University of Hawaii at Hilo Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


UH Hilo is a calm campus where everyone is friendly. They have many wonderful programs for your degree such as pharmacy, hawaiian language, nursing, etc.


I love how small and close everything is here in Hilo and on this campus. When my friends and family ask about living in Hilo and going to school in Hawaii I can only mention great things. You can walk up and down campus and always see people you know that will always say "hi" to you. Not to mention the beautiful surroundings. Being able to go to the beach whenever it is not raining in hilo, is such a priviledge. I have known people to love it or hate it here and i love it.


University of Hawaii at Hilo is by most standards a small school, which gives the professors time to focus on individual students. The school itself is rather laid back, and everyone is friendly, the local dialect is called pidgeon (i.e. eh brah we go da dakines afta class, i hea he get da ono grinds; Translation: hey bro after class lets go to (Dakine-can literally mean anything, in this case it's a guy's house), i here he has the delicious food). Not a huge party scene, but the adventures are only limited by the rain.


University of Hawaii at Hilo (UHH) is a very diverse place that welcomes everyone despite their differences. It is a good place to attend and learn from its mutlti-cultural that the faculties provide as well as students who come from around the world to attend UHH. The faculties here at UHH are willing to take into their hands the well-being of their students and they care how each students succeed in their studies. In recommending any school in the U.S. I would for a fact recommend this school because students call learn alot from here.


University of Hawaii at Hilo is home to one of the best Marine Science programs in the world, and its' strategic location in one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world allow the students to appreciate beautiful climates, a large selection of indigenous organisms, the beautiful and archaic Hawaiian culture, and a "mixed-plate" of local attractions and traditions.


Our school has the kindest people


I tell my friends that their are a lot of oppurtunities here and the classes are small so there is always ample help for you. There are also a lot of free resources like the gym and free prininting, and tutoring resources.


My school is one of the best school, it has less total population therefore, we have high accessiblity for Professors.


The gym is new and there's so much equiptment available. Having a high quality gym with an olympic sized swimming pool is a really good thing to encourage people to go and use the gym for their own health.