University of Hawaii at Hilo Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to not be afraid to take a leap of faith. Don't limit yourself to what you already know, but go out and explore the things you always wondered about. Realize your passions early and go out and fulfil them as soon as you can. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing better than you, just do your best and have fun doing it. Don't restrict yourself from reaching your fullest potential for the benefit of someone else. Make sure that everything you are doing makes you happy. If you hate your job, find a new one. If you hate your classes, take a different one. Don't waste your time being miserable by doing something to make someone else happy. This is your life! Make friends, make enemies, but whatever you decide to do, make sure you're satisfied in doing it. Take advantage of every opportunity you are given, trust your instincts, and make sure you know that you are responsible for every decision you make. "You're young and you're healthy, so the world is your oyster"


I would tell myself to get out of the “senioritis” or lazy phase because college does not pay for itself. I would encourage myself to complete all scholarships that I am eligible for because every little bit helps. I also would recommend staying in shape throughout college and to watch what I eat because “freshmen 15” is real. I would also stress the importance of time management. Making plans for my day would help to use my time wisely.


The advice that I would give to myself is to apply for as many scholarships as possible with the G.P.A that I had at the time in high school. Now that I am older and have a family it is hard to pay for tuition but I continue to thrive to reach my goals of being a nurse. I was recently accepted into a nursing program and now I have to worry about family, finances and school all at the same time. If I knew then what I know now I would have finished college immediately after high school. Regardless of my circumstances, I am still truly blessed to have gotten accepted and I encourage anyone regardless of age with a goal of completing college to NEVER GIVE UP!


If I could go back in time and speak to my high school senior self with what I know now, I would have told myself that I should've focused in math and gone in for more help. I should've also tried ignoring my dad whenever he asked my to cover for him at work. I should've spent more time with school and joined more clubs. School really does matter. I should've applied to another university on another island or a different state. But this school isn't so bad. Just apply for the exchange programs earlier. It's worth it over here at UH Hilo.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, I would tell myself to really think about what you want to be in the future. After high school, I spent many semesters switching majors and that lead me to stay in school for even longer than I anticipated and also spent a large amount of money. I would tell myself that if you're unsure about what you want to be, just take liberal courses that will eventually benefit towards a degree. Back then I was undecisive and I wasn't sure if I wanted to become a nurse or a physical therapist. My mind now is set on being a nurse and hopefully I can achieve that goal.


Dear Alexandra, I wish that you would of realized before how important education was. Especially trying your best to make mom proud. Mom has always struggled as a single mother and tried to do everything she could for us to have a better life then her. From now on you will try your best and accomplish anything and everything you dream of. Being the only one that has graduated from highschool and college you should be very proud of yourself. Love, Future You


College is expensive. Now is a good time to jump on any scholarship and grants you can possibly get. I wouldn't recommend taking out loans unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most students take out loans and then graduate with a huge debt. They have a difficult time paying off these loans because there are not many jobs available. I wouldn’t want to be in debt before I have the money to pay it off. I would also recommend having a good support system to get you through college, like friends who have been there and can give you the best advice based on their experiences. Frequently check bulletin boards to find campus clubs, or start your own club, get involved in your student government, utilize student resources, and activities. Extracurricular activities are the best way to meet like-minded people. But don't forget to leave yourself time to do homework. Remember to try and not take on too much at once. People have told me that it’s very difficult to go to school and work part time as well. Also remember to take fun classes and enjoy yourself while you're there. College can be fun.


If you don’t want to drink but you are at a party with your friends you shouldn’t feel pressured to drink. I’ve personally met at least three people who were not drinking at the last five college parties I went to and they never drank one drop of alcohol. The closest they probably ever got to alcohol is when they were getting a beer for someone else. These parties took place at student’s houses and had between twenty to thirty students at the most. Not everyone drinks and you shouldn’t feel pressured too just because some students are. Use the tutoring program offered at the school, because being tutored can improve your grade. Getting help from tutors has increased my GPA from 3.6 to 3.8 my first year. Besides helping me understand the information the tutors were helpful by giving me tips on the class such as how the professor grades papers, what to study prior to exams, and how to prepare for exams. Being tutored will save you a substantial amount of time by helping you understand the information, instead of trying to understand it by yourself.


