University of Hawaii at Manoa Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Truthfully, the best thing about UH Manoa is the location. Being able to study in “paradise” is such a blessing and a great opportunity, not only because of the beautiful weather, happy people, and the mix of modernization and the keeping of traditions, but because the land itself is essentially a research lab. There is so much to discover and explore in Hawaii’s nature and it’s all right at your fingertips at UH Manoa.


The research-driven focus of the university.


We have a college dedicated to agriculture called the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) at UH Manoa. It is what I am going to school for and I know their program has a huge success rate.


Located in quite a multicultural metropolis, the campus is situated at the base of a residential valley (manoa)...It is walking distance from the beach and the mall and is only a bus ride away from all sides of the island. Because of our great paradise weather, many students dine outdoors, have picnics, study on the grass, and just spend a lot of down time under the beautiful Hawaiian sky.


It's in Hawaii! There's a Japanese garden, a Thai Pavilion, a traditional Korean building, oh and...palm trees.


It's in fucking Hawaii!


The food is the best because it is influenced by the variety of cultures that you encounter on campus.


the weather


I consider the school spirit the best thing about my shcool. I began at a small university that did not feel like a college but more like offices with students just going to school to get out. At UH Manoa, there is a lot of school spirit and enthusiasm for the school sports and events. The school also holds many concerts on campus to accomodate students who are not interested in sports and focus more on music.


I think the best thing about m campus is that if you want something, there are many people that are willing to help you get to the goal that you want


The best thing about UH Manoa is the convenience and availability of a variety of resources and activities. The Bus (public transportation) can take you pretty much anywhere that you need to go. The beach is less than 1-2 miles away, and the school has many resources in which you can rent supplies or take courses (such as surfing lessons or scuba diving). They also provide on-campus activities such as concerts or movie nights. Additionally, I enjoy my classes a lot.


I feel that the University of Hawaii has a prestigious history in Hawaii and to be a graduate of nursing school will be highly regarded in the community. UH has a beautiful campus and offers many student activities. The nursing program at UH is a traditional program where you follow through with cohorts. The connections made will last a lifetime.


For me, the best things about my school is that its a place where one can make lots of friends. The reason is that in any class you go to, there's always going to be at least one person who someone can easily get along with and talk about things both inside and outside of class.


The best thing about my school is that it's a very diverse community full of many friendly colleages and professors. They make college a worthwhile experience.


Personally, the friendly-natured students. There are no cliques or crews, really. Just a polychromatic gellatinous blob of eager young adults looking for any way to stave off an average mark for just ONE MORE SEMESTER, ONE MORE PAPER, ONE MORE QUIZ. From study groups perfectly cut up into multi-ethnic slices to completely platonic review sessions between two nerds and half of the women's volleyball team, Manoa students see no melanin or slanted eyes or blue iris' of a white devil. Only the light on the other side of the bell curve.


There are many great things about University of Hawaii. They have some great academic programs, a diverse but friendly student body, concerned professors and lots to do. It is like being exposed to a whole different culture while still living in the good ol' U.S.A. Best of all, it's like what they say in real estate, "Location, location, location!" Where else can you get a great education in a tropical paradise with a perfect climate and study on some of the best beaches in the world?


I think that the best thing about my school is that I'm close to home and the beach. The people and teachers are great, but I love the beach.


the campus shuttle. i'm disabled and without it i would never be able to get around our campus.


From the first moment I stepped off the bus and on to the UH campus grounds I was warmed and welcomed by the people that make up the community at and surrounding the university. UH is a place of beutiful ethnic diversity and history, and ensures that students come away with an understanding not only of the subjects that are studied for your major, but also local culture and that of many Asian nationalities.


The teachers in the school are all nice and try to help you out when you have a question or having problems understanding homework and lectures. They also keep in touch with students, for example, if one student were absent they would call that student and see if theyre okay and they also email what the student misses.


UH Manoa is a school where you get back every ounce of work you put in. It's a great school to be in, especially for the money, with professors from all over the world and from very 'prestigious' colleges. Even in large classes, professors make themselves available.


The best thing about my school is being able to learn in a comfortable environment.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it is really friendly. Most students are willing to help if you are struggling in courses and it is easy to socialize with other students and faculty. Counselors and advisors are very helpful in making sure you get things done correctly. Students are very friendly and i feel safe living in my school.


the atmosphere


In Hawaii and close to the beach. Everyone is laid back.


i like the fact that there are so many different people from different backgrounds, who are willing to get to know other people


The best thing about this school is it's natural beauty. In the distance you can see a lush covered mountain, and on campus there are many trees to give a feeling of relaxation. Next to my dorm there's a Hawaiian taro field. If you look at it, you feel as though a little piece of history has been preserved and placed in the city.


That it is close to home, I have not left the state, and opportunities are available for me to go back home after i graduate.


The University of Hawaii at Manoa is great because of its diversity. There are so many different ethnic groups represented on campus, that anyone can feel welcomed. Being a liberal college, there are a lot of open minds on campus, and it's great that professors and administrators encourage the creative ideas of the students.


The diversity. There are students here from around the world, especially from Asian countries. This allows us to interact and share viewpoints with many different cultures. This is very important for students here who will need that cultural knowledge and sensitivity living and working in a cultural melting pot such as Hawaii. It teaches us a respect and tolerance that I think is unique to Hawaii. I love meeting classmates from places like South Korea and Japan, and listening to their opinions about international affairs. Then I go to French Club and speak French with my friends from Paris!


The best thing about my school is that there is so many diversity. There are many local people, such as myself, mainlanders, and also international people. I think that since Hawaii in general is diverse, the campus is even more diversified and I enjoy it because it seems like people from all over the world come here and they each represent where they came from uniquely.


The best thing about my school is the location. Located in the breezy Manoa Valley the climate and atmosphere are always perfect. The surrounding beaches and enviornment are the best in the United States and cannot be matched by any other university.