University of Hawaii at Manoa Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I live in Hawaii! My friends or even strangers who I tell that to are instantly jealous and wonder how amazing it is to live on a 'tropical' (Oahu is the city) island. But I do brag about the weather and sunshine, and the beautiful flowers!


The students at UH are all very nice. Making new friends is very easy and there are a lot of off campus activities to do and places to go.


I would say my biggest boast for attending the University of Hawai'i at Manoa is that it is an underrated school. I felt the professors at the university were well qualified and presented comparable knowledge to the classroom as a professor from a "higher tiered" university.


I mostly just say the weather, but when the weather is bed, there seems so little reason to be here.


The location! AMAZING weather, always warm; if there is rain, it is usually a refreshing drizzle. Showers usually occur at night or during November to January. Great variety in food options: lots of restaurants from different cultures, dorm food is good (premium night is EVERY Thursday: steaks, stuffed salmon, katsu chicken, etc.). Ala Moana mall, which is one of the biggest open-air malls in the world! Lots of beaches! An opportunity to learn about and experience new cultures. Great place to study environmental studies and marine biology. Chance to see a volcano and an island forming.


I don't have to brag much because everyone in Hawaii knows that to be a student in the University of Hawaii's nursing program is highly regarded and a big achievement!


When I tell some of my friends about UH Manoa, I tell them that there are lots of places to choose from if they're hungry, both on and off campus. I also tell them that there are lots of nice looking people at UH Manoa as well. And for some of my male friends, lots of hot chicks. Lastly, I brag about how my English classes at UH Manoa are easier than the community college English classes they are enrolled in.


I tell my friends that I live in Hawaii and Ilove it here because the weather and environment is beautiful. The people are diverse and really freindly/down to earth and making friends and getting an education here has been really fun and no matter what happens I do not regret my decision for coming to this school for even one second.


This school tops other schools here in convenience and the possibilities given to study abroad, with its strong east asian languages programs.


I have a lot of types of classes to choose from and feel enriched by the variety and styles of classes offered.


The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a very laid back and relaxed school. I don't think that I have ever heard someone complain about their environment. Everyone who attends is very friendly and diverse. The University of Hawaii at Manoa is about 5 minutes away from the beach and has awesome shopping malls and hangout spots that are also very close by.


When most people hear about the University of Hawaii they immediately think of the tropical tourist trap that many people associate with the islands. I personally enjoy telling every friend I talk to about the real culture I have experienced at the University. Being a student there has provided me with an in depth perspective of the Hawaiian people and the culture of the Pacific Islands that no outsider could ever hope to experience.


i brag that it's in the most beautiful state, and that the teachers are all very nice and know their subjects well. that we have a famers market on fridays and we are getting "greener" by the day. we even completely cut power to unsed buildings every weekend


UH has quite a few schools within their system and once I started at UHM I could go to any of the CC's and take classes. It offers a lot of language choices and has one of the best asian language programs in the country. I like UH because being a student gives me so many opportunities, to be in a sorority or french club, I could take greek or korean for my language, there are just so many choices. It can make it difficult to choose classes as a new student.


Our school is so diverse, you can learn so much from just your peers. We also have A LOT of extracurricular activites in which you can participate in with friends to win prizes.


I brag about how funny my economics teacher is.


I mainly tell my friends about the academic environment at University of Hawai`i at Manoa. There are tremendous opportunities for growth, constant sources of help and advising for career opportunities, and much patience for every student who is willing to work hard for their future.


My school has a diverse group of people from different cultures. You name it we have it. I'm also attending the School of Nursing at UH Manoa, and their program is really great. Teachers are very supportive, encouraging, knowldedgeable, and engaging.


we have a nice outdoor campus


I like the new friends I made throughout the school years I attended UH.


its very pretty


The kindness, the ohana, the diversity, the location, the creativity, and the people.


i brag about being able to go to the beach no matter what time of year it is


Our sports and library resources.


I mostly brag about how awesome the teachers are--easy to follow, always accessible, totally compromising. The classes are demanding, but don't overkill you. Of course, I also like to brag about the year-round warm weather and the beaches all around the island. We have a relatively small, but extremely diverse student population. There are many activites, both indoor and out, and a several different nightlife scenes. Finding a job is really easy, so you can make pocket money. Honolulu, and UH Manoa, is a large community that feels very welcoming and homey. Wouldn't trade it.


How amazingly drunk some of my neighbors were over the weekend while i was in my room doing homework.


Hahaha our tution's cheaper. Only in Hawaii. Most of the grad schools here have programs in the top 20s and 50s nationally. It's still getting better on campus. There's a lot to do on and off campus here.


That it is WAY cheaper to attend, espeically since i'm from here. My friends all go to other schools on the island, but they're all private schools, meaning that they have to pay a whole lot more. Also, I like how we have lectures with a lot of people in it, because at my friend's schools, they tend to have more smaller classes and they even say that they sometimes feel "babied" in a way.


It has something for everyone.