University of Hartford Top Questions

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The University of Hartford school psychology program is the only program in the state of connecticut that offers a duel degree option. When I graduate I will have my degree in school psychology and clinical psychology.


The art school is the best in connecticut, as far as major universities are concerned. The other universities I concidered had only one or two floors in a building for art-related majors; University of Hartford has three!


How much they help the students financially, I have been truly blessed.


is a medium sized campus. classes are medium size. Nice people and professors are very helpful and they guide you only if you go after them.


I'm not quite sure. I just visited the campus and it "felt right".


The Dance Majors are very unique and allow for personal attention. I like that there will only be about 20 students in the freshman class. Also, the staff is extremely friendly but they also know how to push a student so they can improve to the best they physically can be.


My school is made up of several differnt innerschools, no matter what career path you may take UHART has it, it is a smaller well tided together close community with teachers and fellow classmates.


its a small school and every one is open to everyone's view. The classes are small, and we can get one on one with the teachers. All the teachers are very attentive to the students, when they see that a student is not doing their best, they will try to help


The availability of the fabulous performing arts conservtory and visual art programs, all included on the same campus as the general academic buildings.


It offered science classes in the evening, so I could complete my degree during the evening.


its small, but has a lot of different schools and majors within in to choose from. so the school has many students with different interests and is very diverse.


School spirit seems to be a big thing on campus along with activities to get everyone involved especially incoming freshman before classes start for the semester.


Uhart has a really friendly environment that got me from the start; it's a very comfortable school, and if you stay on top of your classes, you end up having a lot of fun!


Everything (academic buildings, residential buildings, etc) were all centralized so everything was in walking distance of 5-10 mins. My school is also in a great environment between the city of Hartford and the suburban towns which made everything (restaurants, clubs, stores) within a short distance from the school.


The size really is perfect. You really get to know a good percentage of the students who go here, but not to the point where everyone knows everyone. I have been to other larger schools, but I feel this size school gives you a more personalized education.


It's the perfect size, I can see who I want but avoid people I dont want to see.


Well I considered other schools in Boston, and I didn't like how those schools don't really have a defined campus. UHa has a really pretty campus in the fall and spring, and there are two distinct sides of campus, the academic side and residential side. Also about 85% of housing is suite style living which is really nice.


Hartford is unique becasue the amount of people is perfect. It's not too big of a school but at the same time there's alot of people you may have never met or even seen on campus. The location is unique too becasue it's a closed campus but on one side of the campus you have a pretty large city and on the other side it's suburbs, and not more then about 5 minutes away it turns into countryside with beautiful scenery and nice place to hike and do other out door activites.


people are great social life perfect


I'm in a sorority so Greek Life really stood out for me.


What is unique about my school is the ability to get a meal at several locations on campus at any given time, day or night. Also, the University is located in between the city of Hartford and high-class homes. The many different restaurants, stores, and parks located within minutes of the university. The extensive parking for all upper and lower classmen.


we have mostly small class sizes with friendly professors. Professors so friendly some even give their cell or home phone numbers in case you need help.


This school offered a more diverse program for my major.


This school has a lot of extra curricular activities that are geared toward providing students with real life work experience. For instance, we have a real Television station that is completely students run, plus a newpaper and two radio stations. Plus we're have two magnet schools right on our campus for education majors. Our school is very strong in comunity activism. Recently we celebrated our 50th anniversary and they adopted a new saying for our school, "A private university with a public purpose."


Its s much stronger music conservatory. Which was my real reason in coming here. We also have a GREAT LGBTQ support network on this campus.