University of Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You should not attend UF if you are not open-minded, driven for success, or lazy. Just getting by is not going to cut it. People who come to the University of Florida with that mindset and attitude usually do not make it past sophomore year, I have seen it happen many times. If you are someone who feel as though you don't have to study in order to pass, this school is not for you.


Someone who isn't familiar with large class sizes, and or someone who is not able to cope with a sprawling campus.




When I first came here, I thought this school wasn't for me at all because I don't like sports, I'm more of a creative thinker than an analytical thinker, and I'm not into partying or Greek life. However, three years later and I feel like this school is my home without having to change who I am. I never got pressured into doing anything I didn't want to do, and I was still able to find a place for myself. Anyone can attend this school.


The University of Florida offers a young student the opportunity to mature, learn, and develop. Students find themselves with an overwhelming number of opportunities (many interesting majors, exciting student clubs, fun parties, avenues for getting fit, etc). Young adults who are unprepared to navigate this terrain of options can find themselves wasting money and time having a good time, but will end their time with little to show for it. Most students stumble in one way or another, but a successful one has to be resilient and self-reflective.


A person who should not attend the University of Florida is someone who needs small class sizes or needs very personalized attention. This university, as great as it is, has really nig classes and profressors do not have the time to attend to all of them.


Speaking as a theatre major, I would advise anyone with the intention of majoring in the performing arts to look elsewhere. I will personally be transferring to the Bachelor of Fine Arts - Acting program at the Florida State University in the Fall of 2014. So much funding from the University of Florida goes to their medical and engineering programs, with little to spare for the arts, and the school is becoming increasingly more connected to Shands, while losing its connection with the Hippodrome Theatre. In addition, opportunity is limited, as undergraduates share productions and stage time with the graduate students.


Anyone could go here, as long as they have a desire to succeed.


Someone with social anxiety should probably not come here.



The person could shouldn't attend this school is one who isn't motivated and is lazy.




The amazing thing about the University of Florida is its versatility -- it is made for philopsophy majors and sports martketing majors; for liberal arts lovers and hardcore math and science engineers. There is no easy way to make yourself not find a place within the university; the advantage of living in this college town, even if one prefers the city, is that there are people from everywhere that relate to you, what you're interested in, what you believe in, what you want to accomplish.


People that dont like small towns


Individuals who are seeking the small-school experience, or who want a more intimate environment with more personalized attention, should not attend the University of Florida. Additionally, people who have trouble staying focused academically and who will be easily distracted by all of the activities going on at UF (such as the football games and athletics), should not attend this school.


Everyone should attend. We're inclusive.


Don't attend UF if you can't take the heat! In more than once sense. The weather in July and August could, in all seriousness, give you sunstroke if you don't take care of yourself, drink a lot of water and wear sunscreen. The coursework is demanding and comes at you full-force: don't expect to be coddled, but don't expect to be left for dead, either. In the four years I was at UF, if ever I went to a professor for help, I received it ten-fold.


Someone who does not want to be apart of a big team. It is a big school but if you want to be apart of a big family or team then this is the place. Everyone supports each other and everyone has school spirit. However, it is a little daunting at first.


UF places a strong emphasis on the Greek Life and the majority of sutdents who engage in social activities are involved with some sort of Greek house. The sort of person who refuses to associate themselves with Greek life (Sororities and Fraternities) may struggle to develop a social life. It's not impossible, but it can be difficult.


The University of Florida is the Premier school in Florida, and therefore it’s often the first choice for many of the top students in the state. Despite this, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, especially to those that aren’t willing to put in the work. College is a wholly different experience from high school. To put it bluntly, there’s no one to hold your hand and your professors expect you to know the material before you walk in the door. However, don’t let this scare you away, because it handsomely rewards those who succeed.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend my school has a poor attituide toward life in general. If they are self centered and feel they need no ones help and aren't ready to help others then the Gator Nation doesn't need them.


While the University of Florida embraces diversity of all kinds, there are some people who just do not belong here at UF. These people include anyone who does not want to embark on the greatest social and academic experience of their life and students who do not care about Gator spirit and pride. If you aren't loyal to the University and everything it stands for, than there truly is no point in attending it. Also, for anyone who wishes to simply graduate by getting by and not abiding by honesty, this is not the school for them.


The University of Florida is a great place for all students. We are a HUGE campus and there is something for everyone! All kinds of people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and places will be able to fit in. The best part is that even if you find your niche, everyone is so welcoming, that you are not limited to making friends who are just like you. Students here are open to all types of people, so you may find yourself with a friend from Italy and a friend from Oklahoma!


Someone who doesn't have team spirit. If the person does not plan to be in the premedical or math/science programs, they should not go to UF if they are extremely extroverted and like smaller campuses and quite environments.


Some one who should not attend the University of Florida is someone who is unmotivated and is not a hard worker. Things at the University of Florida are not freely given to you. A person has to work hard and use all the resources given to them.


