University of Hawaii at Manoa Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

Kelli Anne

Parking has to be one of the worst things about UH Manoa, not only is parking extremely expensive, after 9 am, good luck finding parking anywhere on campus, (whether it's in the parking structure, on the street, in the neighborhood, or even on campus). It's so hard being a college student wanting to get my monies worth as well as get to class on time to learn. I wish that parking was much more affordable or free like at KCC (Kapiolani Community College). I also think the worst thing that UH does to their students who have graduated from an undergrad program who have been accepted into a graduate program shouldn't classify them as "new student" because registering for classes makes them equivalent to a freshman and unable to apply for a parking pass.


The worst thing currently about the University of Hawaii is that it is extremely difficult to graduate in four years if one is taking only 12 - 15 credits a semester, especially if he/she is majoring in a physical or biological science. There are cuts in departmental equipement funding and not enough TA spaces to have labs. This results in students not getting the classes that they need, or the help/tutoring that they need to pass the classes.


The worst thing about the University of Manoa, coming from the mainland, is the initial isolation and the feeling of seclusion from everyone. All the people you know, love, and hold dear are separated by thousands of miles. There is no I'll come pick you up real quick you're on an island far away from your home town. The sudden realization that comes over you your first night when you're getting ready to go to bed can be a bit terrifying, but bare through it and all will be well.


The space of the school is not utlized efficiently. All the classrooms are air conditioned thru out the day, but may only be used once or twice a day for class. Sometimes lights are left on when no one is in the classrooms either. New buildings are also being built, but some of the older buildings aren't being maintained. There were recently state-wide furloughs to reduce the amount of money being spent by the state. I feel that some of that spending could be reduced if the school used its building spaces better.


Food options


The worst thing is that there are domestic students who come to school not to study but to surf. They took that opportunities for granted. There are students who are willing and trying to get a seat in the class but it has taken by these domestic students. It would be nice if these seats are given to those who are willing to study hard and spend their time wisely.


There's a serious lack of school pride. Although some locals like to rep UH when they visit the mainland, once they come back to Hawaii, it's like UH pride means next to nothing (unless we are talking about Rainbow Wahine Volleyball). I think this year though, people are starting to gain more school spirit. I think the new school t-shirt design contest really sparked a new fire under all of us. The new shirt, designed by a student, spells out HI Pride and Aloha within the same text print. He said, "To have Aloha means HiPride."


The worst thing about my school is the quality of the buildings. Although the school has made an effort to rebuild and rennovate some of them, a majority of school buildings are run-down and falling apart.


I think the worst thing about UH Manoa is that many students go to class then go home. Because it is a big school, you only meet students in your classes or clubs you join; yet there are not many to choose from. I think that if there were more clubs and greek life students would interact more and enjoy school and their peers more.


The worst thing about the school is that due to recent budget cuts, the staff is short. That makes it hard to get into classes that you need to graduate, and for most majors it is nearly impossible to graduate on time.


The worst thing about the University of Hawaii at Manoa is transportation. The parking stalls are always filled. Meanwhile the packed bus is a four hour roundtrip headache.


Lack of professors who stays for a long time and teaches the same course at the campus.


Unfortunately, my university is extremely over crowded. It is difficult to register for classes and if you are fortunate enough to enroll in a particular class, there is always the challenge of finding a decent seat. It is very competitive in the classroom; students arrive over fifteen minutes early in order to get seat that is close to the professor.


I think that the worst thing about my school is that some things need an update, like old buildings and facilities, but because of budget cuts these things aren't possible.


I believe the on campus housing could be better. There could be more space in the rooms, but I believe that is not a very big deal. every other aspect of my school I am in love with.


What I consider the worst thing about my school would be the lack of professors and money for more classes. Now that the school is financialy in trouble there are less professors than before, there are also less classes to choose from because the school can not afford to keep many of the classes they are offering, in addition to that the classes are quickly filled therefore there are many students who do not attend school.


Right now we're going through a lot of budget cuts. Being that it is a huge public university, many things are run down. There are definitely downsides to attending a public university than a private one. The dorms are run down, the buildings are mediocre. And with all of the financial issues, tuition goes up, available classes go down, some departments are getting cut. We're running on a low budget, and the students are definitely feeling it in quantity of classes, and value of education.


There is absolutely no campus life whatsoever on campus. There are only 2 sororities and 2 fraternities which doesn't give alot of options for students that do want to join the greek life on campus. It really is the worst thing on campus because a majority of the time there is nothing to do so you are left walking around or just sitting at the beach doing nothing.


The worst thing about UH Manoa is the complete lack of campus life. This school has a PTA that pretty much killed the social ilfe on campus


Since being in the school of architecture the program has undergone a dramtic change. it has been difficult for me because they add classes on for us to take. This is unfair to us, and it costs us a large amount of extra money.


I think the only bad thing about the school is that some of the native Hawaiians haze you if you are white and from the main land; This can cause you to feel secluded and can affect what you do socially. They use Haole to describe you, which is a word used mainly in Hawaii to describe a white person., but depending on how someone says it, the word can be an insult.


Some not all of the uperclass men think that they are to smart to help out others.


The worst thing about my school is all the construction going on around campus. I feel that they have been fixing things up ever since I started attending here. The food here is also pretty expensive, especially for us not-so-rich college students.


The faculty and staff. They tell you so many different lies to get you out of their office.


not being able to get the classes i need to graduate in four years because some of the courses are only offered during the fall or spring.


parking is one of the worst things about school. If you're not a junior or senior the chances of you getting a parking pass are slim to none and getting into the parking lot after 8:30am is impossible without the pass. Now that i am a non-transferring junior i got the parking pass, but the previous semester as a transfer student i had to get to school by 8:00am just to get parking.


The worst thing about my school is the distance from home for some people. It is such a cultural shock coming to Hawaii and i think it's really hard for some people to adjust to being so far away from friends and family, especially when hard times hit.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of organization amongst authority and administration. Everyone from coaches to teachers are unorganized, don't return phone calls or don't care. It is very bad for business relations and communication when a student needs to take care of something and cannot attain help.


The worst thing about our school would be the parking and the student housing. We have one parking structure that is easily accessable to campus, but is "closed to passes" by 8:15am. If you do happen to get in before 8:15a, you have to pay $3. There is some free street parking, as well as metered parking, but those are very hard to get. I park in an area where I need to catch a shuttle to and from my cars. As for our student housing, it is old, isolated, and doesn't feel safe at night.


The stink monkey pod trees by our library


I consider our dining areas, the food, some of our buildings worst about my school. Why? Limited seating areas, limited variety of food, and the buildings are getting old, need touch-ups.


The university of Hawai'i system has overstretched its practical limits by having several smaller satteliete campus. As a result the funding that could be used repairing and maintaining the main campus goes elsewhere and the students directly pay the price.


The worst thing would have to be the quality of some of the buildings that are beginning to deteriorate due to termite damage, age, and lack of funding.


The pre-req's for a lot of the classes slow a lot of people down. Not a lot of campus parking. There's not much going on "on campus" during the weekends.


The facilities are so out of date and falling apart. We could really use some updating in many classrooms and on-campus housing.


I can't choose professor because only one professor teaching that couse. Textbooks are expensive.