University of Hartford Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any type of person can attend this school. Its really based on education. Nothing else really matters it all up to you on what you do with your free time but education is the key, everything else is just extra.


The type of person who should attend this school is enthusiatic . Someone who wants to not only get a great eduacation but also want to be a part of a great campus community. The campus is like one big family, you will never feel left out.


A person that likes to work hard and enjoys a warm community. I feel like this school allows for you to succeed at not only an educational/career level but at a personal level. If you are trying to discover yourself and your talents and harness them, this is the school for you.


The school is in my opinion like no other, I mean only the strongest survive. Okay so to be serious, I would say the best person for this school would need three qualities: balance, time, and heart. I say balance because you would definitely need to know how to juggle school work, activities, and time for yourself. I say time because you would definitely need to be willing to devote lots of time to gets things right and do things over. Lastly I say heart because you would have to love this school to believe its all worth it!


Anyone who is determined to succeed in furthering their education should a college. As for this college specifically; anyone who has a major that is offered at the University of Hartford and likes the campus would be inclined to attend. It does not seem to me that it is a large university, therefore, I would not say that someone who would prefer a large school should apply.


I believe the kind of person that should attend this school, should be an open-minded individual who is ready to experience new things and meet different kinds of people.


Someone who is focused but also likes to have fun




Well organized, focused person who wants to a superior education from a well know business school.


Looking for as smaller colleage where they can really excel if they want to put the effort it. They can really excel in a virety of ways if they chose to. Or if they want to kidna coast and just get the educatoin nessary for life they can choose to, insatesd of having to battle other studnets for grades like at some colleges. A wide vierty of optoins aviliable depending on the student.


It is a great music and art school. Besides for that I am not so sure.


The type of person that should attend this school should be someone that wants to grow as a person, to learn not only academics but to learn about diversity and about themselves.


Anyone. My school has great programs for all majors. My school is known for its performance majors (The Hartt School), for the arts (Hartford Art School), for business majors (The Barney School of Buisness), health professions (College of Education, Nursing, and Health Professions), etc


Very focused on music.


Anyone can attend this school because it attracts every type of student. We have a Theater Program, Music Program, Communications, Business, Art, and everything inbetween. You are most certianly able to find a major here that you will like. The students here vary which makes this campus a good diverse one.


Someone who liked small classes and to know a lot of the people who also attend. Anyone who likes the city life sometimes, but likes to come back to campus and have it more rural because the city is close, but around the campus is not city-like. Someone who doesn't like too competitive an atmosphere and likes talking to and working with others to do better.


mostly someone interested in the arts


Someone from an upper-middle class family who is interested in getting a career in a practical field that is oriented toward making as much money as possible. If you have no individual personality, or goals you will fit in perfectly. If you are interested in academics for the sake of learning, don't bother applying. There are some really great faculty members here, but they are outweighed by the sheer number of mediocre talentless hacks that teach general requirement courses that you will waste a most of your time jumping through beuracratic hoops.


Someone who has a lot of money, and is motivated to go out and join clubs in order to get to know people. You need to make an effort to meet people otherswise you might not like it here.




A person who is either very upbeat and involved or someone who is very laid back and enjoys being left alone and doing things on their own


A person with a lot of ambition and a lot of money.


Someone who attends this university cannot stay in their room everyday or else they won't make any friends. They need to join groups, talk to people in their classes and go out on the campus. Parties on the weekends is a great way meet people, that is if you like to party. Sororities and Fraternities are pretty big if you wanted to pledge as well.


Someone who knows who they are and are goal oriented. I sometimes feel that the people who come here are the kids that are not ready for further academic study and are forced to go by their parents to save face. I think that brings down the entire student body. I wish our school had a more competitive reputation. Even though I am in the Hartford Art School, I feel affected by the unmotivated and misguided students here. I think driven people can make the best of this University and make due with the slightly "lesser" facilities.


People who prefer a smaller school and a friendly environment should attend this university.