University of Guam Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would not tell myself anything, as the path that I followed to college allowed me the much needed time to grow up. As a high school senior I was not ready for college, and nothing that was said to me would help me on my road to college. By spendng time between high school and college living on my own, I was able to mature enough to be able to handle the pressures of college with ease. I would recomend others follow the same path so they too can start college prepared rather than still dependent on their parents for everything.


The advice I would tell myself is to save up enough money that I could be able to purchase enough things that I want while living on campus. I would also tell myself to apply for scholarships non-stop because taking out loans will haunt you in the future.


Dear Highschool Me, There is no such thing as 'too late', but there is such thing as wasting time. You have wasted so much time already, and you have struggled too much in life to ever fail. Too cut things short... Get yourself together. Find a passion. Succeed. Do it for your family. Do it for the people who judged you. But most of all, do it for yourself. Sincerely, Alexis Fejeran


I would say be on track with your credits in high school. Keep checking your counselors & teachers to see if you're passing. Stay in school all the time, never miss class, & of course never skip class. Join a program that wil help you prepare for college, make a lot of friends, & try your best to participate in school events or educated related. Make the best of your senior year, because later on in life, you will miss all the memories that you and your friends have created. Love school & your friends. Have your family help you out in school & ever step of the way.


I'd tell myself not to get checked in the army at certain points so I could receive better benefits from the VA. Then I would tell him all the secrets of the stupid nursing program at UOG and all the BS (Bull, not Bachelors in Science) that comes with it. And I would also warn myself about the fairly obvious sexism that male professors at UOG seem to display against male students.


If I were to go back into time as a senior in high school, I'd say I would change the person I was in the past. I would tell my senior self to " Always cherish your parents because they will always be there to pick you up when you fall." I was one of those teenaers who didn't listen to their parents. I was basically stubborn and I always wanted my way when I was younger. Now, that I'm becoming an adult, I realized my parents only wanted the best for me. Many times in college when life got too difficult, I would feel like giving up. I wasn't used to this new college life. My mom and dad would be there to comfort me to be the best I can be and keep going . Even if people who put me down and make me fall, they were still there. Furthermore, I'm currently at the University of Guam fulfilling my dreams to become a lawyer. Now I know that I owe them for the senior I was in high school. My parents deserve more than anything in the world and me graduating would change everything.


I would tell myself not to be afraid to when I somehow find myself diverting from the goals I had orginally set for myself. College is all about self-discovery. Its a journey to finding out one's strengths and weaknesses. Its also a time to figure out what one really wants in life. One must be prepared for those times when goals and aspirations change because one will change and it will be for the better. One must embrace change in oneself and the circumstances and environment one will find oneself in. Don't be afraid to try new things and explore new territories. But one must always keep in mind to make the right decisions and act responsibly. Temptation is everywhere, choose to do what is right.


Growing up on a tiny island such as Guam, I wanted a different experience. I worked hard applying for colleges off island, but it was not enough and I was rejected by the only two colleges I applied for. If I could go back in time I would say to myself: "Don't worry so much about wanting to leave Guam and experience something new. The University of Guam may not be your first choice, but attending college here on Guam would give you the opportunity to grow a little bit more. You've never been any place else and the exposure to new people and places may be a little overwhelming. I'm not saying that you couldn't handle it, because I know you could. I'm just saying that UOG is a great start. You'll learn how to deal with different situations and people at UOG, and this will help you when you start working or going to graduate school. There will be an opportunity to experience the world around you when the time is right, even though you're starting off at a place you didn't expect to be. You will be absolutely fine."