University of Hawaii at Hilo Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about University of Hawaii at Hilo? Why?


UH Hilo has a limited cultural openness for minorities from outside of the pacific islands, and lacks representation from non-local minorities. There is a lot of support and representation for Pacific Islander and native Hawaiian students, but not for black or latino people. UH Hilo claims to be a very diverse school, but I have not seen one Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Black, or Native American faculty member.


The worst thing about it??? Hmmm not enough parking spaces?? hahahahaha.... There isn't enough parking space because of the many students that are attending. If you want a really good parking space you'd have to get to the school early. But if you take evening classes then you don't have anything to worry about, because most students are done with classes around twelve to one, so you'll have a parking space. But if you start earlier than that, then you'd better hurry to get a parking space.


For me I would have to say the location. Although Hilo was a larger city so there was the mall and government was located on that side of the island, I would have preferred the University of Hawaii to be located in Kona. The weather is nicer, the water is nicer for marine biology life and the atmosphere in general was much nicer. Other than that, I loved the school


The lab equipments and materials are not so perfect for learning.


The worst thing that i consider about my school would have to be the rain.


lots of dummies


Not enough funding for sports.


Island time a.k.a. Hawaiian time