Some said college life is hard and some said its fun but to the majority it is a very challenging life. I find my college life very difficult and hard obstacle I face in my time of learning, this is my only chance to make a different in life, thats is why im giving it all my best and put my education to be my first priority. I witness adults coming back to school to get a degree because they themselves know how important it is to be educated in the world we are in. College life is hard, but if you complete your studies and gave it your eveything , then theres nothing stoping you from acheiving your goals and success.


I have made a lot of transitions: transfering between universities, graduating from college to graduate school, and now another change in career. Because of this, I would tell my high school self never to be married to a path (I would probably preface this by saying something like 'Making active choices and following through on them is really important, but...). It is incredibly confusing figuring out how to be in the world, and the craziest thing is that once you've made it -- you know, you're thirty years old, you've got an exciting job that pays okay, you travel a lot, and you have a good family life -- you are still not sure if you went the right way. It is important to ask yourself 'what do I really want?' but, the truth is, we want a lot, and desires are fickle. Want things, choose them, and fight for them, but when they've been fulfilled, don't be afraid to make new choices, and take new paths You never know how your own process of self-actualization will manifest changes in your professional or personal life, but you can live knowing that life is not a destination.


Knowing what I know now and being able to talk to myself back in high school, the advice I would give would be minimal compared to what some may think. My personality is one that loves to travel and have new experiences so moving from Southern California to Hawaii for my first time was not that big of an issue. I was able to adjust well and people I met always welcomed me with open arms. It did help a lot that I played for the softball team and took part in that. So I would definitely tell myself to take up a sport because the experience and people you meet will never be forgotten. I would definitely tell myself to learn all the recipies for foods I love and stock up on foods that are in California because as amazing as local food is, it is just not the same sometimes. Overall I would remind myself to move there with an open mind and to be adventurous and soak it all in. I am living in Hawaii, can not complain.


Keep an open mind. Coming out of high school, I had the impression that I was already on a very specific track, and that no variation would be possible. College is the perfect place to truly discover what you like to learn about, what is important to you, and what types of careers you may enjoy in the future. I wish that I was able to understand that at the very beginning of college, in order to fully take advantage of the opportunity!


I would tell myself to never give up, to set goals of all types and try to attain them knowing that even though I might fail, I will succeed in the end. Failure makes us stronger and there is no reason to regret it, there are times when it is appropriate to learn from your mistakes. Don't be too hard on yourself but at the same time, always continue to challenge yourself. No one will make you into anything great, that is your job. Now go be a success.


In the past, I attended colleges and did not get anything from them. The most important part of the experience freedom from my parents. This time my college experience has been different in so many ways. I am receiving the needed information to help me succeed quickly in my career. I understand that as individuals we have scotomas. These scotomas hinder us and we get used to our comfort zones. College has helped me to break these scotomas. I realized I can change. It began with setting goals. Once the goals were set, I started trying to figure out how to follow through on these goals. College has helped me to follow through in ways I did not realize. I have timelines to follow. I have to follow my schedule. I have to be dependable. I have to be knowledgeable. I have to be professional. All of these values I am going to need as I follow through in life. This college experience has been the real world. I have learned how to deal with others as well as my own self-image. College is a rewarding experience if you make the most out it.


I have recieved an education out of my college experience. I have gained knowledge and truly appreciate the information that my professors have passed on to me. I will take this wisdom and pass it on to every person that I meet along the way. I will share what I have learned and continue expanding my capability. I have had the chance to meet many unique individuals from all around the world and learn their cultures. I have had an experience of a lifetime. Not only do I enjoy the beautiful campus but I also love the friendly environment that I am constantly surrounded by every day. I must say I live in the most extraordinary place in the world. Hawaii has it all. From luxurious beaches to snow at the top of the mountains, you can take with you all that constantly surrounds you. It is a life changing exprerience that will change your view of life forever. This university is valuable because of its diverse surroundings, landscape, people, class availability, friendliness, cultures, and freedom. I wouldn't be the person that I am today If I had not been able to experience such an amazing University!


I have gained maturity and a great amount of knowledge. I am now an adult and feel like one. I take on the responsibility of a student and a part time worker. I learned how to manage my time and use my time wisely. I make decisions that will benefit me in my future. I have a very strong mentality to go far in life and to be successful. It has been valuable for me attend college because it allows to me gain more and more knowlodge and grow as a student and a person. Being in school has allowed me to expand my learning and gain as much experience as I can. Going to school has helped me value myself and what I am capable of. It has allowed me to figure out what I can and cannot handle. I encounter many different opsticles and I become a stronger person by learning how to overcome them. School in general is a blessing to me, and to be able to have that freedom to get an education is the smartest decision any person can make.


