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The most unique aspect of the University of Hawaii at Manoa is the vast range of cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. People from all walks of life call UH Manoa home, so there’s not only plenty to learn in the classroom from your teacher, but also everywhere else on campus and from everyone around you.


It is in Hawaii, it has nice weather and is beautiful all the time.


University of Hawaii is convenient; I live nearby, and it was cheaper (though not too much cheaper) than paying out of state tuition for a mainland school. It's also by far the most beautiful college campus you'll see, as they have done an excellent job displaying Oahu's island beauty on campus. The school is very diverse, so you will meet people at UH that you probably never would have anywhere else!


The diversity here in Hawaii is crazy, of course the main population of students are Asian or Polynesian, but there are also people from all over the world and from the United States. Also, this school is all about the Hawaiian Culture; no other school I was accepted into cared about their culture (what is white culture anyway?) because this is Hawaii and the people love who they are and what they represent. It's a different world here.


This school is unique because they generally want you to succeed. For your particular major, in order to move on, you have to have a C or better in the class. Some schools don't care how you do in the class and will allow you to move foward without making a decent grade. My school is at least making sure the students maintain a 'C' average.


The campus offers a lot of programs for students. The teachers are very professional. The students are ready to learn.


UH Manoa is what you make it. There's so many different opportunities to join over 100's of different clubs, many different sports, and even a few on-campus churches. The people here come from all over the world, so there's plenty of diverse people to learn from and experience new cultures with. Though UH is a little old-school with some of their school equipment (can you say chalkboard?), some facilities are a little run-down, and there's a serious lack of school spirit, the rest of UH is pretty awesome. So make this school yours.


The atmosphere at UH is relaxed, that was the draw for me. I didn't have an opportuntity to see a lot of other campuses before applying to University of Hawaii, but visited the campus while on vacation my junior year and fell in love with the beauty of the island. There aren't many schools in the United States you can say that about. I grew up in Los Angeles and really like being away from the fast pace of the big city. I spend a lot of my time studying down on Waikiki Beach, need I say more.


The diversity of culture is one of the most interesting things I've discovered. I'm a white male; but a minority on the island. My exposure to the Polynesian culture and language has been an educational experience in itself and I like the "chill" island culture. The beauty is hard to describe and I love the warm, tropical climate. It is also less expensive than others because it is part of the Western Exchange Student Program.


there is a scientific diving certification program and it is near the largest marine reserve in the world (northwest hawaiian islands).


Its more relaxed and feel at home kind of invironment. You don't feel stressed out in the class and have fun learning the courses you are taking


This is probably one of the universities where there are various ethnicities that cooperate amongst each other.


The University of Hawaii at Manoa has a well established Art and Graphic Design program. It has a highly motivated program with highly motivated professors. This program pushes you to be the best and doesnt just give you an A because it looks good. Each class makes you think aesthetically and compositionally. I am pushed every day to do better work.


It's convienent for me to attend UH Manoa because it's in the Islands and affordable than most univeristies. It's location is accessible since I can go to Ala Moana or Kaneohe easily.


Hawaii is a really diverse place, and going to the biggest univeristy in the state allows you to meet a lot of people. I tried out a small college in san francisco and there's a HUGE difference. A big school allows you to develop your independence and a school with so much diversity and acceptance allows you to grow as a person.


The University of Hawaii at Manoa has a very diverse community because people from all around the world want to live in Hawaii. This creates global an unbias views on the world.


The school is just before the Manoa valley area which is beautiful. The campus is a little spread out so it is not so intimidating if you don't like large crowds. If you're part Asian, Hawaii and this school might make you feel quite comfortable.


University of Hawaii at Manoa is unique because it is located in an culutrally diverse area. Since I came to UH Manoa because I was able to study Japanese and Computer Science, I am able to immerse myself in Japanese culture. Since Hawaii has a mix of different cultures, I am able to compare and contrast each culture relatively easily.


The interaction of mutliple cultures.


Living in Hawaii has been an experince unlike any other. The ability to be close to downtown Honolulu yet still be able to escape the hussle and bussle of the city is amazing. I have never met so many different types of people from so many walks of life.


The one amazing thing about the university of hawaii at manoa is that you will truely understand who you are as a person being that you are surrounded by thousands of students from all over the world. You start to begin to understand who you are and why you do the things you do, this is due to the fact that you stick out compared to alot of others. Its actually an amazing thing. Its the one thing I really am thankful for from this school.