University of Hawaii at Hilo Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I would say my classmates have great, intellegent minds who are willing to express their opinions with others.


I'd describe my fellow classmates as smart and knowing what they want to go after in life.


there different variety of students and thier behavior and attitude shows the kind of people they are. most of the student are very friendly and always ask for a join success to review of assignment and homeworks before the next day, some students find t hard to get to know the professor because they hardly talk in class but are learning well, others somehow do not repect the Professor, a few student find it hard for the course and then withdraw from the class. the majority of students are focused on thier studeies and learning for a better future


My classmates are friendly and helpful and enjoyable people to be around.


Friendly and wide variety of cultures


First off all, most of my classmate that are in some of my courses have really bad attitudes and behavior towards the teachers. Some do concentrateon on their studies and lectures that being giving by the teacher but some students reaaly dont pay any attention in class. More often, student even answer in a bad way back to teachers if either the given lecture or an assignment has anything to do with thier religion or culture. Some do use false language which tells other the way they being brought up into their families without respect to teachers.


My classmates are always interacting with their proffesor so that they can stay on the right track of learning.


With a unique blend Polynesian, Asain and Caucasian mannerisms and culture, the student population continues to awe and suprise me with their diverse, foreward, positive thinking; motivated, it seems, primarily by the urge to help conserve the planet and the very fragile ecosystems that sorround us on the diverse Big Island of Hawaii.


Most of them are friendly but others are very kept to them selves and don't like to make any kind of contact.


My classmates in the Marine Science department courses were very helpful and friendly.