Known as the Harvard of the South, the tuition is great and the financial aid options for all students is excellent. Be prepared to bleed orange and blue as a UF student, because every one of us is proud to be part of the Gator Nation.


Alot of smart people, has a great reputation with a strong athletic program too.


I like it here, but it can be hard to adapt to because it's so large. However, because UF is large it has an extremely diverse student body which is reflected in the large number of extracurricular activity. Anyone can find something that suits them here. Gainesville is a college-friendly town so off-campus shops often have student discounts and the public transportation is very convenient and free to students. Almost everyone has a lot of school pride and it's hard to walk down the street without spotting some kind of Gator paraphernalia. UF is full of opportunity to get involved and anything can happen.


I have really liked my classes so far at UF. All of the professors are very passionate about what they're doing. I find myself wishing that the classes were of a smaller size at times. However, I had always wanted to go to a big university, and UF is just that. I am an out of state student from the North and am loving the warmer weather. The football games in the fall are an awesome experience, along with all of the other sporting events. Gainesville is definitely the ultimate college town in every way. There is ton of school pride, both on and off the campus.


There are so many things to say about UF. First and foremost, it's a great, diverse campus. There are tons of different types of people that it's nearly impossible to not find someone you can relate to. The people I've met have all been fantastic and incredibly distant from what people at other schools stereotype the student body as. The town is definitely centered on the college, without UF, Gainesville would have no draw, but because of UF, the town is very student-friendly.


I hold the highest regards for my school. Not only are the students proud to attend UF but everyone we encounter admires our accomplishment. It is a very large school which has important benefits such as providing networking opportunities. There is also an immense variety of clubs and recreational sporting activities. Even though the school has a relatively large population, it is never difficult to consult with a professor or an advisor. One frequent complaint is the size of the campus. It is a big campus and it's easy to get lost or figure out what buses to take. Luckily there is a campus map online and bus schedules as well. The most recent complaint that has caused a bit of controversy on campus has been the possible implementation of block tuition and increasing tuition rates. Our students are very passionate and active so protesting and petitions aren't uncommon in major areas of the campus. Overall I am proud to attend the University of Florida, it is an extraordinarily spirited school.


My overall opinion of this school is that it is a great university. I believe it is one of the best in the country based off of many things, especially academia. The fact that we have an professor who works here who actually wrote and published his own criminological theory is amazing. The opportunity for expansion outside of this school from its wide array of clubs to its various class choices, helps all gators become what they want to be. My only quarrel with this school is the parking. The parking at UF is horrible and needs to be better thought out. We do have a great bus system but for those who like to drive to campus it should be easier and less expensive to park on campus. One of the many things I love about being a Gator is the level of pride every student has. Everywhere you seem to go you meet someone with some affiliation to this school and that helps instill a great sense of belonging and camaraderie.


Gainesville, I would say, is definitely a college town. The main downfall, however, is most students find there is "little to do in Gainesville." Although I have heard this complaint and even voiced it myself, there is plenty to do in terms of extracurricular activities, sporting events (Gators have remarkably impressive school spirit), intramural sports, outdoor activities at beautiful parks, experiences with "midtown" bars and the very popular downtown club atmosphere, and beyond amazing restaurants. There are no major claims to fame in Gainesville as there are in, say, Orlando (Universal Studios, Disney, more visited by touring music artists, etc), and this may be the one thing I would change. By the same token, Gainesville doesn't need any more chaos or traffic, and it's nice knowing it isn't a bigger, crowded city like Orlando. Some say our school is fairly large, but I guess I'm so accustomed to it that I hardly even realize it. Coming from a small private school, I really didn't mind the apparent colossal shift; I adapted so easily. Obviously everyone has complaints about their university, as I certainly do, but overall I believe UF to be an excellent choice for any type of student looking to really learn a lot, work effectively and excel, and truly enjoy their college undergrad experience.


First I'll answer the consideration questions and then provide my overall opinion. - The best thing about this school is the opportunities you have at it. Everything you'd ever want in college you can get here -- studying abroad, challenging classes, parties, football, basketball, community service, religious organizations, artistic outlets, dance classes, everything! - The other side of the coin of having such opportunities at such a large university is that you are not spoon fed, at all. If you want those opportunities, that double major, that study abroad program, that housing arrangement, that class, you need to find out the ways to get it and get it yourself. Of course, a start is to make yourself go see an advisor (in my major, you aren't required to have an advisor), which are always there for you to guide you if you *come to them.* You need to take initiative. - Some people criticize UF for being so big but if you talk to any UF student they'll tell you the same thing: "You only realize it's so big when you're at football games and you see how big the student section is!" - People are impressed when I tell them I go to UF. They definitely respect it as a sound and prestigious institution. - I live on campus, so I guess technically in my dorm! But I go to Library West a lot, or more specifically, the Starbucks! - Gainesville is the definition of a college town. - They are professionals who take their job and the standard of the education and experience at UF very seriously. - There has been a lot of debate about making our Library 24 hours and finally it happened for this semester! So the Library is 24 hours Sunday - Thursday. This issue has been hotly debated for years among students and student government, and now finally happened. - IT'S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR. Yes, there is a TON of school pride! - One thing unusual about UF is the way some of its classroom buildings are designed. UF has won awards for environmentally friendly designs of buildings, like Turlington, but they are a maze to get around at first! - I will always remember my first Homecoming parade! - The most frequent student complaints are about not being able to get the classes they wanted or the housing they wanted. My overall opinion is definitely a favorable one. One of the biggest pull factors for going to UF is the relative cheap price of tuition, especially if you are a Florida Resident and are eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships. (And if you happen to have Florida Prepaid!) You get a very good education from a prestigious university for a very little price.


