University of Hartford Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think that people who are introverted and have a hard time making friends without the help of clubs and organizations, should not go to this school. I was dissappoited in the lack of on-campus organizations that would have enabled the student body to feel more unified. Greek life and parties are the only thing to do to socialize due to lack of clubs that aren't social organizatios. In addition, if you want a school with spirit, UHart is not the school for you; nobody attends sporting events.


every one should apply


A very close minded person would not fit in at the University of Hartford. It is a school that is open and challenging; a place where students are able to experience and discover. A student who is not serious about attending classes and studying should look elsewhere for a college. The University staff is committed to the many majors that are offered and they expect the same from the students. A student who does not want to be involved in the community, one who does not feel that the environment and those around them are important, should ignore UHart.


Someone that doesn't drink or "party" to socialize and gain friends SHOULD'NT attend this school. If you don't "party" or drink, it will be very very difficult to make friends. Also, if you don't like rain, snow, or the ground getting muddy, don't come here. Facilities also usually mow the lawn at 8am on the weekends, not good for hangovers. If you have trouble concentrating with noise, or sleeping with alot of noise, don't come here. You can hear everything through the walls and can hear conversations and music blaring through your windows.


The type of person that shouldn't attend UHART is someone who likes to be left alone. The campus is all about involving all students in their activities. So if you don't want to be a part of school spirit and community activites, the University of Hartford is not for you.


A person who is willing to learn and use their time management skills well. People who tend to do poor in regular school should not consider this university at all. They will loose time and a lot of money. This place is very expensive.


A person that wants a party school or a large community.


a person who only likes the college life just to party.


I procrastinater should not attend this school because the semesters fly by.


People who are easily distracted by social situations.


Someone who is looking more towards a trade type school.


I f you are not willing to take your work seriously than dont waste your money coming to university of hartford. You must be willing to put in the hard work to get your desired gpa .


All kinds of people are accepted into this school and will do fine. There are a wide variety of teachers, majors, and counselors. This school is for anyone.


Students who are not self-motivated in both academic and social areas; Students who are overly conservative; Students who need a lot to do in the surrounding town/city; Students who are not at all interested in the arts (though non-arts majors who wish to be integrated into the arts programs will not be satisfied, since those programs are rather exclusive).


Someone who is worried about finances, and someone who wants a larger campus experience.


someone who is looking for a big party school shouldn't attend this school, someone looking for a very big campus and lots of people shouldn't attend.


Tough call--there is a wide range of students here, you can find all sorts of personalities. However, the campus in general seems pretty apathetic and not driven to be successful. It's a "middle man" school--people are here to get a college degree and want to get it with as little input as possible. It all depends on the kind of person you are. A "normal" person looking for a good, typical College Experience will like it here.


If one is an active city-loving person used to constant action and parties, this school might not be for them. University of Hartford has a more relaxed feel like a suburbs as that is where it is located. It's usually quite on and off the campus, but there are activities all over. One just has to be willing to go out and uncover them.


Someone who is intolerant of stereotypes; as a private school, the majority of students are upper-class white people. Also anyone who is struggling with money, tuition is very expensive and though financial aid is given I have found what was offered is not nearly enough, even working a part time job year-round.


Not sure.


A person who does not want to try to succeed in life.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is going to slack off. The class sizes are very small so professors know which students do the work and which ones don't. Also students who don't want to be confined to campus. If you do not have a car on campus it is very difficult to get away.


This school is not for those who want to do very cultural things. We do not have big diversity when it comes to programs and campus events as well as inter-school relations between the different secs of the University.


People who aren't motivated to do school work shouldn't go here.


If you're closed minded, the University of Hartford won't be a good place. We're a very open campus that has a lot of different people from different backrounds. One of our most popular clubs on campus is "Spectrum", which is our gay and lesbian alliance club. They put on so many events throughout the year that so many people go to. So if you'r not going to be accepting of people who are different than you, it would be hard for you to fit in around here.


Pretty much, if you have the money and can afford the school, it's a lot of fun. It's not some huge school with a football team or anything but weekends are pretty much always a blast, and the school work isnt so bad.


someone who doesnt like a small campus or who isnt interested in learning