University of Hawaii at Manoa Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew that tuition was set to increase every year. The most difficult part of attending this school has been conflicts with the financial aid office. Furthermore, with the increases in the cost of tuition every year it has become more and more difficult to find ways to make ends meet and continue to attend college. If I had known these difficulties before I came to the University of Hawaii I probably would have joined a ROTC program and become active military after graduation.


I wish I had known how incredibly diverse and different the culture really is from the rest of America. I've lived in California, Oklahoma, and Vermont but nothing prepared me for how different Hawaii is. From the different races, to the diverse food, extending to the vast languages, and even to the kind of business style they have, it is all completely unique. It is definitely a very educational experience! Something I think everyone should see.


I wish I had known that the parking is extremely difficult to find parking in.


I wish I was more prepared for the academic work style that the school has. Coming from Norway the learning frame is quite different from what I am used to.


I wish I knew what I wanted to major in prior to taking classes. Advising as an undeclared general undergraduate student went less than smoothly. Different degrees require different classes, even general education courses. I wasted the first few semesters on classes that didn't fill graduation requirements in my respective field.


I invested in a bike before coming to UH Manoa. However, sometimes it takes longer to ride your bike than walk, because it takes so long to lock it up! If you don't lock your bike up right, people will steal it so at times it is more of a hassle to ride my bike which is frustrating because I spent so much money on it!


Not much; Hawaii is Hawaii.


I wished I would have known the activities avialable to students on campus, such as concerts, club outings, and intramural sports.


i wish i had known that this is a reasurch school first and en educational institution second, then i would have completed more of my pre-recs in community college.


I wish I would have known how to get used to living on my own and being more responsible.