University of Hawaii at Manoa Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The out of state tuition is way too high and there are not many scholarship options or other forms of financial aids for international students.


I believe that the finances would be the most frustrating about my school. It is really hard to find money to pay for my school books, and to pay for my tuition and board.


I think the most frustrating thing so far is being able to register for the right classes. My major (Asian Studies) is very focused, so it has been difficult to get into the classes I need to be in, so I will be staying and taking summer school so I can graduate on time.


The classes focus more on the subject's effect on Hawai'i rather than the bigger picture usually.


Trying to get classes is the most frustrating thing about my school, and probably for other schools as well, because sometimes the classes that I want to take go on at the same time.


The lack of availability of classes that you need, which makes students take longer to graduate.


The availability of courses is limited due to the number of students registering to get in. Semester class schedules need to be planned well in advance and deadlines for registration need to be strictly adhered to. If you don't already know other students in class, forming a study group can be difficult. Students tend to stick with other students they already know. The lack of focus on research is disappointing, however, those students who are interested in research have a good chance of working with with research faculty if they are diligent and persistent.


I get frustrated with the amount of construction that goes on during the schoolweek when I am in class. I also get frustrated with the air conditioning setting which the school uses for buildings. Everyday the room temperature is extremely cold, in the lower 70s, yet outside it is extremely hot. This change from hot to cold temperatures has caused me to get sick on more than one occasion every semester.


It's fairly obvious that the school is struggling with budget cuts, and thus some of the really interesting and uncommon classes are becoming less frequent.


Either the lack of housing available on campus, or the lack of classes that you want/need when it is your time to register.


It was difficult to get the courses I needed without getting special approval from teachers.


The most frustrating thing about UH Manoa is the budget. The college I transfered from had free printing in the libraries, and if you were enrolled in a class which required special printing, the lab fee covered it. At UH you have to pay for everything, including a lab fee plus all printing expenses.


There is only one thing frustrating about this University and it is because its far away from my home in California, and I miss my family.


It would have to be the lack of organization within the school's system. Nothing is very organized and no one knows what is going on. Information is usually given to you at the last minute and there is not good communication between the students and faculty at the campus.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Hawaii at Manoa is trying to study over the weekend because there are so many places to go to around the island that studying should be higher up on the priority list.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of parking and student housing facilities. However, I do know that there are plans for more housing facilities and parking for the school. In a few years, this problem will be remedied.


The only frustrating thing about my school is the beach is always there. There are not the usual distractions like drinking and parties, the biggest distraction is the beach. That is a nice problem to have!


There is not enough availability to register for the required classes.


The lack of diversity; there is a lot that I have learned about Hawaiia, and Asian Americans and there is not a strong African American population to include in the spectrum of diversification and learning.


The most fustrating thing about the school is that there are not enough tutoring available. Although I can go see the professor to help, the professors are available only at certain times.


It's a commuter school, so it tends to be a bit difficult to make friends. If I could do it over again, I would have lived on campus, despite the fact that I live within commuting distance.


Lack of campus parking for students


You need to learn how to study. Man high schools do no require the tool of studying for exams. In college there is an art to interpreting lecture materials that will be on exams.


If you own a car it is somewhat difficult to obtain a parking pass for on campus parking. However, there is parking a little farther away from campus and shuttles are available.


The most frustrating thing about this school is trying to get financial aid because they keep losing my papers and trying to get all my classes in order because the advising isn't really helpful, it felt like i was taking up my advisor time.


people aren't able to graduate on time because of the registration process. People take unnessesary classes or the upperclassmen reserve classes for their friends who are lower classmen. Either that or the school doesn't offer enough of the same classes that are high in demand.


The way they lay out the curriculum, it is extremely difficult to graduate in 4 years.