University of Florida Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That it's okay to explore your options and it's not a huge deal when you decide that the major you chose upon enrollment isn't really what you wanted.


I wish I had know what the weather was like. I did not know it got so cold in Gainesville during the winter. I also wish I knew the campus better. My first weeks of school were difficult because I had trouble finding my classes.


I wish I would have known the importance of not eating on campus every day and eating home-cooked meals regularly.


I wish I had known that college is competetive. Although, UF is not competetive within the classroom, it is very much so outside of the classroom. If you want to do something, you most likely cannot unless you apply and are accepted to do so. They claim that everyone should get involved and find their place, but it is not as easy as they make it seem. I wish I had known that I wasn't going to make a million friends and I wasn't going to get to do everything I thought I could.


I wish I knew about the city in which the school is located. Gainesville, to put it briefly, is...very, very boring. There is not much, if anything, to do here. However, to each his own, and those who enjoy the suburbs would find this college town to be suitable to their liking.


I wish I would have known about the availability of full ride scholarships.

Christianne Lei

I wish I would have learned time management. I know that people will probably always use that excuse, but as soon as I was barely passing, it kind of hit me that I had to get my act together and strive from something that not only I, but my parents, worked hard for. Time management definitely leads to better studying and essentially passing the class.


It is better to take entry level summer classes before freshman years to start off with a good GPA.


I suppose I wish I had learned not to worry too much. Then again, the process of learning that was much more important than the information itself.


I wish that I would have known how loud it gets on campus when there is a home football game. There are lots of noise and different tailgating parties taking place simultaneously on the campus. This makes it very difficult to find a quiet place to study. Also, I wish I had known how unpopulated the camp would be on weekends and holidays. During these times, the campus becomes very desolated and walking around such a huge campus can be very scary at times. During this time I have to remain very vigilant of our surroundings while wandering outside.


I wish I had more wisdom before I came to this school. Many people will try to make a fool out of you or do things behind your back. It's yur job to be wise and understand the way the world works and the people in it.


Before I arrived to the University of Florida, I wish I would have known how to manage my time better. The classes at the university are very rigorous and they demand that students know how to work effectively around classes and extracurricular activities. Even though I finished my freshman year with a 3.96 GPA, it would have been easier on me as an incoming student had I known how to use my time effectively.


Before coming to school I wish I had known the size of the student body. Getting here and realizing that you share this campus with over 50,000 students that are just like you trying to have a future and succeed at life, is at first overwhelming.


I wish that I had known the best housing dorms on campus.


I wish I had visited the campus before accepting the University of Florida as the college I wanted to attend. The area surrounding campus is not every exciting. During my freshman year, I didn't really try to explore outside of campus and that lead me to dislike the school. After getting more involved with the community and clubs, I had grown to love the area. It is not easy finding something to do, but it was because I never made an effort to. I have learned that it is really important to get involved!


Honestly, I can't think of anything I wish I would have known before coming to UF. I mean, I took time making sure this university would be the right place for me. Now that I am going into my fifth month of being here, I can say I chose wisely. I love it here. The campus is beautiful, I've encountered many friendly and spirited people, and I'm challenged academically like I've never been before (which is exciting because it seems for the first time I'm really applying myself and gaining an unfathomable amount of knowledge.)




A good mechanic!


The only thing I wish I had understood before attending school is having learned the importance of saving for college.


Don't let the fact that Midtown (the bar area) is across from the library hinder your studies. the bars will still be there the next night. Make friends with EVERY professor. In large classes, it's crucial.


There is nothing that I didn't really know before I came to this school. I did my research.


I wish I would have known about all of the various resources available on campus. Our orientation does a fair job covering the most of them, but over the course of a year I learned about an infinite number of programs, labs, activities, and knowledge of useful things right on our campus.


I wish I would have known how time consuming football season really was, but you learn to love it!


I wish I had known more about how I could start getting involved.


The one thing I wish i knew was to explore more majors more thoroughly because by the middle of your sophomore year and beginning of your junior year it becomes a daunting task to switch to something else. Also i wish more people would have stressed to me the importance of joining organizations.


