University of Hartford Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the university is the level of specific programs. The Hartt School, or the music school, is one of the top 20 music schools in the country, offering professors who are professionals in their fields to give amazing advice to students. The Art school is also one of the best art schools in the country, attracting very talented students. UHart has a smaller two year program called the Hillyer School, which offers hands on teaching to help students who might not be completely ready to take on the responisibilites of college work.


It has a great program for what I'm coming here for and the size of the school is not too big nor too small.


Don't be scared. You are about to embark on the greatest journey yet. Get involved in a club or two. Being involved will make your time in college much more fulfilling. When you're having a lazy weekend on campus, go out and make friends. There are always people out and about. Make sure to try your best in all of your classes and establish good relationships with your professors.


The best thing about my school was the school spirit and how everyone stayed positive during the school year. Everyone was upbeat and on top of their school work while supporting the sports teams, hart school, dance teams, and all the other extra curricular activities presented by the school.


The arts community is the best thing about the University of Hartford. It is so welcoming and full of wonderfully diverse and creative people.


Educators, they are the best! So inspriring and motivated. MOST OF THEM.


The best thing about my school is the everyone is so friendly and nice to everyone. If you have a question anyone will be nice and help you out. There is even a lot of door holding for people, which I don't see a lot but just about everyone on campus does it.


I consider my ability to be open to all lifestyles and cultures to be my best characteristic. Because of this I find myself to know a lot of diverse people.


The teachers are excellent. The flexibility by offering lots of classes helped a great deal with being a working single mother.


Th best thing about my school in my opinion is the extra help the teachers give you. I mean they really want you to ask questions in class as well as come see them when you're not in class. They are really willing to go the extra mile to make sure you succeed. I remembered when my math teacher gave his students tutoring on thursday afternoons, that really helped me; it was great!


So much! The community, the competition in social settings, the housing. There is so much to do on campus it is fantastic. I loved it.


Some of the professers are really good and learn at lot from them. Meeting good friends.


I think that overall the professors at my school are simply because tey dont just teach to teach . They do it beause they love it and it shows through their performance as teachers.


The University of Hartford has plenty of facilities for student use. It has many computer labs for different departments and art studios plus much more. This provides areas for students to complete their school work and reach academic achievement. Also, the library has ample space as well for study time. The library is an area where you can go to study peacefully with many study rooms available and desks that are completely isolated so students can study with no distractions.


My favorite thing about my school is that the campus is highly attractive. I know that I will be doing a lot of challenging work over the next few years and I am pleased that when I take a break from it all, there is a pleasant place to be right outside.


The best thing about this school is the campus. It is absolutely gorgeous and the university puts forth a lot of effort to make sure the campus looks clean and pretty.


I enjoy the community made up of architecture students because we've gotten to know one another by being in all the same classes every year. This allows for upperclassmen to help underclassmen and students can talk with one another any time they want.


I personally feel a great deal of gratitude toward this school because of the friends I have made over my years here. The campus itself is very interesting and great for people watching. Some of the students are absolutely ridiculous. They range from rude and ignorant to witty and intelligent. Either way, I consider them interesting and enjoyable.


The best thing about my university is the diversity of majors offered. I found it facinating that there is a major that combines engineering and music performance. There are education, business, health care, science, engineering, art, and music just to name a few. It is a great opprotunitly for non talented students to see art work and musicsal, dace, and theatrical performances.


The music and art schools are the best, they have the best and brightest students, most pride, and best classes.


It is very engaged with visual and performing arts, student have access to experience top notch arts for very cheap. It is close enought to a city, yet not in a city environment.


This school has one of the only undergraduate programs in acoustic engineering. Since most other schools do not deal with acoustic until grad school, the University of Hartford is unique in its engineering cirriculum.


The academics by far. I am in the communication school and the teachers there for the most part are amazing. They are really accomodating and understanding. Not only that-but you also learn a lot!


The different schools focusing on certain subjects.


The best part of my school is the atmosphere. Everyone always feel very welcome and appreciated at this school.


The small setting and small classes are one of the best things about the University of Hartford because with smaller classes the teachers have more time to focus on each individual student.