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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Choose a school based on your experience and comfort level. If you want to do well in school choose a campus that offers smaller classes so you have more time to work with professors and Faculty/Staff. Don't spend all your time having fun, stay buckled down when it comes to studies. There will be plenty of time to relax and go adventuring. Also, don't room with your high school friends. Get a new roomate. That way, you'll have more friends to hang out with, and you and your old friends can still get together and hang out. As for life off campus, see and do as much as you can, and take lots of pictures for later!


Choosing a college with a higher tuition doesn't mean that you'll get a better quality education. Research shows that schools from all over the country are using the exact same books for the same classes, found in various colleges. Thinking of how much time and work I put into studying for my classes at my fairly cheap college, it was impossible to think of paying 3 times more the tuition and having to be able to find the time to study for what they were paying for. I then thought to myself "this is enough work for me". I am very satisfied with my education, the people I've come in contact with, but most importantly the price of the school is what really made me believe that college was possible.


If you know what you are going to major in find the college that offers the best degree and the best faculty and facilities for that degree. Do not procrastinate when doing homework. Always find at least one club or activity to be involved with it is a great way to make friends. Get to know professors in you rdepartment that you will have many classes with, they make great references when applying for jobs or graduate school.


Spread your wings and fly, don't hold back. But be honest with yourself no matter how hard it is, be honest. Set goals and keep them. Know your priorities and keep those also (That's where the honesty comes in)


The college experience is an obvious milestone in any persons life and needs careful consideration. To make the most of the experience and to get the most out of it careful choices need to be made. Is my school geared towards what I want to major in? Do I enjoy my surrounding campus and neighborhoods, cities? Do I get a sense of well-being while touring the facilities? Is the faculty warm and receptive? All these factors and more add up to either a positive or negative experience at the school. Get out and talk to students. Find out what they do in their free time and what they think of their classes and their school. Once enrolled don't miss the opportunity to join extra-curricular activities. Not only is it another chance to grow and learn but it's a chance to meet and make new friends that may carry on past your college career. College is a wonderful and growing time in the lives of many. Simply take the time to find out where you wish to grow and learn, you'll remeber it for the rest of your life.


The most important adive to prospective students and/or parents would be to allocate time to make a plan. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Call the school. Call alumni. Take a campus visit. Understanding what you are getting into the first time will help you avoid regreting a decision that you should have attended somewhere else. Be open to new experiences. It is all about the journey and not the destination.


First of all college isn?t a joke. College is serious and should be considered a full-time job. It is meant to be strenuous and challenging for the betterment of the college student. It will help prepare you for your life that is to come. In order to ?succeed,? college must not be taken lightly. Second of all, parents and students must realize that they paid for it. Whether it be through taxes (federal financial aid), loans, scholarships, or out of pocket; you paid for it! You either paid for using money or your valuable time. School is not free and we are very lucky to have the opportunity to be educated. To find the right college parents and students should brainstorm what they enjoy doing by jotting it down on paper. They should then search using the many free online resources such as College Board for any college help. Sites like can make finding a college, applying for college, and paying for college a whole lot easier. Free resources are out there and waiting to help you. Last, once you have found the right school, try and visit the campus and if possible interview students there.


Go to the school you want, never settle.


Find a college that fits your needs and that will offer an exceptional education in your major. Get to know professors in your chosen major well, they will come in very handy when applying for internships, jobs, or grad schools.


I believe that students should look towards their interests. They should choose a school based on quality of learning in their field of their choice. The environment and location may also be a factor conducive to learning. One should choose a location based on how confortable they feel. Students should study things they are interested in, and follow dreams instead of just choosing something based on the financial gain. You only live life once, and you should learn what you want to learn. Students should try to get a good rapport with their teachers, and other faculty members. If you show you are willing to learn, then the less difficult the class will likey be for you. Never miss classes, and be enthusiastic to learn whatever they can. Education is a privilage and students should take advantage of it. Students should make sure to take the time to study, and be prepared. The only way to fail is to not care. If someone doesn't follow this they probably have their own selves to blame for their grades. A student with a disability should get help. There is no reason to struggle if there are ways to adjust to difficulties.


1. One must know who they are. 2. Relax, it's going to be ok. 3. Stay focused, don't waste your time, your going to die some day and you have things to do before then. 4. Set goals so you know where you are going/what you are working for. Don't worry about which one to do just pick one and go for it YOU decide how important each goal is. 5. Stay away from things that do not help you get to those goals. You are only making your job harder by hanging with those people doing those things


It's definately an amazing school and you always feel welcome. Just go into it with respect for the land and the people, and you'll have the time of your life. Live Aloha

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