One of the things that I wish that someone had told me was that living in the dorms in your first year is one of the most important decisions that you can make. I have come across so many fellow students, both who have lived on and off campus in their freshman year and the general consensus seems to be that your first year will be fundamentally different if you don't live on campus that year. There are so many activities thrown by the dorm area governments and your floor RA(resident assistant) just so that you and your new fellow Gators can get to know each other. You are way more likely to get involved on campus if you already live there. Best choice ever!


I wish I had known not to be intimidated by the size at first. The more time you spend on campus, the more comfortable you will feel. Also, there are many people and resources at the University of Florida that will help you settle in and get situated.


What I wished I had learned before I came to this school is the fact that I should have taken alot of dual enrollment classes, so that I would have just started right into my major and graduate early. I also would have wanted to know how hard this really was going to be and how studying everyday and going to tutoring is always the best thing to do.


How easy it is to get off track! There is so much to do!


How to register for classes and decide which classes to choose for my career.


I wish I would have determined a major before coming to college. This would have helped me take core classes in high school which would have prepared me for the more difficult core classes in my declared major.


Before I came to the University I wish I would have been aware of all the great activites that you can get involved in, whether its sororities/fraternities or other clubs/groups, there is something for everybody.


I wish that I had known about the opportunities and scholarships that were out there so I could have gotten an earlier start on the requirements that would give a better chance of receiving the scholarships.


I wish I was reminded to pick an organization to get involved with very quickly. I was a transfer student. I had trouble maintaining friendships with students on campus because I spent one year looking for an organization to volunteer for.


I wish I knew that computer science was not the major for me when I started this semester. I spent most of my High School in dual-enrollment, so all of my General Education Requirement sare completed. That gives me little wiggle room, as I had to pick classes towards my major since I was done with everything else. I ended up switching to Public Relations and Art History halfway through this first semester, which made me feel a little bit like a failure. But in the end all that matters is my happiness and not anyone else’s expectations.


The different scholarship options available. A list of student organizations on the campus.


I wish I had known that jobs were very slim. I've always worked and it has been tough trying to find a job. The local restaurants tend to hire good looking girls.


That I wouldn't get any help from my RAs or administration! You're on your own at this school, sink or swim. I eventually did succeed and find my way, but it was entirely on my own, and it was very difficult.


How large the business classes would be.


I wish I knew how bad the dorm food was. I suppose that its typical dorm food but it would be better to know about it before hand because then residents can bring equipment to cook in the dorm kitchens.


Before coming to school I wish I was more aware of how vastly important connecting with others truly is. One can accomplish great things and go amazing places, but without good friends by your side it’s difficult to enjoy such things. Don’t be so worried about what you’re going to do in life, but rather who you’ll spend it with.


I wish I had known that the Federal government was going to cut most of my financial aid. I was relying on that to get me through the transfer and first year at UF until I get myself established and find other means to fund my education. Also, I could have been more rigorous in filling out scholarships and grants to easy the stress. I wish I had known how unhelpful their registration process and some of their personal are, since I had to apply twice in order to get transferred. This was mostly the error of the school.


How to maximize planning time in order to maintain a healthy sleep schedule.


That it is ok to feel uncomfortable, thats how we grow as indidviduals


I wish I had known that at times living in Gainesville can be a bit dull since the city is located in Central Florida which is far from attractions such as theme parks and beaches.


I recently just got accepted so I don't have that information. However I can tell you that I have heard that parking is a nightmare even if you pay a bunch of money for a parking permit.


Actually, I've been living in the Gainesville area for the most of my life, so there were no major surprises for me upon enrolling at UF. At the same time, I think that being aware of the various resources that are available to me as student, on and off campus, would have helped me plan my activities and would have reinforced my decision to go to the University of Florida.


I wish that I had known that when you are 17 or 18 years old, you have no idea who you are. I wish I had known that questioning everything is normal, and that you have to take college as the experience to try everything to find your true love. In no other time in your life will you be able to join so many clubs and meet so many people, while taking the most interesting classes you can think of. I wish I had been told to assume nothing and try everything.


I wish I knew more about programs available to students on campus.


I wish I had known the extent of the influences exerted by Greek life (sorority/fraternity students)Though they represent a minority, they are given an almost elitist status here on campus, which makes them appear like a super-majority. They dominate student-government and control campus unions by effectively organizing.