I love the University of Florida, and feel that the pride is outstanding and love the athletic department. Gainesville is definitely a prototypical college town.


I love this school. I am really glad I decided to study here. The professors are very knowledgeable, great references or role models to look up to, and always encouraging students to strive for success. Students are very friendly as well as offer help to each other. There are many leadership and resume builder opportunities on campus from different organizations, clubs, or programs available to everyone. The bus (RTS) system is a very timely and easily accessible transportation system. Also, most of the classes/buildings are within walking distance, which adds to the list of reasons why I have a positive opinion for my school.


I'm a Florida resident and wanted to stay in state for financial reasons, I chose the University of Florida because it had the most reputable name in the state, when I tell people I attend UF their reaction is always "wow, you're smart" or "congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment!" Looking back I would have payed more attention to other factors about the school instead of just the name. Gainesville is the epitome of a college town, filled with pride, Tebowing everywhere, school spirit to the max not just among the students but the mass amounts of alumni as well. Gainesviile is one of those towns where either you love it or you hate it, there is no in between.


I love the University of Florida! The community of Gainesville has really been built around the UF campus, local businesses and shops all support, cheer, and partner with the Gators. The university is quite large which makes it easy to find people with similar goals and interests in order to build helpful and fulfilling new relationships and networks. This does take a bit of effort on the students' part to seek a club or organization that promotes this, but there are hundreds to choose from. After I tell most individuals that I'm attending the UF, they react with some comment about football games, which I must admit, are one of the events I most look forward to in the Fall! I think it's safe to assume that the biggest complaints here at UF are the same as on any other college campus...having to study for exams, hard professors, not having the perfect schedule.Overall. I'm grateful that I chose to further my education here.


The University of Florida is an incredible place. It is such a college town, there are students everywhere and so many activities going on daily. I love the size of UF. I feel like I'm getting the real "college experience." You'll never be able to go on campus without seeing someone wearing a Gator shirt. We get great speakers, guests, and artists/performers coming to Gainesville all the time. Many of these events are free for students. UF is very accommodating with opportunities for everyone. I wouldn't change a thing about it..except for the lack of parking!


UF is great. It's full of smart, successful individuals chock full of Gator Pride. Gainesville is most definitely a typical "college town." People are typically impressed when they hear you're a Gator, because it's become increasingly known for very selective admission based on grades and test scores. It is a huge place, but there are hundreds of clubs and organizations you can get involved in to really find your own little niche.


I only applied to one college. That college was the University of Florida. I wasn't disappointed when I got here either. The student population is massive, dramatically larger than the population of the town where I was raised. Sure there are some unsavory people in that mix. That's life though. No matter where you go or what you do there will be good people and bad people, people you want to avoid, and awesome people that can change your life. Some of the students I've had the chance to meet have become very close friends of mine. It seems like everyone here is very quick, and everything moves at twice the speed you think you can handle. If I could, I think I would definitely make the school a little smaller. Sometimes, in a crowd of so many strangers, it feels so impersonal and lonely. The school's administration in my experience is reasonable, if a bit greedy. They've resolved whatever issues I've had in a pretty professional manner. I guess that's all I can ask for really. I will never forget the first week of this semester. (I'm a sophomore studying software engineering, so this is my second fall semester here.) The experience is unforgettable because that's when I met all my teachers and teaching assistants. Except for my math teacher, who has some sort of Polish/Russian last name, every single one of them was Asian. Every single one had his own sort of horrible accent. It was hilarious because my dad was just telling me a week prior how he had to drop a calculus class back in the 80's at UF, because the teacher had such a horrible Chinese accent.


I love University of Florida. The student body is filled with school spirit and there are so many networking opportunities at this school. The campus is very nice and it has a really homey feeling to it.


Overall I think that it is a pretty good school. This is definitely a college town. This school is too large for me as a undergraduate but good as a graduate student.


