University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The Psychology department.


My school is best known for their cultural events, we tried to celebrate every culture and learn about their traditions. You will mostly see international students in our campus and is very interesting to learn everyones culture.


The emphasis from personality and potential to academic accomplishment or achievement in mathematics, reading, science and other subjects and skills. Achievement of individuals from all social classes, educational backgrounds, and cultures. Tests could show objective evidence of student progress, readiness, mastery of English and math, and employment skills. Students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to meet increasingly important standards and ready themselves for further learning in school. Foreign students often return home with the best training American university offer. The importance of high standards and scores are better recognized. the school has high academic standards.


I would say being able flexible. My professors have always been understanind that students need to work and take of their families first. Our careers are important but we can't succeed if the homelife is not taken care of.


The University of Houston Clear Lake is one of the few schools accredited by NCATE. The passing rates for educators is 99%. It does a wonderful job in helping undergraduates with the transfer of a 2 year college. The advisors also do a wonderful job helping students figure out the best and easiest way to achieve their goals.


My school is best known for its education program for teachers. I've been told that upon gratuation from UHCL's teacher's certification program it will be quite easy to get a job.


The highly qualified graduates of their certified teaching degrees.


University of Houston- Clear Lake is known for its diversity; throughout the campus you can often see the diversity among students all studying and working together. When I think of the campus, I think of nature; the campus is maintained beautifully and is known for deer, there are also near by ponds that are often inhabited by alligators. My University is well known for Business Administration and Business Finance program; these are both great career paths for students. University of Houston- Clear Lake campus is not a huge school, and I think that is what really motivated me to attend.


The University of Houston, Clear Lake is well known for their great School of Education, with amazing proffesors. I have heard that they are the best "teachers for future teachers."


The education program is well known for the accreditation by NCATE. Only 13 Texas institutions have this privledge.


My school is best known for being a relatively cost efficient way for finishing up a degree as a transfer school from many junior colleges. It offers flexible course scheduling so that adults working full time can still participate in class.


My school is best known for graduate and master degree programs. Although there are many students who graduate as Business majors, the University of Houston Clear Lake offers many different programs such as criminology and other humanities, education, science, and computer engineering. Overall, my school is best known for its diversity and the many oppurtunities it provides for its students and faculty.


The University of Houston Clear Lake is best known for its affordability, diversity and size. Its diversity comprising of students ranging from whites, Latinos, Blacks and Asians is noticeable as you walk around Campus. This rich mixture of ethnicity provides a rich environment for learning and is a representation of the outside world. Apart from its diversity, its size is also a plus, with an enrollment of about 7643(Fall 2009). This translates to smaller classes having a high degree of teacher – student contact. Finally, compared to other Universities, an annual tuition of $4,892 is nothing less than awesome!