University of Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are looking for a large university where you can explore your options, this is the university for you. If you already know what you want to do but need to gain connections and experience, this is the university for you. If you want to meet some cool people and bond over common interest, this is the university for you. Anyone can find themselves at the University of Florida as long as they are willing to put in the work.


Hard working


An individual that attends the University of Florida must be self-motivated and enjoy academic discussion and competition. Most of the lower levels courses have huge classes, 300 or more of students in them. The University of Florida's atmosphere can help a person become confident in themselves because of the enrollment.


Those who do not mind living in an environment that seriously lacks racial/ethnic diversity would have no problem living here. I would say that--and this is a purely empirical estimate--about 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the college students here are Caucasian. But if we were to talk about the school's education itself, I believe that the University of Florida is an appropriate choice for individuals interested in taking rigorous and intellectually stimulating courses. This is a school for students who want to push themselves and have a ravenous desire for success.


Smart, hard-working, dedicated, school-spirited


The school is incredibly geared towards all types of people. The range of people who attend this school is greatly varied. There are hundreds of clubs so theres bound to be a group for everyone. Also night life around campus is fun every night, yet there is no pressure on students to go out.


A dedicated hard working student.


The kind of person that should attend this school is definitely someone that wants that big-university college experience. UF has a great program for all of it's academic departments, majors, minors, colleges, you name it. It doesn't have that small-college feel when walking around campus, and the anonymity is refreshing. However, often class sizes aren't as big as you'd think. Once you dive into your major, professors are highly skilled in their areas of expertise and classes are small enough to form an actual relationship with them.


Someone that is highly self motivated.


The University of Florida has such an embracing student body, there is no particular type of person that fits a typical UF student model. We are all diverse and bring something different to the table, and it makes it so interesting when you get to know those around you! However, since this school is so diverse it is good to be open minded, and allow yourself to experience all that UF has to offer. Students may need to be hardworking, UF has great academics and since you'll be paying for it you might as well take advatanage of it.


To be a succesful student at the University of Florida (in a major that isn't the equivelent to basket weaving), you must be focused. The classes are large the first couple years, and there is plenty of fun to be had, but focus on your goals. Go to class, do your homework yourself, no one has to deal with the outcome of your actions, but you, so do yourself a favor and make yourself proud.


Independent person


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is determined, focused and academically driven. Be ready to work hard and succeed at whatever you do. There are countless opportunities that are for students, but they must invest both the time and the effort.


I believe that someone who is hard working and classifies themselves as a self-starter should attend this school. Since the class sizes are usually huge, there is not a lot of time for one-on-one interactions with the professors. Therefore, I recommend that students are responsible enough to stay on top of their work.


An intelligent, spirited, outgoing person should make the University of Florida their first choice for higher education. One the the most comprehensive and diverse universities in the United States, the University of Florida provides endless opportunities for learning, research and career exploration. With over 50,000 students enrolled annually, there are always numerous activities to become involved with and new people to meet. You will find blue and orange displayed throughout campus as the spirited members of The Gator Nation, home of one of the most successful and nationally ranked athletic programs, display their school pride .


People who should attend this school should be people who already know what they want to do in life. It would be a lot easier for someone who had a clear goal to strive for then to just go through classes unknowingly.


everyone is accepted no matter what; this school is very diversity, a little bit of everything.


People who can handle themselves in a large group setting.


The University of Florida is for anyone who is looking to get a great education but also is looking to make friends and meet new and interesting people.


The kind of person who should attend my school has to be a confident, indendent thinker. One who is a self starter, who can lead a group or can follow other peoples ideas and get the job done. They should be outgoing and friendly and be ready to develope a strong sense of Gator Pride.


The school is an extremely social one, with a heavy focus on its football team. There is an overbearing Greek life that seems to permeate the campus in all of its aspects, and it should be noted that UF has won the number one party school in the nation award for over a decade. With that said, a social person who can manage their time wisely, and focus despite all the distractions, should fit in well in this school. The ability to be social allows a student to collaborate with his/her fellow classmates as well.


The University of Florida is diverse, so anyone can attend this school.


A person who is motivated and ambitious to succeed. A hard-worker because it takes a lot of work and dedication.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that is adaptable.



financially-handicapped, average students


Any kind of person.


