University of Hawaii at Hilo Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are majoring in Pharmacy, Astronomy, and anything to do with the environment should attend here. If you're undecided and just want a beautiful calm environment, love to surf and adventure you should definitely attend, and check out the adventure list in the fitness center (They will shuttle you to the most spectacular places on the island to keep you from drinking etc.) but some of the best places to go aren't known by most and have to be found. If you do decide to attend, refrain from Puna and local spots until you know the people.


Anyone who is intrested in high acedemics and interested in learning about themselves as well as others with an open mind.


Someone who is not motivated to learn.


The kind of people who shouldn't attend this school are people that like small classes and small schools. Also, people who would want to experience seasonal weather, since Hawaii doesn't experience fall like the changing color leaves. Lastly, a person who loves city life should not attend this school.


Those looking for master's degrees in mathematics and information science. Those looking for accounting degrees and business degrees as well.


Those who find it hard to adjust to a new environment, and have a hard time paying attention.


If you don't want to major in marine science don't attend this school it is the only well funded department and has the only good caring faculty. If you don't like lazy staff and constant partying you shouldn't attend this school.


Anyone who doesn't have respect for the land or the people.