For me, the college experience so far has meant much more than simply an education. Being someone with a history of depression, college has been a place where I can not only grow, but become someone that I am proud of. I have had my ups and downs to say the least but I am still learning how to handle things on my own and function away from home. In the classroom I have learned discipline, tact, and how to deal with my superiors. Outside of the classroom I have had opportunities that I wouldn't get elsewhere such as joining a sorority. Being part of such a diverse organization, I have become more mindful and interested in other cultures. My experience at Binghamton University has taught me that with desire, focus and the willingness to treat any obstacle as an opportunity, it is amazing what you can accomplish.


In the midst of my attendance at UHH I've made life long friends, fell in love with surfing, and found joy in seemingly miniscule things. College is stressful at times, and deals many problems, but sitting on a board staring into an infinite stretch of water answers become as clear as the ocean around you. Though my education at UHH is a large portion of my experience, the parts i will always remember are those with friends learning the lay of the land and the beauty it has to offer. While completely alone with four of my closest friends, sinking my toes into Waipio's black sand beach, all worldly problems seemed to slip away and I realized I'm such an unimaginably small part of such a grand scheme and there to keep that scheme alive are many young people like myself who are studying at UHH to preserve this world's beauty. I would still be the punk kid I once was, if it were not for this College in Hawaii where i became a man. I consider it a priviledge to have attended UHH and to have been able to explore such an indescribably beautiful place.


In my college experience I have found a lot of more friends. I have learned to socialize more as it is key in networking and I have also found out what my true passion is in life; Graphic Design. I had never actually wanted a career in graphic design because I thought it'd be lame and I'd be classified as a "nerd" but by the time my second semester of college rolled around, I didn't care anymore and I found that I really did love it. Along with acting but it's a tough business to get into so I went with Graphic Design. I also had found out that I shouldn't care what people think, we're not in high school anymore and people don't judge as much as they do in high school and I will be forever grateful for that lesson because I can now be myself freely and not worry about other people's thoughts about me. I am who I am and I like what I like. I will not change or hide who I am.


College is hard. I miss my family, and I miss my home. I'm really poor, and I have to live with five other girls in a tiny apartment. I've had to learn how to manage my own time, and of course, I've had to deal with the consequences that come with not accomplishing crucial tasks. I feel nervous all the time, because I don't know how I'm going to get through this experience. I've always wanted to attend college, but I honestly didn't think it would sneak up on me so fast. Although pursuing higher education is a challenge, it's the thing that has made me most proud of myself. I've changed from a little kid into a young adult. I no longer need to depend on my mommy for every little thing, and I am learning new things everyday, furthering my knowledge about the world and myself. For the first time in my life, I think I know who I am.


Growing up in the midwest, the only culture I was really subjected to was different European cultures, but here in Hawaii, there is every single culture imaginable. It has opened my mind to learn new ways learning and accepting people and their culture. The University of Hawaii at Hilo has provided me with many hands on experiences and fieldwork. Here at UH Hilo we have gotten so much attention from the professors, that many of the professors have become my friends. They have guided me into the realm of grad school, and have helped me chose potential advisers and graduate schools based on my interests. They also helped me narrow my intrests and publish a paper in a scientific journal. It has been extremely valuable for me to attend UH Hilo, it helped me to concentrate my intrests and focus on a specific major, and prepared me for the real world. Without UH Hilo, I may have lingered through undergraduate school not knowing what I wanted to study or major in, and wasted valuable time and money.


Transition from high school to community college; no big difference at all, right? Wrong! The experience that attending community college has given me is like no other. I was able to pick exactly what classes I wanted to enroll in and the times and days they took place. Community college has given me the freedom to be introduced to the "big college lifestyle" I will soon be living. I like that my school is small enough so you get to know everyone, both students and staff, but the credits from your courses can transfer easily to any 4 year school. You are able to connect with all teachers and build a relationship with them so they are able to help you do your best with your school work. Community college gives you the freedom and responsibility test that high school forced you to take. I am glad that i enrolled in community college before a 4 year school because I feel that it will prepare me more than going straight from high school to college. I reccomend community college to any high school senior as a stepping stone between high school and college.


