University of Hartford Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UHart is best known for its Alumni, our Alumni go beyond the spectrum. In providing students with scholarships for what so ever it is needed for.


The University of Hartford is highly recognized for its School of Music and Theater as well as their Art School. Many of our Alumni has successfully accomplished great things such as singer Dionne Warwick, Marin Ireland an American film, stage and television actress, Alexander "Alex" Briley performed the "G.I." role in the disco era music group, The Village People and artist Mark Dion just to mention a few. The alumnis stay active with the school, coming back to give seminars, workshops and perform. That shows the dedication and love they have for UHART.


University of Hartford's The Hartt School is know for it's performing arts and even has it's own building for classes, rehearsals, and performances.


Hartford is known for teaching students to take responsibility and to apprecaite an education to the fullest. Hartford cares and it shows in the faces of the students and its faculty everyday and in every way possible. Hartford is a beautiful campus that is in the suburbs and it is very clean and nice to look at. I loveee living there and i am glad to be there.


The University of Hartford is best known for its Art, Music, and Business schools.


I feel that the Univeristy of Hartford is best known for the different programs the school offers their students.


My school is best known for their academic program and women's basketball team.


Hartford is best known for it's engineering and music programs, both of which have come together for a unique degree: Acoustics and Music. The degree is a mash up of a mechanical engineering degree and a music degree, but with a focus on acoustics as well.


My school is probably most known for it's threatre program or it's business school.


University of Hartford is very renown for its music school or better know as the Hartt School. Also the University of Hartford Art School is one of the oldest art schools in Connecticut.


Uhart is known as a party school, we have a notorius "Spring Fling" weekend where almost 20.000 non-students come to our campus. Also our Chemistry and Biology as well as the Engieneering school are well known as being excellent.


The Hartt School of Music to adults in the area, and greek life/spring fling for students.


Hartford is best known for its dedication to community service. It is also best known for having a residential side and an acadmic side of the main campus.


It is definitely a party school that is best for people that don't want to be challenged academically, but need a degree to enter the job market. There are certainly a lot a creative individuals in the art and music school, but the competition and negativity involved in those schools is enough to turn any more thoughtful individual toward a different discipline. The level of academic focus of most students is dismal, and the majority of classes do not even try to raise these standards. Aside from a select few visionaries, the school is know for mediocrity.


the vast amount of majors offered, including art, music, engineering, health sciences, and education


It's laxadasical public safety department that oftentimes let violations go. We have a VERY high instance of marijuana use at this school and public safety does almost nothing to deter it.


The Hart School, Its art school and its liberal arts. They are also known for their divison one sports teams