I have attended the University of Florida for three and a half years. I have found that my two favorite things about my school are the sporting events and the opportunities for volunteering. Attending football, basketball, and baseball games are some of the best events at the University of Florida. They bring students together. Gainesville is also a great city that has countless opportunities for students. I have become very involved in volunteering at Shands Hospital. Some people may think that the University of Florida is too large. However, I feel that my school size is just right. If a lecture class is large, there will always be a small discussion group with a TA or the professor. I have found that many people believe that the University of Florida is one of the bests schools in Florida. Therefore, many people are very impressed that I attend such a great school. Gainesville is a great college town. There is always something to do. Overall, the University of Florida is a great school located in a fun town.


I have attended the University of Florida for three and a half years. I have found that my two favorite things about my school are the sporting events and the opportunities for volunteering. Attending football, basketball, and baseball games are some of the best events at the University of Florida. They bring students together. Gainesville is also a great city that has countless opportunities for students. I have become very involved in volunteering at Shands Hospital. Some people may think that the University of Florida is too large. However, I feel that my school size is just right. If a lecture class is large, there will always be a small discussion group with a TA or the professor. I have found that many people believe that the University of Florida is one of the bests schools in Florida. Therefore, many people are very impressed that I attend such a great school. Gainesville is a great college town. There is always something to do. Overall, the University of Florida is a great school located in a fun town.


I love the University of Florida. Period. The people are friendly, there's always something going on, and there are opportunities everywhere! I love that it's a big school because you can make it as small as you want to. You can't make a small school bigger! School spirit here is absolutely insane. Orange and Blue are the only colors you'll see on campus. And besides all that, UF has a great academic reputation. Once again, I love it here.


The University of Florida is located in Gainesville which can definitely be described as a college town. Everybody whips out their orange and blue for gamedays. Aside from athletics, there are hundreds of student organizations to get involved with. With a huge student body, it's great to be able to find a group of students with the same interests as you; it makes your college experience more personable. There are also tons of cultural events to attend such as festivals and plays. One of my favorite thinfs about UF is that there is always something free to attend at the student union; new movies, lectures, fun activities... Probably, the one thing most students complain about is the difficulty of their classes, but that's why it's such a privilege to attend UF! It's a great and reputable institution.


The University of Florida is considered to be the No. 1 public university in the state of Florida. It is the sixth-largest university in the nation and is consistently strong athletically as well. The University of Florida usually ranks in the annual listing of top party schools as well as the "douchiest" universities. Overall, the greatest strength of this school is the enormous camraderie within the Gator Nation.


I really love the school! I transferred to the school from Miami-Dade College after my first two years, and I just don't feel out of place at all. The professors are all amazing and knowledgable. They make me feel like they care about us, and they try really hard to help us learn and do our best. It's rare to find such caring professors, especially in such a big school like UF. The thing I like most about the school is that I don't feel less special than a football player. UF is perhaps one of the most generous schools in the state of Florida when it comes to financial aid. Florida residents, there are tons of scholarships that are made available to UF students, tons of grants, and they are all provided by the UF alumni network alone. I think in this regard, UF has achieved a balance that many other schools probably don't have. We're big in sports, especially football, but we don't forget about our academics, and I love that about my school. There is so much school spirit at UF, you'll feel left out if you're not in blue and/or orange attire! When I first went to visit the school, that was the first thing I noticed. Everyone is so school spirited! Even outside of the school, you see the school colors everywhere you go. I love how everyone loves the school and can't wait to show it off. We're so positive and proud to be there. It's quite an experience! The school is HUGE! It's like it's own little world! There's so much to do. There are parks, there are lakes, the student center looks like a mall! There are so many different food choices. There are always activities going on on campus. There is a pretty big greek scene, but if you're not part of a frat or sorority, it's alright, because there are many other activities you can join. There's a club for everyone. Gainesville is also a very quaint college town. There's so much to do and see. It's a great place to be. Plus, it's very centric. It's close to Orlando and Tampa, even Jacksonville is pretty close. The thing I love most about the school and Gainesville in general is that it's very eco friendly. The city provides buses that take you everywhere you want to go, and the bus system is free for all students. It's a really efficient bus system too, which is rare for Florida. Gainesville is also a bike friendly community. Actually, many students have bikes, so it's not uncommon to see people biking to class. Overall, I really have to say, I love my school!


I love the University of Florida. I think UF is a school where every student can find their niche. There are so many opportunities for involvement around campus. One thing I would change is the Greek system. I think there is too much emphasis put on being involved in a Greek organization on campus. UF is very large, but once you involve yourself, you find that the school can provide smaller communities as well. People are always very impressed when you tell them you are a Florida Gator. On campus, I spend most of my time in class or in the Reitz Student Union. Gainesville is definitely a college town. The students overpopulate it. It is rare to see kids and families unless you venture beyond Gainesville. The Gator Nation is everywhere. Going to UF provides great network connections for the future.