Anyone. UF is such a broad spectrum of opportunity and educational background that any kind of person can come here and enjoy. Any interest has an accompanying major and field of study and with UFs research availability and powerful endowment, one can explore their interests in an elite academic environment unparalleled throughout the country. Whether you love science, sports, math, or history, UF has a chance for you to learn grow and explore your passion.


University of Florida is an ideal location for students to learn and achieve their highest potential in any number of fields or endeavors. The individual that will achieve the most at University of Florida, however, is a disciplined and self-motivated one. With many different opportunities and social events available to you in any given hour, it is necessary as a student to have a good work ethic and good time management skills. That said, it is important as well to have the initiative to attend different club meetings, seminars, and other events in order to create relationships.


A person who works hard, is focused, knows what they want, has a plan to get there, and either has the financial means or is eligable for enough financial aid to see them through.


Any person that is determined to try their best in all that they do should attend this school because the courses are extremely tough and if you lack that determination and strength to hold on, then you'll just falter.


Outgoign and social, one who is willing to work hard toward what he wants to achive, as nothing is handed to you.


Any kind of person should attend to a university such as the University of Florida, as long as they want to pursue a highr education, have the desire to help their community with their education and time, and also have the wants to continue their dreams and be successful in life.


This school caters to a wide variety of student personalities. From the antisocial math major to the binge drinking frat boy, everybody can easily find their niche in some of the many student clubs and organizations.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who is not afraid to socialize and interact with the other students. With so many people in attendence, there is just about a place for everyone to fit in and become a part of something much larger the the university itself. Also to attend this school you must have a strong academic background due to the rigorous level of coursework that you are faced with.


I think that becuase the University of Florida is so large almost every personality can attend. There are groups and clubs for people interestid in almost everything one can imagine. The school prides itself on drawing fun energetic students who want to get a great education.


Anybody who loves to make friends and have adventures. Not if you don't like change or compromise.


People who are diverse, willing to try new things and meet new people who are different from you, people who are willing to get involved with clubs and activities, and people who can have/make their own fun


The University of Florida is for anyone who wants to develope thier potential in any subject area. However, it is best suited for those who want to challenge themselves. The University of Florida accommodates all personalities with many activities to enjoy. I recommend the University of Florida to anyone that loves learning.


Someone who is looking for a whole new world of opportunities and culture that they never thought possible in central Florida. Someone looking to meet all kinds of new people from all over the globe while enjoying the exciting "state school" atmosphere like you see in the movies. Someone who loves the Florida heat and the Florida Gators! Even if you were not born and raised a gator fan, you will immediately change your mind when you are immersed in the culture and enthusiasm that is the University of Florida.


Dedicated students who desire a better future should attend this school.


Anyone who will not be overwhelmed by a large institution, and somewhat competitive.


The University of Florida is a dlverse campus full of opportunities. It challenges people to aim for their goals while helping them achieve it. A person who is looking to learn and grow as a person, is someone who should apply for UF. They'll have a change to try new things, meet new people from all walks of life, and learn new facts that will help themin the future.


UF takes only the best students in the nation. If you wish to attend this school, academics must be your top priority. There are many opportunities for students to get involved in research and other career-enhancing activities. But what sets UF apart from the other top research universities is the on campus social activites. These range from academic groups and student government to a prestigous greek system and fun nightlife. The ideal UF student is someone with intelligence who is also three-dimensional, someone with the skills necessary to relate and succeed in the real world.


Someone who is ready to join the Gator Nation. Someone who is smart enough to balance school and social life without missing a beat. Someone who takes pride in what they do and pride in the work of their peers. Someone who is willing to stand up for what they believe in and stand up for their friends.


The hard workers who take their education seriously, yet know how to relax once in a while. Academics is highly important throught out the university, everyone works really hard.. As much as the bars are filled, the libraries are always equally filled, which I really like about UF. You know everyone is willing to work hard and play hard. It reduces some of the competitve stress knowing others can relax too. I know at people at instututions who barely have time to make it to a basketball game because they are too stressed and busy.


University of Florida is on of the most prestigious school in the South. Every student must come to this campus ready to learn and be active. A student that attends the University must enjoy learning about his/her major and would like to expand their knowledge in that respected field. It must be a well-rounded student who as well as being very active in the University be a volunteer in the community.


A person who is determined to succeed, has goals in life, knows how to balance their social lives with their education, and someone who is open to new things and new people.


Any person with excellent study habits, time management skills, and drive to become involved should attend UF. This school highly encourages leadership among students.


Someone who enjoys a large campus community and appreciates diversity and academics.