University of Hawaii Maui College Top Questions

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Being the only college on Maui, I never seriously considered attending another school until after experiencing the downfalls of UH Maui. What is unique, though, about UH Maui is that it is gearing toward sustainable living in the islands.


Maui Community College constanly work towards bettering their curriculum. When I started attending the school was a community college. Now it is know as University of Hawai'i Maui College.


I could get my degree while living on Maui even though the college is on Oahu.


The proximity of the college to my home, as well as the very positive reputation this program has within the community.


The Maui Community College is a very unique school overall. However, I believe that the students and the teachers makes the school very unique because in Hawaii there are a lot of different ethnicities and that we all communicate and get along among each others, even thought we haven't seen each other before. Therefore, the students and the teachers all have different aspects in what they what to learn and that we all get along with each other which makes the college a very unique school.


Many programs, assiting faculty,students


my school has more hands on learning and more family based.