Id change the system so work is required while least 10 hrs a week with pay of course. Id insist on overseas living at least 2 summers between study yrs.


UF is a MASSIVE school. The campus is big enough to need busses to access certain areas (the main gym, a few of the dorms, a far away class). That being said, you quickly find that it has moments of the small-school atmosphere. Even in large crowds you quickly find that you run into people you know. Even your largest classes will have people you know/recognize from other sections. In addition, for many majors, once you get to the upper level courses in your last two years you start to have much smaller courses on par with a lot of smaller schools. UF exists in a classic college town. On campus, it seems like a massive space. There are lots of facilities, classrooms, events, etc. Once you leave campus and the immediate surroundings, however, you quickly realize that Gainesville isn't too much more than a town centered around a campus. There are hidden gems (Ginnie Springs, Newberry BBQ) but there isn't too huge of an amount once you stray from the school. UF has a good core administration but it isn't without its flaws. The administration is very devoted to improving the image of the school (both in removing the party image and in improving its US News ranking). That being said, those two main goals aren't quite the most important things on an average student's mind. The administration (and school) are also currently in the unpleasant position of trying to deal with massive state budget cuts which threaten new hires/current staff/future student totals. School pride at UF will be the reason you attend. 93,000 people fill the stadium for football every home game in the fall and make enough noise to hear it from across campus. Basketball isn't too different, even in bad years the arena is still one of the loudest buildings you could ever set foot in. You don't walk around UF without seeing UF apparel all around you. Professors and students alike love the school and love the sports teams like no other. You will never forget any of the (up to) 28 Saturdays you'll spend watching football at the Swamp.


i love it! i love the scenery, the teachers the classes.. i think the school is perfect! really i would not traded it for the world the administration could be better, ut they have done a good job overall


gator football is the best. a little large but you make it smaller. at the booth in turlington. it is completely a college town. administration is making stupid stupid changes for budget cuts. stupid andrew meyer. tons of school pride.


i'd change the counselors for some caring couselors because i feel like they don't care much about the students. They make me very frustrated. There is nothing outside of gainesville other than gainesville. i love the sports aspect, but sometimes i feel like the athletes get too much special treatment.


I believe our school is way too large. Students do not receive enough attention in class and many many classes are now online where students do not receive good student teacher interaction. I believe that students are not receiving a good education as a whole because there are too many students and we are all just a number. Many TA's teach the courses and we rarely ever see teachers. Most teachers don't care about the concerns of individual students because there are too many of us and we don't receive quality care on an individual basis. I believe the problem is just going to get worse.


The best thing about UFL is that there is a huge focus on academics, but it is also fun. I enjoy the sports and other activities that go on around campus. There are opportunities to get involved in so much. UF has definitely become a well known school, and when people find out I go here, they are always impressed.


My school is very large and it can be overwhelming at times as to whether or not you'll be noticed. The students work very hard and are almost always involved in multiple activities and extracurriculars. I believe that it takes this kind of hard-work and well roundedness for a person to survive in the real world. However, one thing I would change is the number of international or diversity courses that are offered here. I would like to increase this number and also increase the pay for teachers and lower the cost for students. This would be ideal but highly improbable. I spend most of my time on campus in the library. Gainesville is definitely a college town. UFL's administration is lacking in proper budgeting and is not putting enough money to support liberal arts majors such as history. The biggest recent controversy on campus was the pro-life anti-abortion activists who were protesting against abortion with large graphic images displayed in UF's main plaza. There is definitely a lot of school pride as many students see UF's football team in particular as being above average lending the name of "title town USA" to this small city of Gainesville. One experience I will always remember is the great fun and new found freedom I found living with, albeit cramped living conditions, 2 roommates my freshman year. The most frequent student complaints are directed towards the lack of adequate parking spaces on campus.


UF is a perfect size. As the second largest school sure there are lots of students but it creates the opportunity to meet lots of different eclectic people. The only thing that should be changed is the parking situation. Freshmen shouldn't be allowed to park on campus. This would allow more parking for upper division students. The bus system is agreat. Gainesville is totally a college town it thrives on the uiniversity and in the summer the economy as well as the population will plummit. The most recent controversy would be the breaking of our National Championship Trophy. There is tons of school pride. No matter where you go you will see something gators in the town of Gainesville. Ont thing i will alaways remember is going to my first gator football game and seeing a sea of orange and blue swarming into the stadium and being part of the student body and experiencing the energy in the swamp! The most frequent student complaints are about parking and getting tickets on their bikes.


The best thing about UF is the athletics. Football season is the best time of the year. People tailgate, cheer, and it's a great time. The stadium fills with orange and blue and it's so much fun. UF is just right size wise. The population of 50,000 can be intimidating at times, but it's worth it in the end.