University of Great Falls Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Great Falls know before they start?


I would say to myself; think carefully about your social circle. In the beginning, everything seems so simple, your away from home, and your parents aren’t there to tell you what to do. The best thing you can do is find friends that are motivated students taking advantage of everything the school has to offer. If your friends compete to see how many times they can get trashed a week and laugh about having to take the same course five times, those are not friends. I was lucky to see the difference. Having to see students waste their money and waste their time is a real disappointment. I have learned that school is much more important to me than having to go out with friends who make bad decisions. I am not saying be a hermit and stay indoors all the time, just know the difference between those who are dedicated to their work and those who is just wasting time. Having supportive friends who are there and give you advice will literally shaped the way you look at life. College is suppose to fun, why not do it with others who believe the same?


I would inform myself to be more aware of time management. Growing up in a small farming community in rural Montana, I was not readily prepared to jump into a large university with an extremely hard major in biology, and also be a member of the varsity basketball team. If I was aware of time management I would be more prepared for doctorate of physical therapy school! Students do not realize or want to realize how important their undergraduate education is. It is one of the final stepping stones toward an individuals career goals, which has an impact on the rest of their lives. I performed well enough in my undergrad to be accepted into graduate school, but now that I am there I wish I would have understood how important my undergraduate studies were. I would have dedicated a lot more time to the class room. Unfortunately in order for a student to understand that their education is imperative to the rest of their live they must learn that on their own. No one can tell a undergraduate how important their education is, they have to figure it out on their own time.


Attending the University of Great Falls has so far been a wonderful experience. I have learned a lot about being on my own and what it feels like to have to grow up. So far the most that I have gotten from me college experience is learning how to converce and communicate with people better. Being in college has taught me how to open up and stay positive. It has also taught me to stay open minded and be willing to consider other peoples' beliefs. I have also gotten the chance to meet people from all kinds of places and learn new things, not only in the classroom but from my fellow classmates. It has been such a wonderful experience and valuable to attend such a great school. It has been valuable becuase I am getting the chance to learn academically and get the opportunity to met tons of new people and make life long friends. I think college has been a good experience and change for me.


I worked in the library at my school and gained a lot of experience doing that. I wouldn't mind being a librarian. I want to be an editor when I get out of college, and I took a Creative Writing class that taught me plenty of usefull information. I also met my (possibly) future husband during my first semester, and I have helped edit his papers, which has given me some experience in my desired field. I learned so much philosophy in my American Literature class by reading Emerson. I took biology in 8th grade, Bio I freshman year, and Bio II senior year of high school, and I still learned from my Biology class in college, something I never would have anticipated, especially from a community college. I have developed relationships with my teachers, who are my friends and mentors.


I've alway sbeen a nerd and I love learning. I want to be able to help kids experience the love of learning. I love the University of Great Falls because they make me want to learn, the teachers are amazing. The class sizes are small enough for the proffesors to actually know your name and help with what you need. I want to be able to help kids that way. I want to be able to look them in the eye and actually have them "get" what I'm teaching about. University of Great Falls is helping me achieve that goal.


I've been able to take a wide variety of classes, and I really enjoy having a diverse education. Now that I've decided to go into Criminal Psychology, I really want to stay on this course and eventually get a docotorate in this major. We'll see. :)


School has always been a big part of my life. Going to college has helped me grow in more an adult then I did in high school. In college no one is there holding your hand to make sure your school work is done. I also don't have my parents watching my every move making sure I get my work done. I am also learning how to juggle school, work, and social life.


I have been exposed to a great variety of people, ideas, knoweldge, and perspectives. That exposure has broadened my mind and my heart. I have grown as a person both in maturity and intellect. I have challenged myself and met goals, thus increasing my self-esteem and self-confidence. I have been inspired and inspired others. I have walked through doors that I did not know existed.


I started my college education as a freshman at West Virginia University. I was excited to be going to school over 5 hours away from my home but as the school year flew by, I realized I never took full advantage of all the amenities that the school had to offer therefore my grades partially suffered. I took a year off and transferred to The Culinary Institute of America in May 2010. My experience at WVU has made me learn to take advantage of every opportunity big or small that comes my way because it can only better me. College is very expensive especially since I am supporting myself and I have learned that the only way to fully get your monies best value is to take in as much information as possible because knowledge is power. I have also learned that with college is that what you put in to it, is what you get out of it, and that college is what you make of it. I take what I have learned from my mistakes at WVU and put them to use at the CIA and I am doing very well because of it.


I have worked with mentally challanged individuals for eight and a half years. Though I love this field it isn't beneficial financially while being a single mother. I plan to take part in volunteer services within this field upon attaining a career in my area of study. The expirience that I have had at UGF has fed my passion for my field of study. My professors eagerness to educate has made my eagerness to learn and succeed all the more strong! Professors I have had the honor of studing under at UGF have made me feel I am a student not just a number. The prior college that I attented had so many students that individual help was rarely offered or given by professors. I got to the point that I never bothered to ask anylonger. Teaching is approached in a much more passionate way; the professors are concerned and devoted to the students! I will continue at UGF throughout my educational journey towards earning my Criminal Justice degree. Upon job placement after graduation I will become a juvenille probation officer and aide my community with the attempt to rehabilitate troubled youth and help with guidence they be lacking.