During my college experience i mostly learned about the law including the United States Constitution. I have received my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and planning to continuing my studies for my B. A . I concentrate mostly on my studies and if i face difficulties i always ask because your'll never get an answer if your mouth is close. "ask and you shall receive". The courses i tooked back home in college has encourage me to further my studies and sure did made up my mind to become a politician or a lwayer in the coming future. The only obstacle thats holding most of studies back are my financial needs. I mostly rely on my mom for money for tuition and rent.


I went to University of Hawaii Hilo from Flagstaff, Arizona. Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and so far away from everyone I knew definately taught me independance. Hawaii is full of culturally diverse people, so even more than independence, I learned how to realate, function in and appreciate completely foriegn and ever changing situations. This high level of diversity has been very valuable in every aspect of my life, especially in work and providing customer service. I grew as a person through my college experience through my exposure and I am able to communicate and effectively work with many people as a a successful team member. I am going for my masters in healthcare administration and hope that my ability to realate and communicate with individuals can be put to use and built upon so that I can be the most effective worker in helping with my passion to help people.


I have just started my jerny but i hope to one day be a great chef and have my own bakery shop.The technics that i am learning will help me to become what i want to be. The faculty will teach me how to use the utinsals. I would have never been were i am today if it wasnt for the college that i am attending.


I start on July, 16 of 2010. I plan on getting the most out of my education when it starts. My education will be priceless because it will help me provide for my family.


For the past four years that I have attended University of Hawaii at Hilo, the greatest benefit that I had and the reason that this campus is the best destination for many undergraduate students is its availability to the students. For instance, I have the opportunity to meet with the professors instantly, and taking advantage of the resources that are offered in this campus--something that is really hard to attain in bigger campus due to great students enrollment and competitions for available resources. In addition, University of Hawaii at Hilo is located in a better destination suit for undergraduate students aspiring for greater acadamic success: Hilo town is small and less developed; therefore, there is few distractions that students recieve as opposed to student enrolling at bigger campus in city areas. Lastly, one of the biggest experience that I have in this campus is the experience of understanding different cultures from students coming from multi-diverse backgrounds. As a result, University of Hawaii at Hilo provides a better place for many undergraduate students, and it is up to the student to take advantage of the programs it offers, as well as the exotic adventures of Hawaii's Island.


I've been granted the opportunity to meet people from areas of life that I'd never thought I'd meet. I'm a small island girl and the people I meet are generally with the same ethnic background as me. Being able to learn about different cultural backgrounds from people who are from China, Japan, Hungary, and even Sweden is a big surprise to me. I've been able to form relationships with people who come from a different walk in life and I know a little bit about what is accepted and what is not accepted in a certain culture. I am also able to share my culture with others and it's amazing to see that there was such ignorance with one towards the other and I'm blessed to be provided with the opportunity to set things straight. I love this school.


I have learned so much on my college experience here at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I admit that at times I did struggle but I picked myself up and focus on the bright side of things that this school can offer me. When I failed I know who to turn to for help. It wasn't easy being here at first, being a minority wasn't easy, but as time flies, I've attained to keep my heads up and do the best I can do in everything that I do. And for that I can honestly say that my college experience here at UHH has been tremendously a very good one!


You just become a much better person! The values of life college has taught me! The people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and from different countries I became friends with is something I could never forget. Going to college and continuing your/my education can only better ourselves! And that's what life is about! Continuosly learning and becoming better people! Now that I've graduated with my BBA & am now a single mom with a 5 year old son who attends kindergarten, I would like to go back to school again to be a good role model for my son and show him how important education is! I would like to provide a better life in all aspects of life for my son and I. So I am now seeking a Doctorate in Pharmacy.


Your number one priority should be happiness, then health, next comes thinking about the future. Without enough sleep or taking care of yourself we both know your work suffers. It is true, being an excellent student has always been of high priority for you, but in the years to follow, you will learn to do your best work after you have learned to take care of your emotional and physical health. We live in a world that puts high expectations on everyone, everyone is put to the test and as we globalize and populate more and more, you might feel the need to ?keep up? in such a competitive world. You will grow to see clearly how the most important things in your life cannot be measured or reproduced accurately on a resume. The most important parts of your life will be the interactions and learning experiences you have with others, and the moments in which you are fully present. Never limit the expanses of your imagination when it comes to planning for the future, and always take each moment in stride, because each moment is not preparing you for the life you will have, it is your life now.