Some who is well-balanced (so not just book smart), enjoys meeting others, and has some interest in sports (not mandatory though). Definitely the best school in the state of Florida. A must for Florida residents if they are interested in pursuing a career in engineering, medicine, and business.


Someone who is very pessimistic and negative about themselves would not be a desirable applicant. Those who exemplify those characteristics would have a difficult time being successful at this University. Because of the demandind curicculum of this University, you must maintain a positive outlook on life and the material being given to you. You are not always going to get the grades you want and that's part of the learning experience of college. But have to be postive and continue striding forward.


A person that sin't motivated shouldn't attend UF. There are many distractions, and if you are not willing to put your future and your education first, you will not succeed. I think that the size of this school and the opportunities, good and bad, can be very distracting to students if they are not prepared and focused on school.




I wouldn't say there is any single type of person that shouldn't attend the University of Florida. All types of students attend here, which makes for an interesting experience. The only type of person that might want to look elsewhere is someone who prefers a campus in a big city as Gainesville is a small town (although growing).


Anyone who is a Seminole fan!!! :)


Someone who wants to just 'breeze' through college and not put much effort into academics.


People who aren't prepared to work. Also people who have no self discipline. The University of Florida is a school where you have to work, and work hard but it's a wonderful experience.


someone afraid of big schools and who wont do their work


The type of person that shouldn't attend the University of Florida is one that is not open to different cultures and people. The University is so large that there are students from literally all types of backgrounds, and if one can not tolerate other's culture then he/she should not consider the University of Florida.


The University of Florida is a large school with many opportunities but competitiveness and the desire to further one's education is necessary to be successful here. A student looking for personal relationships with their professors and guidance through their college experience should not go here. Those who are most successful here are those who are not afraid to take initiative and be the ones to establish relationships with professors.


Anyone that isn't a hard worker or who doesn't like to try harder shouldn't attend this school.


People who don't like big and but not crowed enviroments their is a lot of students here so you might feel overwhelmed, if you cant be away from the beach dont come here


If a student doesn't feel comfortable with a large University, they should not attend. If a student needs to find employment while at UF, it will be difficult to find a job due to the large population of college students and local high school kids.


People who are mentally closed to new ideas and cultural perspectives, and are too self-absorbed that they are quick to make false judments should not attend this school. Students should not accustom themselves to seek people of their same cultural background but rather become diverse in their choices so that they are enriched with new experiences, ideas and perspectives, as this may help students become more aware of the realities of life and their surroundings and are not enclosed in their own fairytale bubble.


There isn't a set type of person that would not be able to thrive at the University of Florida. However there are certain characteristics that would hold a student back from thriving not only at the University of Flordia but any establishment dedicated to higher education. Characteristics such as being unmotivated, undetermined, or unambitious will hinder any student in pursuit of a college degree. Also being closed minded and unaccepting are also characteristics that would be unacceptable at the University of Florida as there are a variety of people from different cultures and countries who attend this university.


I think that anyone that is willing to learn a certain trade or skill should attend this school. I am new to the University of Florida, so this question might be a bit redundant. For the most part, if you don't like the warm and sunny weather of winter months that is mixed in with humidity and rain in the summer then maybe this school is not for you. If you don't want to be in a school that offers a great deal of resources and high professional educational standards, then this school is definitely not for you.


People who cant have/make their own fun, city people, and people who don't like getting involved in clubs or activites or trying new/different things.


Although it is not in my belief that anyone can be excluded, I would say that those who are afraid of experiences, shy of discovery, and indifferent about getting lost should not attend. Gators are taught to jump on opportunities, attack new ideas to reproduce innovations, all while taking the risk of leaving your comfort zone to appreciate what you do not know. I do not believe anyone like that exists but, if you are afraid, shy, and indifferent, you're gator bait!


The type of people that shouldn't attend the University of Florida are the ones who have ulterior motives and lack motivation. If Florida's reputation as a party school alone draws an individual to the University then it is not the right school for them. Also a person who lacks motivation towards their academic goals they will most likely suffer in one way or another. If one does not study enough or miss class frequently they will not know their course material and ultimately not live up to their maximum academic potential.


people who arent willing to work hard in their academics.


The University of Florida is a school that anyone can adapt to. Everyone is very friendly and accepting of ideas, race, opinions, etc. The only reason someone should not go to the University of Florida is if they are not a gator fan!


To be successful at UF, one needs to be very hard-working and goal oriented. As Florida's leading public univeristy, classes are hard and require time and effort be devoted to studying and mastering ones field of study. This being said, a person who isn't prepared to work hard to achieve their goals should not attend UF. In addition, the campus is very large and has a huge student body, containing over 50,000 students. Because of this, I would discourage a student who is interested in a small, intimate college setting from choosing to study at here.


If you dont like to socialize, work hard in your classes, or being involved.


Someone who values a small-campus community and classes that are generally small enough to allow collaboration with students and professors Someone not pursuing a degree in fields that are renowned for research Someone incapable of correctly managing time (this will be your ruin at UF) Someone who prefers FSU (conflict of interest)