University of Hawaii at Manoa Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Classes here at the University of Hawaii at Manoa are engaging and entertaining!


Some are interesting. Usually the teacher makes it interesting...


I have not seen a lecture course with more than 200 students, and course work is really easy - if you just attend class, you likely won't have to read the books. Lectures with labs are hard to schedule because the labs tend to take a lot of time (2 or 3 hours) and effort (homework). Classes tend to be on the smaller side, closer to 30 in the 200 levels and between 10 and 20 for the upper division courses.


There are a lot of easy ones, but some upper level ones can be challenging.


For business classes, we have roughly 40 students depending on the course level. These classes can only be taken once you received acceptance into the Shidler College of Business. Most of these classes focus on class participation, traditional testing, possible presentations, and projects. A lot of these projects tend to be group projects as in the future, we will have to work with people, so it would be an advantage to learn how to work as a group before starting our professional career. Because I am a Human Resources Management student, I took majority of my class from one professor. Her teaching style is very consistent, and while we do not have homework, we have group presentations and need to attend and participate in class in order to get our points. From my other classes, because I personally chose them due to my interest (regardless that it is my required for my major or minor), I tend to enjoy a lot of my classes.


They're all easy as hell!