Don't rush yourself! Coming out of high school I felt tremendous pressure to pick a major, decide on a career and commit to a specific life before I had even set foot on a campus. Allow yourself to explore the academic arena; I am pursuing my Masters in a subject that I knew nothing about when I began university. Most importantly, chose your major for yourself. Don?t listen if people question your choice, if you are passionate about it you will be successful. Many of my friends pursued degrees they thought would guarantee them a job and now regret not studying what they love. Live on campus your first year, or term at the very least. It makes it much easier to meet people. Talk to people in your classes, professors and students alike. Expanding your social circle or forming a social circle will greatly enhance your college experience. It feels very "safe" to stay within one familiar group but it also limits possibilities. Interact with people that are different than you, the growth that one undergoes at university extends well beyond the classroom.


I would tell myself to not get distracted, and that in college there are many things I don't understand, but everybody had things they don't understand and that is the reason we all attend. The work is not hard, you just have to keep up with it.


In a nutshell, I have learned that college is about time management, being studious, as well as being prompt, prepared and goal oriented. From taking the SAT's to the application process to exceling in classes, being able to delineate your time and energy to the appropriate tasks and execute them with excellence on time is what makes or breaks the college experience. Given the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have said just that. These qualities are what is expected of people in the professional world. All of us are unique, but there are many, many other unique people in the world, and to stand out and look desierable to prospective schools, scholarships and intern opportunities, one must apply these qualities to their goal. With practice and dedicated use of these skills, helpful friendships, opportunities and careers are made easy, fun and rewarding.


If I had the opportunity to go back to high school and tell myself anything about college it would be a fairly lengthy speech. But the most important would be to make my teenage life a little easier by explaining to myself what parts of high school are not worth the struggle because they don?t have a lot of meaning later in life. For example, in the small town that I grew up in, far too much pressure is placed on athletics. Of course it was helpful to learn how to keep good health and learn team qualities; I placed them before my academics in hopes of obtaining an athletic scholarship someday. However, athletic scholarships are so rare for a kid in a small town. I now wish that I realized that sooner so that I could place all that energy back into my community. I wish I would have spent more time volunteering and helping others rather than myself. Nothing, not even a full ride scholarships, is more rewarding than helping others. And I wish I had realized that back then.


As a high school senior I made the decision to take it easy my last semester. I still had my main core classes but other than that I figured "what the heck...after this I'm done and off to college." Boy was I wrong. Life as a college student does not get any easier. You are thrown into a huge environment with more people then you can count. Your little classrooms in high school triple and sometimes quadruple in size if you happen to be in a lecture hall. Most of all, what you thought you learned in your high school classes just became more difficult. If I could go back in time I would tell myself, "Yes this is my last year...lets make the most of it." In stead of all those student helper classes that pretty much gave me free reign of the school I should have been in college prep classes. Little did I know that your basic math class in college was your advanced math in high school. One thing I would tell myself, "Prepare yourself because your life in the workforce depends on your college education."


If I were to go back in time, my first advice as a senior would be to stay on top of my school work and not have what we call "senioritis." When senior year comes, many students feel that they can finally relax and not work so hard in school since its their last year in high school. But, a lot of kids don't realize that college is much harder than high school. If one decides to "slack off" their senior year, the transition to college would be much harder since the college material one has to learn requires much more studying and focus. My other advise would be to apply as many times as you can for scholarships. Every year, college tuition increases and more students end up with huge loans to pay for after college. You can't always depend on your parents to pay for college, especially if you have other siblings attending college. If you end up wanting to stay at your instiution, especially if it's out-of-state, you should try all that you can to get money so that you won't experience any problems with staying at that institution.


As a college student i have learned through my own failings that the biggest barrier to attaining my goals in college have been to get myself disciplined enough to settle and study. The problem lies in the fact that it is easy to procrastinate work, and that there are always reasons not to do homework right away, finish projects, or even study for a test. My strongest point that i would make to myself would be to always finish every assignment and study material as soon as possible. I have only recently disciplined myself enough to earn my place on the Dean's list. Once there, i wished so much that i could go back in time and convince myself to get my act together sooner.


