University of Hawaii at Manoa Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think UH Manoa is best known for its marine biology program, pre-medicine program, and business school. It's also known as a commuter school.


I would say that the University of Hawaii at Manoa is known for its active social life, beautiful scenery, and interesting classes. Admittedly, it is also known for its slow-moving bureaucracy and expensive tuition. As a local, I pay in-state tuition, and I definitely feel that it is overpriced; I can't imagine what out of state tuition must be like. As UH is the only major university in Hawaii, it is also seen as the pinnacle of higher learning in the state, which frankly does not say much.


My school is best known for the environement. My school provides many opportunities for people who would want to major in marine biology, aquaphonics, and other nature like majors.




Okay, so I love going to football games and it's pretty awesome since here you don't have to pay to see home games. But anyways, yea you have the tailgate party and such, but I always try to make it into the stadium before the football team does the haka. It's probably one of the main reasons why I even attend games haha!


My school is best known for a great Business or Medical degree


I'm not sure. Having grown up in a football family on the football side of the island during Colt Brennan's perfect regular season, I thought it was the football. Boy, was I upset when my first semester at the University of Hawaii at Manoa saw four losses and no beer. Its tough to be sober when the away team is scrambling about like so many mindless ants over a folded pepperoni slice clinging to the gutters of Aloha Stadium four weeks in a row. As a Psych major, I'd have to say its the UH Lab.


Wahine (Girls) Volleyball. Variety of cultures and how we all get along not only in school but out of the school boundries. Green pastures and mountain views, but most of all the students and professors along with the staff, everyone smiles at you, even though economy is bad we all have that great "aloha" spirit at University of Hawaii Manoa.


Our school is well known for it's studies in Hawai'ian Culture and Oceanography, but we have a very diverse curriculum that would satisfy all but the most specialized of students, I myself am a language major and the classes available are fun, challenging and diverse.


The beaches!! The people and the weather here are always bright! But on a more educational note, our enginering programs are supposed to be very good. Personally I am in the Kinesiology major and it is very good also.


Our school is best known for its Marine Science programs (Marine Biology, Environmental sciences, and Oceanography). It is also a great school as far as the teacher per student ratio goes .


our football team


Our school is best known for our football team. The UH Warriors. We went to the Sugar Bowl last year.


UH football


Our school is very well know for our Travel Industry Management Program, the program that I am in. We are also well known for our location. I am not aware of any other colleges within the school that people come to UH for, but I do know that our the Travel Industry Management program at UH is the top Travel Industry Managemet School in the Pacific Rim. I am proud to say that I go to UH and that I am a TIM Major.


Diversity and the encouragment of sucess with the people around you.


My school is best known for an emphasis in liberal studies. Other great programs are nursing, engineering, and travel industry management.


The University of Hawai'i at Manoa is a commuter school known for students only staying maximum of two years. Student enrollment has risen over the past three years, however the majority of incoming freshman will transfer/drop out within their first two years.


Respect and showing the aloha spirit. We also show a lot of love for all of our sports.


Our school is best known for our Marine Biology program. Where else would be better to study marine bio?


I am from China, and UH is really friendly with Asian students (languages, culture).