University of Hartford Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Being from Hawaii, I tell my friends that I'm going to school all the way on the east coast in Connecticut. It's a long way from home but I love it. Also having New York City and Boston roughly about two hours away opens up plenty opportunities for fun and activities.


The professors and quality of education is excellent. All the staff are very helpful and care about the students and their needs. When I started last year, they made me feel at home immediately. I knew I was in the right university!


I tell them about my sorority. Greek life on campus is amazing. The people I have met who were already involved in Greek Life, are some of the greatest people I have ever met.


I brag to my friends about how University of Hartford is a great school, and how good the Architecture program also is.


The crazy and exciting things I get to do in my acting classes. They are all incredibly helpful for my future career but it's funny to watch them get jealous over me doing t'ai chi while they have to write a paper.


Well, I definitely do not brag about the academics or the residential buildings, but the social aspect, for sure! There are so many different types of people, that you are sure to find your place. There is always something to do. Also, I joined greek life, which is great! IBeing a part of a sorority has allowed me to meet so many more people, provided me with volunteer and leadership opportunities, and I've grown as a person. Joining has been the best choice I've made at the university.


I tell my friends how huge the campus is and how cool the people here are.


The parties on campus definitley tend to get a little rowdy and out of control; Always a good time. The way the campus is set up is also really accomodating: Residential Dorms on one side, and the academic buildings on the other side. It's also nice that most of the dorms are grade-based or housing assignments go by your GPA.


I had a very different experience than the average UHa student because the Hartt Theater Program is more conservatory-style. I had a great time and an active social life while maintaining a heavy courseload and a lot of hours in rehearsal. The program is rigidly structured, which is helpful while in school, but very tough to make the transition after. For someone who needs structure and challenge as an actor, this is a goood place to be. As for other programs, I don't really know.


I brag that I have been allowed to follow my passion of architecture/histroic preservation, and study independently. I have been fully supported from my professors.


I really don't brag. My school doesn't have the greatest reputation.


I brag about the freedom i have living on campus and being away from home. I talk about how being on my own has made me independent and responsible. There is no adult that will tell you, "Clean your room", or, "Do your homework." It is all on you. You hold the key to your own success , and if you mess up there is no one to blame but yourself.


There are lots of beautiful women on campus.


I talk about is the campus layout. The campus is seperated by a river known as Hog River. The river breaks the campus into two different parts. One being the residential side and the other being the academic side. Connecting the two different parts is two different roads, which have sidewalks for pedestrians, and a bridge for pedestrians only. I feel this is probably the best physcial feature pf the school. Having the two different sides makes it easier for students to associate academics with the "academic side" and socializing with the "residential side."


I tell my friends about the awesome people that I have met over the past year and a half I have been at university of Hartford. The size of the school really helps my social life, since you are able to meet people often and eventaully get to know them well enough to become great friends.


My GPA, the friends i've made, and the things i learn.


I would begin with parties because they appeal to everyone. After I would talk about the surrounding malls and a bit of the artistic availabilities on campus. Following this would be movies and concerts which are also widely appealing.


the Illustration department is full of people who've been in the business for years, with connections and experience that's definitely useful to those of us in that major.


that it is located in west hartford, an extremely wealthy area. also that it is near nyc and boston.


This school has an awesome campus and the staff and students are very friendly.


i had interesting friends


The Hartt School Theatre Dept is above and beyond what you expect nad has brilliant faculty.


cool concerts I see off-campus


Besides the amazing education and prestigous faculty of the hartford art school, I brag about the fun of campus life.


The art school that I attend and my amazing professors


Hartt school


The soccer team, and it's Division 1 sports.