If I could go back in time and inform myself about the transition from high school to college this is what I would advise. Money, yes it's an easy thing to spend and you're going to get a lot of it in college, but you need to start saving. College is not cheap and you need to think about all things you're going to need. Books, food, school supplies, etc. That's all going to add up and if you just spend all your money on clothes, or food for friends, or things you don't need, you're just wasting money you're going to need. Save your money while you have the chance, just put it into your savings account and you'll be set for college, also try getting a job. You have what it takes to go far in life, all you have to do is apply yourself. Study hard too, don't play around every night. You waited your whole life for this moment, do your best no regrets. Don't worry you're going to make it through, though you may struggle, just loook to your heart.


Don't be afraid of majors that seem flooded by the "overly smart" people. You may not be the best at your future job, or the best in your graduating class, or even the best in your semester class. Don't let that discourage you from DOING your best. You don't have to be a genius to enter the job field and contribute to our free society. It is very difficult to make ends meet without a college degree. Many of us have found out the hard way. We live in a free country, and that can be difficult to grasp. Even if you don't feel it, trust me: take advantage of this excellent opportunity, and enter each day (even frustrating days) with a thankful heart. Lastly, do not overload yourself with a class schedule you cannot handle. There is no competition to graduate, especially in an economic lull. Do not make yourself rush through textbooks for the teacher's sake. Read your textbooks, even if you'll not need it for a quiz. A lot of this information is far too enriching to treat lightly, and this may be the only time to hear it.


Do not worry about the future, just follow your interests. Explore as many career fields as you can to see what you like or what you don't like. Look at colleges around the country and beyond, there are many ways to finance college. I will be honest with you, life is hard and it will hold you down if you let it, but if you keep moving forward with integrity you will succeed in anything you put your mind to. Do not blame others for where you are in life, you are responsible for how far you can go. Have the courage to follow your dreams, not just the path of least resistance. Life can be short, don't forget to appreciate your family while you still can. Take care of yourself, do your best and forget the rest.


concentrate and dont slack or procrastinate because in order to pass you must be focussed on your goals and what you want to achieve, in college and in life!


Although you have had great teachers and counselors since you were in elementary who emphasized on the importance of being prepared for college, there will be a lot that you have to acquire on your own. Paying attention in High school classes is a lot different then the lecture based classes that you will be taking in your college years. Being able to pay attention will help you to better succeed in all of the advice that was offered by teachers and counselors in your earlier years, like such things as test taking. Another area that you should also focus on before you enter the whirl wind of college course is the question of what you would really want to be. Enrolling in interesting course is good, but not when you end up in college for more then ten years. Being in college is a commitment that you make to for yourself. It will be in your best interest to be ready for the experience. After the schooling is over, you will be the product of the university. But more importantly you will be able to achieve a lot more things in life then just a good job.


To take the time to enjoy the full college experience


I would say to make a lot of new friends and don't hang around people you already know. Try to be very outgoing and very fun. But make sure that you balance your schedule and have fun at the same time. Also go to your classes don't switch out!!!!


If I was to give myself advice while a senior in high school, I would tell myself to learn to prioritize more and organize my time more effectively. While a senior in high school, I didn't organize my time as well as I'd hoped to and procrastinated a lot. Now however, I have learned to settle down and to focus on all my assignments as soon as I was given it.


As a high school senior, I was nervous about attending college in the near future. I thought that attending college would be a nightmare. All of the hard classes, trying to fit in with new people, juggling classes with other activities, and exploring a new place you have never been to can be quite daunting. However, once you start college all of the anxiety vanishes and it is an exciting experience! Transitioning to college life is a fun and you shouldn't worry about it at all while you are a senior in high school. It is not worth stressing out about. The memories and good times you will have in college will far outweigh any of the issues you had before arriving to your new college. Friendships will be made, classes will be far easier than you expected, and the new freedom you have being away from home will all be worth it! With that said, make the best of your senior year in high school and the college transition will come naturally.


College life is much difficult than the high school life because it has much works to do and there are so many challenges with social relationships, therefore the only way to get rid from those problems is being consistent on study only.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would give myself the advice to have self discipline. To pretty much have the best time management; to complete all homework on time and study in advance for midterms. I would also tell myself to apply for scholarships because they are attainable, and they help out tremendously especially for students who are putting themselves through college. The last bit of advice would be, don't be afraid to ask questions, because professors are willing to help.


I would tell myself to not take anyone's crap and to watch my money. Don't let tweakers pull a fast one on you senorita.